Rendering: BMW Z4 Coupe based on E89 roadster

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BMW Z4 M Coupé E89 Heck 750x500

Back in 1998, BMW created a design for a BMW Z1 coupé that is virtually unknown in the public arena to the present day. While …

Back in 1998, BMW created a design for a BMW Z1 coupé that is virtually unknown in the public arena to the present day. While the BMW Z1 coupé never succeeded in getting on the road, the innovative platform strategy was used for the first time only a few years later during the development of a series vehicle.

In 1995, BMW presented the BMW Z3 roadster and a few years later, the BMW Z3 coupé was launched in the marketplace.

BMW introduced an M version of the E85 Z4 in late 2006, both in Roadster and Coupe variant. Despite having many fans and admirers, the sales of the Z Coupe models have always been modest and with the new generation E89 Z4, BMW only offers a roadster model.

BMW Z4 M Coupé E89 Front 655x469

Our sister-magazine BimmerToday gives us some renderings of a vehicle that inherits some design cues from the Z4 E86 and E89 platforms. The front view brings the best from the E89 Z4, an aggressive fresh look. At the rear-end, the coupe look seen on previous Z4 is emphasized even more, giving the car an overall more dynamic look and stance.

BMW Z4 M Coupé E89 Heck 655x469

As of now, a new Z4 Coupe is not on BMW’s roadmap, but previous models have also been introduced late in the lineup, so we can only hope that a similar vehicle will make its way into the hands of BMW enthusiasts.

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18 responses to “Rendering: BMW Z4 Coupe based on E89 roadster”

  1. Andrew says:

    Build it. This thing looks wonderful – much more of an evolution over the E85 Z4 Coupe than the E36/8 to E85 was.

  2. bob says:

  3. Alex says:

    way better than the last rendering, hope they make this, though they probably wont

  4. Vaybach Khan says:

    it looks great!!!!!!!!!1

  5. 1mc fan says:

    Beautiful. Z4 coupe was one of the most stylish modern BMWs made. Can only imagine how fantastic a new Z4M coupe would be!

    Come on BMW, build it!

  6. kcsnyud says:

    Would be cheaper than z4 roadster so probably attract mor customers

  7. T. says:

    When people mention the Z4M it can be filed under the context of “If” and “When”.
    For lets us discuss the reasons. When the Z4 gets it’s mid-life improvement in 2012 , The 1M will be close to it’s swansong, about a few months later the M3 will die , with both 1M and M3 not due replacements until 2014 BMW are left without an M in two different categories.

    The M5 and M6 will be there although production of the X’Ms would soon be ending. BMW are internally evaluating a Z4M using the engine from the 1M and have tested a Coupe right under the public eye, for BMW to introduce a Z4 Coupe they could go for a look straight off from the E86 with a hatch which would be a Porsche Cayman esque car or they could go for the fixed hardtop that is featured on the GT car . BMW have road tested the Coupe publically although ,it is naked to the eye if you got close you could see the roof joints are actually strips of insulated rubber attached to the roof.
    The booted Coupe is intended to allow more flexibility.

    A Z4M is one such model being evaluated but soon they will begin evaluation on a X3M and X3 35iS again using the engine from the 1M and Z4 35iS repecitively.
    Although no final decision has been announced , BMW are known to internally test ideas for evaluation with full working prototypes.

    The only stumbling block is that BMW introduced the Coupe and M to support flagging sales of the Z4 and provide a go-between for the E46 and E92 Transition.
    Whilst the transition period gap from E92 to F32 will be very much evident , much like the E60 and F10 M5.
    The Roadster however , has been a huge success especially in Europe where sales of the E85 were not as outstanding as other key markets.

    Of course we have been here before.

  8. M POWER says:

    They will make the coupe and a z4m to sell when the m3 and 3 series coupe comes to an end of its life cycle. The question is what engine .will power the z4m. I hope its the v8 would be a fitting end to the na m cars. But as bmw are trying to save money the might use the 1 m coupes power unit. I think they will use the v8 as it would share alot of the platform with the 3 series. and get greater economies of scale from the v8. The 1 m coupe wont have that much more power then the old z4m so i cant see bmw uping the the power of the new z4 m by a few dozen hp. or will co2 laws dictate that bmw will have to use the 1 m unit. time will tell

  9. X3 says:

    i don’t care which engine they’ll use. Z4 Coupe is must-need for BMW line up.
    It’ll be lighter,faster,cheaper, and more efficient than current hardtop Z4.
    While Z4 hardtop is luxurious and expensive, Z4 Coupe will satisfy for those who want cheaper and sporty roadster.

  10. Doug says:

    I think the artist put the rear CSL-style wheels (maybe GTS?) in the front and vice versa.

  11. David says:

    Now that’s a hot f*cking car!!!!

  12. wazon8 says:

    BMW needs this car in its palette!

  13. Dagmar says:


    I’am searching for a BMW Z3 M COUPE SILVER arround the area of Los Angeles CA. Please contact me at


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