Rumor: Future BMW X4, X3 35iS, X3M

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The usual BMW insider, Scott26, returns with some news around the BMW brand. As always, some of these bits of information are controversial and difficult …

The usual BMW insider, Scott26, returns with some news around the BMW brand. As always, some of these bits of information are controversial and difficult to cross-check at the moment, so take them with a grain of salt.

First, the highly rumored BMW X4 seems to be indeed on the drawing board at BMW. Due to the record sales in the X-family, including the new X1, a downsized X6 would have its place in the segment. The design will follow the X6’s lines and will share underpinnings, interiors, engines, technology and manufacturing with the BMW X3.

Without any further ado, let’s have a look at this report:

Rumor: Future BMW X4, X3 35iS, X3M

When X5 was introduced in 1999, we [BMW] went straight to the top of the segment bBy offering a car-like Sport Activity Vehicle. Customers appreciated that its core BMW attributes were enhanced and kept intact by the introduction of the X5.

When we [BMW] introduced X3 in 2003, we [BMW] created a new segment for a premium medium class Sport Activity Vehicle. A car that sits below 700,000 units sold since introduction and about to be replaced by the second generation X3.

In 2006, we introduced the second generation of X5 and inherited the E53 X5’s crown at the top of the segment. In late 2007, we introduced a new Concept to the Sport Activity field , an SAV with the appearance of a Coupe and the worlds first Sport Activity Coupe: The BMW X6.

At the the introduction of the X6, the original forecast of X6 sales was 40,000 units. Today, X6 sales have doubled that target, thanks to its blend of looks, performance and dynamics. X6 sales continue with sheer growth in each quarter with other key markets proving more popular than existing target markets.

The success of the X6 led to the creation of the X6M, mainly intended for developing premium markets. Both X5M and X6M have proved to be profitable for BMW’s M Division.

The introduction of the X1 falls in line with BMW’s current small, compact and D segment strategy. This is the first model to develop the 1er product portfolio further. The quest for an entry level Sport Activity Vehicle that enhanced the youthfulness of the 1 series in the solidity of a typical X vehicle began with another new segment for the premium market.

As X1 has brought customers from existing BMW products , X1 also has a higher amount of customers leaving other brands for this small premium SAV.  X1 has also reached its target demographic and appealed to a younger customer base. Since its November introduction to the market, BMW X1 has sold over 40,000 units , highly significant for a volume model ahead of a US introduction in the near future.

The second generation of X3 takes and progresses everything customers love about the E83 and reverse engineered everything they didn’t.  New X3 brings a new fresher looking, but taut exterior with a constantly improved and upgraded interior. Driving Dynamics improved to offer a more sporting drive and current technology signifies the X3 as a car of this era in fact then underpinnings are the first showing of the upcoming BMW 3er (F30).

And for the future?

BMW are keen to capitalize on the success of the X6 by offering a “downsized” version of the X6 Sport Activity Coupe Concept with an X4. Designed in a similar concept to the X6, BMW can make the X4 cost effectively by sharing underpinnings, interiors, engines, technology and manufacturing with the BMW X3.

With the X3 about to be launched, BMW will hold an establishment period of two years to determine if the second generation is a run-away success. And if so, they are in the process of evaluating an X3 35iS using the same engine from the relevant Z435iS and US only 335iS.

An X3M using the powerplant from the upcoming 1M is on the table also. No decision will be made until the car is deemed to have had a successful market integration and customer demand is evident.”

  • kcsnyud

    If u guys make x3m then make an m8 supercar already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lars

    Great news. Too bad you don’t cite the source:

    Pretty lame journalism if you ask me.

    • Horatiu B.

      FYI, Scott sends those news to us also, same as he sends them to Germancarforum and other places. He does it every month in his update and sometimes we get them before he actually posts them.

      So this is not lame journalism since 99%of the time we cite the source. When we don’t, we simply don’t know where it came from. This time is not the case.

      • 1mc

        Want to vouch for this too, Scott26 is well known across many forums and websites and the information is the same across the boards.

  • T

    Actually he did.
    The original source realises that life is too short to get caught up in these petty squabbles and gives his permission for anyone to use his reports.

  • Bryce

    They need to build an X4 for all the people that don’t like the design of the new X3.

    • Tom

      and for the people who cant afford the x6 but absolutely love every design feature it holds

      • 1mc

        and for people who like the X6 but find the footprint of the vehicle is just a bit too large.

      • Wooo hoo.

        Exactly…. The X4…. for all those that can’t afford the X6….

        How about a little exclusivity BMW?!?!?!?!?

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  • wazon8

    X3is? What about 335is e90 and F10 IS models?

    • kcsnyud

      Wat about 760is as an s65 amg competitor?

      • wazon8

        No need for s65amg competitor.

        • kcsnyud

          Or at least is every m model? It would be cool

          • wazon8

            No need for M7 also, I think. 760i is enough good, it’s faster than S65 amg at Autozeitung Test Track by 4 sec. and is slighty slower when straight line acceleration is considered. I don’t know how high people assess straight line acceleration but at the end of a day it’s always boring and I guess that not many owners will suffer bacause of being 0,2 sec slower to 100km/h and 1,3 sec. slower to 200km/h. If they like sport driving, BMW 760i would offer more for them than s65amg. IMO, M doesn’t fit well to high end luxury car image, it should be rather dignified than sharp and agressive.

      • Daniel Hoang

        Unless your the king or queen of Saudi Arabia, theres no need to buy a super chaufer car like the S65. Its not like any of these people are gona risk there car’s expensive paint job or other parts by driving fast.

  • Alex

    I want x4 with 3 doors.
    5 doors are in х1, х3, х5 and x6, in х4 them will be 3.

    • 1mc

      I’d love that! With some clever rear seat folding features for loading.

  • Daniel Hoang

    And the BMW vehicle line up contiues to grow…

  • james may


  • L. Hamlton

    What about X1m, and 1 IS, and a 2 series, and a 1 series Gran coupe… that would be cool

    • kcsnyud

      And a 4 series and 8 series would round it out

  • viper

    and Another Bomb!
    bmw fans feel free and play with ur imagination. x3m , possibly the worst idea ever since x3 looks like a shitty prototype from 1992.
    who needs downsized X6? isnt X6 kind of lacking space on the rear seats , now you want to make it even smaller.
    bmw you should get off hard drugs , its about time

    • 1Mc

      I’d buy a downsized X6 (X4). I’d find downsized utility vehicles Very appealing.

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  • DHWhitney

    X3M would be great for me as a replacement for 2005 X5 4.8is; even the turbo X3 blows away my fast X5 in straight line; question is, how does it handle/drive? If the M guys work on it (as they are rumored to have done on my X5) then I know I would like it and it has just as much “utility” as the old X5’s.

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