BMW X1 No.1 Premium SUV in Europe ahead of Audi Q5

BMW X1 | August 15th, 2010 by 27
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BMW X1 tops the Audi Q5 as best selling premium SUV in the European market. The entry-level X1 has been equally criticized and praised by …

BMW X1 tops the Audi Q5 as best selling premium SUV in the European market. The entry-level X1 has been equally criticized and praised by journalists, some even called it rubbish, but the unit sales confirm once again the demographic market BMW has gone after: younger crowd, full of energy, people that enjoy outdoor activities, but drive in urban environment as well, and also, eco-conscious.

According to Automotive News, a combination of these factors has led to a high demand. Through July, BMW has sold 55,550 X1s. Since its market launch in late-October 2009, more than 64,049 X1s have been sold, the company said.

With the launch of the X1, BMW has opened a new premium small SUV segment. First rivals are scheduled to appear in 2011 when Audi will unveil their Q3 model, followed shortly by Saab and its 9-4x. The other premium automakers, Mercedes-Benz and Infiniti, are also expected to launch similar models in the near future.

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The X1 currently costs at least 9,000 euros less than the other premium SUVs and will soon go head-to-head with the MINI Countryman, a vehicle with similar capabilities and expected to be priced in the same range.

At BMW, the X1 currently ranks fourth overall in the brand’s European sales after the 3, 1 and 5 Series models. Worldwide, the X1 is BMW’s No. 5-selling model, a ranking that should improve once U.S. sales start next year.

As BMW’s head of sales, Ian Robertson, mentioned as well, many customers have transitioned from the first generation BMW X3 which is being replaced by the end of this year.

Furthermore, BMW is seeing many customers coming from other non-premium brands, including Ford, VW and even Lancia.

In the U.S., BMW is expected to initially launch two models, X1 xDrvei28i and the twin-scroll turbocharged xDrvei35i.

1. BMW X1 44,067
2. Audi Q5 43,660
3. Volvo XC60 29,616
4. Land Rover Freelander 20,138
5. BMW X5 16,565

Source: JATO Dynamics

[Source: Auto News ]

27 responses to “BMW X1 No.1 Premium SUV in Europe ahead of Audi Q5”

  1. efoza says:

    Nice 5 GT design lines are the main reason for its success

  2. 9w2zek says:

    X1 for €10,000 is cheap equivalent to Ringgit Malaysia 50,000 only, in Malaysia, we paid 6 x higher and minimum price is above Rm300,000

  3. Daniel Hoang says:

    Amazing, When is this comin to America?

  4. Last year, the Audi Q5 was the best-selling premium SUV in Europe when it took over that position from BMW X3, which has held it for six years. Which is pretty much amazing, considering the X3’s age and outdated interior.

    The X1 is truly a triumph, I know people who haven’t even thought about BMWs that have one and love it.

  5. Rio says:

    It’s just another step in BMW becomeing world’s biggest car maker

  6. paul says:

    The only reason it passed the audi its cause its not in the same category! X1 will have the Q3 as a direct competitor. They should be comparing the X3 sales to the Q5 (Granted the new one is coming) and anyway, a cheap bmw will always sell well. why do you think the X6 hasnt sold as many X1??? Cause the X1 is better??? no cause its cheaper!

    • Roudel Ron says:

      Thank you Paul for being the only one up here with one iota of intelligence and pointing that out. I am a BMW fan but not a blind fanboy. Are we now trying to defy class and sneak a win where ever possible? Come on get real dweebs.

      • Mitchell says:

        The article isnt about the X1 vs. Q3, or other direct competitors, it is about PREMIUM SUV,as you can see from the list, the Volvo XC60 and the BMW X5 are on there as well….

  7. Bryce says:

    The X1 looks are much better than the new X3. I wish they used this X1 design with the size of the new X3. The new X3 is ugly, while the X1 is gorgeous but too small.

    • paul says:

      +1 i went to frankfurt on purpose to see the X1 – was going to get 1 – loved the exterior design, the interior was a bit cheap but what really made me not buy one was its size.not high enough and very small boot, you would be better off with a 3ser touring. Then was thinking of going for an X3 but the electric steering and the 90´s design put me off. Got a RR sport. Brilliant drive, spacious, luxurious and smaller than an X5.

    • Laszlo says:

      Nope, not true. The X3 did look horrible on the camouflaged early pictures but in real life it is not bad at all. More X5 then the X1 which is the good thing. I’m sure this little X1 is a good truck but 2 things :
      1. its not a premium SUV, its a very basic crossover
      2. its not pretty, its ugly or decent at its best. X3 and X5 is much better.

      • Bryce says:

        …sorry Laszlo, but you’re not going to convince me that the new X3 looks better than this X1. At least the headlights of the X1 look like a BMW design, the X3’s headlights are boring and square, in my opinion. If the X1 looked just like this but was the size of the new X3 then I would buy it.

        • 1mc says:

          Also preferring the X1 to the X3 here, and the price is very attractive too. Overall the whole X range is looking a lot better in 2010 and you’d be happy driving any of them really, wheras the baby X’s in their first generation were a bit unattractive I thought.

          The new X5’s really do look great in real life. There’s a new one beside us here in Azurite Black with chrome sills and really fantastic factory alloys. It looks amazing. The X range has better alloy designs that any 1,3,5, 6 or 7 series right out of the factory in my opinion. (Excluding the M competition alloys on the 3er!)

  8. Giom says:

    I love the X1 more every day I see one. I do like the look of the Q5 too, but the X1 looks special and purposefull compared.

  9. ibrahim mohammed says:

    i love BMW so much…

  10. MPLAMKATA says:


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