BMW M3 Tiger Edition Spotted

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BMW M3 Tiger Edition Kopfstuetze 750x500

First photos of the BMW M3 Tiger Limited Edition have just hit the web. As we announced yesterday, the BMW M3 Tiger is commemorating the …

First photos of the BMW M3 Tiger Limited Edition have just hit the web. As we announced yesterday, the BMW M3 Tiger is commemorating the current Year of the Tiger in China.

The limited edition M3 will feature the Fire Orange Metallic paintwork already seen on the M3 GTS model and it will be available only for 250 customers.

In addition to the unique exterior with numerous black accents, the M3 Tiger sports 359M styling wheels in 19 inches, black painted as the air intakes on the bonnet. Other blacked out parts include the kidney grills and chrome exhaust tips.

bmw m3 tiger

Inside, the limited M3 Tiger will feature Novilla black leather with contrasting orange stitching and the headrests will be branded with an unique tiger head logo. To differentiate even further from other limited edition M3s, the door sill plates will also illustrate a Tiger Edition Logo in fire orange metallic color.
BMW M3 Tiger Edition Kopfstuetze 655x357

One interesting aspect about the BMW M3 Tiger Edition is that it does not sport the usual carbon fiber roof, as seen on the Coupe models available around the world.


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23 responses to “BMW M3 Tiger Edition Spotted”

  1. Z3 says:

    “One interesting aspect about the BMW M3 Tiger Edition is that it does not sport the usual carbon fiber roof, as seen on the Coupe models available around the world.”
    …all M3s equipped with the sun roof are without the carbon fibre roof.

  2. 1mc says:

    I think it looks pretty mean, not convinced about the headrest detailing though, but that’s a petty taste opinion. I know many if not most M3 owners use the car as a daily driver and wouldn’t want to arrive at the office in a Fire Orange M3 – but the weekend track warriors will definitely be up for having this GTS looking colour on their machine. And the more extroverted among us as well! Fair play..

    But you can’t have it!

    I’d love to see the shoes done in a Ferric grey, or maybe something a bit darker than Ferric grey contrasted against the orange. I think it might look better as you could see the alloy design better. That’s not really a criticism of this car, it’s more aimed at black alloys in general I guess. Ferrari for example the broody grey they use on many of their alloys now is a great example – very classy.

  3. Laszlo says:

    Tiger edition ? As in Tiger Woods Edition ? Where is the chrome rim then ? The spinners ? The bling ? Not sure how the animal tiger and BMW m3 are related either. wrong choice of name but the car looks great, although I would not need sunroof ever specially not if that means giving up the pretty (and light) carbon fiber roof.

  4. Bryce says:

    Some people are very serious about the year of the tiger… BMW’s hoping there’s 250 of them.

  5. Bearman says:

    ONE WORD: ÜBER-TACKY!!! I’m very disappointed in BMW. Things like these can destroy a premium brand in no time.

    Whoever did the design and came up with this idea should be fed to tigers!

  6. Bearman says:


    • 1mc says:

      I think the Chinese market is diverse, and BMW has been focusing largely on the 5 and 7 series there to be fair. You can tell they’re committed to the market and understand it – the BMW Long Wheel Base 5 series is a good example of that – I think it’s only available in China.

      With this M3, just replace the headrests, and you’ve got yourself a very track looking M3!

      As for Audi, well Audi and Merc sales fell in July, BMW sales went up by 4%. BMW’s deliveries doubled in the first half so it’s likely their campaign in China is solid enough I guess. Will see!

      • FreudeKing says:

        Such a pity that their presence in china is only limited to a joint venture as opposed to something that BMW controls completely. This does not show commitment to me.

  7. Rio says:

    they will sell anything they produce

  8. M POWER says:

    FreudeKing if Any car foreign car company whats to build cars in china it has to do so with a domestic partner. people seem to forget where the money is at the moment. It is the year of the tiger and taken very seriouly there. this car will sale out in no time and will be a collectors item. we in the west may think it tack(Head rest) but its not for the west, I think bmw understands every market that they sale cars in. and i think they have invested alot in china. once the 5 is full online and with the new x3 watch them catch audi. if they release the x1 out there they will overtake audi. This time next year they will be saling more cars in china monthly the they do in the U.S. One thing missing are the black stripes

    • Cheng says:

      I’m a Chinese from China and even I think it is very corny! I expected something better from BMW. This is something my dad would like!!
      Western companies should invest more in research in China rather than taking stereotypical chinese symbaols and slapping them randomly on a car.

