New Nissan 370Z and GT-R Ads Poke fun at its German competitors

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Last automaker to join the “online advertising war” is Nissan. While in the past we have seen BMW and Audi, or Mercedes going at it, …

Last automaker to join the “online advertising war” is Nissan. While in the past we have seen BMW and Audi, or Mercedes going at it, now it’s Nissan’s turn to take on all the German premium brands. The new aggressive advertising campaign brings the Nissan 370z and GT-R into the spotlight. The Japanese company launched a series of banners and ads in the UK highlighting the performance of their automobiles at a much more affordable price than their German competitors.

The unconventional, bold and daring campaign uses expressions like “The Winner Hans Down,” “The Germans Came Off Wurst,” “Kaisers Chiefed” and “Deutschland Deutschland Über-Rated”.

But Nissan hasn’t stopped here and decided to take this to the next level. The dressed up an Audi TTS with a print on the car saying “More expensive, slower and less powerful than a Nissan 370Z”, while driving the German roadster on the streets of London.

New Nissan 370Z and GT R Ads Poke fun at its German competitors

Porsche Cayman was next and its printed message said: “I dream of being as fast as a Nissan 370Z”…..and Nissan is quite proud of this. According to Steve McLennan, marketing director, “Nissan is confident in the ability of 370Z and GT-R to eclipse our comparable German rivals in terms of outright performance and accessibility and it’s now time to shout about it.” Talk about confidence……

The campaign is far from being over and the next one to have a painted target on their backs are the BMW Z4 and Porsche Boxter.

New Nissan 370Z and GT R Ads Poke fun at its German competitors

Nissan prides themselves on building the 370z with a naturally aspirated 3.7 liters V6, outputting 331 horsepower. The 370z goes against the BMW Z4 sDrive35i.

The first outdoor poster concerning the 370Z went on display on the huge 360-degree 47ft tall BFI IMAX billboard at Waterloo, London.

We look forward to the BMW Z4-related ads…

New Nissan 370Z and GT R Ads Poke fun at its German competitors

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  • Jordan

    i bet the guy driving the Porsche around town is having a secret love affair with it that he doesn’t want to tell his boss!!

  • 1mc

    Well, competition is a good thing.

    But I’m still not buying a Nissan!

  • pimeto

    Lol,. Actually those ADs are so simple and stupid… haha, nothing like the BMW AUDI commercials!

    • Shincai

      Childish ads

  • Max

    Talk is cheap!

  • Parker

    The best form of advertising talks your product UP! Not your competitor down…

  • Artmic

    I find it in bad taste that they compare a Nissan to a Porsche, a Cayman S is way better than the 370z.

  • Daniel Hoang

    I wonder what they got for the GT-R?

  • XC

    On a serious tone, when the 370z was launched and after watching both Clarkson’s and Needel’s mixed reviews on it, I really considered one; sort of a bargain Porsche in performance termrs or even an Aston in looks. But then I went to the showroom and I really didn’t like the interior quality and fit and finish. The ride is bumby and noisy. It is sure very fast, but It is nowhere near in quality terms to BMW, not to say Porsche. It still isn’t a premium product. Now I am patiently waiting to that 1M…

    • 1mc

      I think the Only thing Nissan will be able to vinyl onto the side of a 1M will be

      ‘I’m more expensive than a 370z’

      • XC

        and ‘so what?’ lol

        • Dan Wagener

          More expensive for a reason…

          • Hubert Jadczak

            True – you have to pay extra for a good quality – and Nissan doesn’t know what is the real quality – poor interior, poor quality, poor technology and poor looking.

  • Laszlo

    as a current owner of their older 350Z I can say that its fast and handles great. But refinement ? nope. Harsh noises engine sounds like a truck engine, the fit and finish is behind the Germans.
    Good car nevertheless but not in a same league !

    I hate this type of advertisements, show us the car by inviting over and tell us not to shift till we hit redline. This is what the BMW guy told me when I test drove the M5 V10.

    Hyundai salesman was shifting for me when I “forgot” to shit at 4000rpm. When I told him that’s annoying he said we don’t drive our cars like we stole it…
    I got pissed off and we walked away. The car was crap anyway .

  • Dan Wagener

    It’s still a Nissan, meaning it’s lacking something that all 3 of those car companies that they are comparing to, have delivered since the beginning… a premium feeling vehicle. It may be fast but so what, all cars can be made fast. I don’t think it was their intentions to make the TT, Z4 and Cayman as fast as possible. Not all people want to drive something that fast, it’s not practical, they still need something that can get up there when they need it to, but want to drive comfortably most of the time. They’re comparing the top 2 Nissan models to some of the “lower-performing” German models. It’s like having an Altima driving around with “I dream of being as fast as an M6” on the side.

    Stupid ads that make no sense in my opinion.

    • kcsnyud

      Isnt the gt-r somewhat of a premium car? Considering its $80,000 pricetag, it should be.

  • Giom

    This reaks of desperation to me. Sure, they have a few stars in their line-up. The Germans makers have a few models that are not as popular as the others, but still great quality.

    In BMWs case, that model to me used to be the X3. Not any more. Now it looks great and goes even better – not to mention the upped quality. So, now all BMW models are stars (my opinion), while Nissan still makes cheap mainstream cars (not my opinion).

  • Hubert Jadczak

    F**KINGI japs, what are they thinking?? Nissan is poor and cheap for regular people, the REAL PREMIUM cars are made for rich people with a good taste.

    • 1mc

      Hubert your comment sounds racist and in my view not worthy of representing the BMW brand or BMW owners in general. Nissan have every right to promote their brand in this way, AUDI, Mercedes, and BMW have all done it.

      It’s a bit of a laugh and it gets their point across nicely. Well done to them. Doesn’t make my BMW any worse a car, or make me want to buy a Nissan. It’s just a marketing campaign, leave it at that.

  • labrat

    Nissan sports cars appeal to a different demographic, and Nissan knows that. The ads are as much about providing a feel good to current Nissan owners, as they are to attracting new buyers. Eventually, they all end up with a spoiler the size of a 747 wing on the back, painted pearlescent white and with glittery wheels.

  • mpower

    totally a childish and stupid commercial .. a nissan can never have the soul of an audi or BMW.

  • Heddlu_Cymru M5

    Nonsense and cheap advert… It doesn’t make me laugh like other Germans advert but I laugh at it for being too.. Nonsense?

    Sure the 370Z is fast, agile etc. but the quality, refinement etc. are still not at the level of the Germans or Europeans… I’ll still take a BMW or Audi or even Porsche over Nissan anyway.

  • Blackmeout08

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