Morgan Eva GT powered by N54 twin-turbo BMW engine

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Pebble Beach Concourse d’Elegance hosted the world premiere of Morgan’s new Eva GT. The four-seater luxury grand tourer will be production ready by 2012 as …

Pebble Beach Concourse d’Elegance hosted the world premiere of Morgan’s new Eva GT. The four-seater luxury grand tourer will be production ready by 2012 as a flagship model for the English company and it is powered by BMW’s award winning engine, N54, twin-turbo.

The engine produces 302 horsepower and 295lb-ft of torque, enough to take the car from 0-100km/h (62mph) in 4.5 seconds. Top speed? 170mph. The car weighs just 1250kg in weight with economy figures of 40 mpg and 200g/km CO2 emissions.

Morgan Eva GT uses lightweight bonded aluminium chassis and offers space for four passengers and their luggage.

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Eva GT measures 4.7-meters in length, 1.8-meters in width and 1.2-meters tall.

The car also features electronic stability control, xenon headlights and satellite navigation, as well as the latest multi-stage airbags.

In an interview for Autocar, Charles Morgan said the car “It’s intended to be capable as serving as everyday family transport as well as a luxury GT. The rear seats will be comfortable for children and small adults, and should serve for occasional use for taller occupants.”

Price is expected to be set between £70,000-£85,000.

8 responses to “Morgan Eva GT powered by N54 twin-turbo BMW engine”

  1. Giom says:

    Thats beautifull. I like when they use BMW engines in beautifull cars.

    But, it looks like there’s enough space for V10 in there…

    • viper says:

      two V10’s to be exact , maybe even three V6s or just one big V22.

      • wazon8 says:

        When I think that you cannot be more childish, you show me that I am wrong by even more childish? What’s about handling of car with such heavy powerplant in front? Go back to your favourite game or movie.

  2. John says:

    hoowaa what a car!
    I would add the BMW X5 M engine in there with 555HP now that should be a lovely ride.

  3. Hugo Becker says:

    This is really interesting – and has a lot of historical basis. The British before WW II took a shine to the M328 engine in the BMW 328. Austin Frazier-Nash built licensed copies of the 328. Then after the war, British aero manufacturer Bristol, decided to take advantage of favorable licensing terms, and built a copy of the BMW 328 themselves, modifying it over the years into a cult car of its own right.

    Morgan is an old proud niche builder of some quintessentially quirky automobiles. Better hope this doesn’t have a sliding pillar front suspension though. ; -)

    • John says:

      Hey thanks a lot for the sweet information. Your the man.
      i do this a lot myself. There a lot of BMW fans out there but who truly know BMW history till down the little details? few i study BMW till last detail and this morgen one i pretty much know to 75% same like Wiesmann history in using BMW technology.

      Cheers mate you did great work for informing us.

  4. Gorgeous! Also: LOved this article about BMW’s new green sub-brand in Wallpaper

  5. bob says:

    Hideous! YUK!

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