      • 1mc says:

        Cheng, it’s your dad who can afford to buy an M3. Young trendy city professionals making 3000RMB to 5000RMB (£300 to £500) who are spending half that on their rent won’t be buying an M3 anytime soon, especially consider the hugely inflated cost of BMWs and other premium cars over there.

        If you’re doing better off, and have landed yourself a superstar sales job making double that – you still won’t be able to afford an M3 because you’ll be saving to buy a house so you can actually look your girlfriend’s parents square in the eye and ask them to marry their daughter. Something many young Chinese men struggle to do.

        If you have one of these Tiger M3’s – you’ve been bought it by your wealthy father, or you’re a middle aged or older wealthy businessman who bought it for a collectors piece. In which case the corny headrest, as the trendy young crowd may view it, will be a moot point with sales.

        • Cheng says:

          At least you have a basic understanding of the Chinese market… However, who can buy it and how affordable the M3 is, should be totally irrelevant for the BMW M as a brand. The M cars should be the best-of-the-best that BMW has to offer in ALL aspects: performance, engineering, quality and so on.
          Even you can’t think that an embroided Tiger is the very best that BMW could do with a limited edition M3. It seems more like a quick-and-easy sales department idea, rather than something that came out of the really creative minds. Come on BMW, this is crap and you can much, much better than this!

          • 1mc says:

            M3 has a hardcore version. It’s called the M3 GTS. LIghter by 100 kilos, more hp, and handles better. It will do a sub 8 on the Nurburgring. So that’s the hardcore track guys taken care of. I’m sorry, but marketing and affordability is important – get it wrong and you go out of business.

            Now for the rest of us, who would use the Tiger M3 (or any other M3) as a daily driver, it might actually make a lot of sense to have a sunroof. You still have a car that will do nearly 8 on the Nurburgring – that is definitely worthy of the M badge. You have a fantastic chassis, and incredible high revving engine which is one of the lightest in it’s class. If you can’t appreciate that, and make a big deal out of some stitching on a readrest, then you probably have some re-prioritsing to do. Limited edition means that the colour and some options are limited, so that your M3 stands out a little bit more. What’s wrong about that?

            There’s a lot of confusion when it comes to what’s what with M cars. Just because BMW release a matte grey M3 in the US, a matte black M3 in Africa, a Tiger orange M3 in China – doesn’t mean they’re making poor cars. They’re just giving you more options as a consumer in total, which is a good thing. All of these special edition cars will be an absolute joy to drive, and if you have one, count your blessings, because there’s people in the world that will only dream to drive a car like it.

            BMW made 1400 hardcore M3 CSLs in low key paintwork (7.50 Ring time). Where was the big rush by all the purists to buy those? BMW need sales, and we should want them to make sales – because that converts to research and development for our future Bimmers.

            I think some people need to have a little respect for the daily drivers who make BMW racing and M cars possible. It’s the guy who works hard all year round, has little time for himself, but wants to drive a nice sporty car to work that makes divisions like M possible. They don’t want to leave the car feeling battered and bruised after their commute either. M offer us that balance, between track and road. The so-called purists contribute far less to the company than other segments, yet they do the most complaining about petty details like a new colour scheme or headrest they don’t like on a car that’s not even marketed towards them.

  9. Cheng says:

    I think you are missing the point here… Everybody on this blog wants BMW to sell as many M3 cars as possible, no doubt about it. However, I am questioning the way it is done. The idea of a Tiger edition is neither thoughtful (Chinese New Year was 6 months ago), nor original. BMW took an exclusive & expensive car and spoiled it with something from a cheap souvenir shop.

    There wasn’t a Ox edition last year, neither will there be a Rabbit edition in 2011. This Tiger edition is just a freak one-hit wonder, not part of any long-term strategy or vision. All this because some sales people in China wanted to be able to tell something extra to make an easy sale. As if the complete M division heritage is not enough. It is like putting lipstick on a baby!

    What bothers me most is the patronising nature of this edition. It reduces Chinese culture to tigers and dragons. I am proud to be Chinese and am pissed off that westerners won’t look beyond these daft stereotypes.
    The so-called purists might be the biggest critics, but they are also the most loyal fans of the BMW brand.

  10. Bearman says:

    I, for one, welcome our new Chinese Overlords :)

  11. Cheng says:

    BMWBLOG: Could you describe M in one word?
    Dr. Kay Segler: Pure.

    I rest my case…

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