BMW Group sales continue to accelerate in July

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bmw group july 2010

The BMW Group continued on its successful growth track as the world’s leading premium manufacturer once again in July with an increase in sales of …

The BMW Group continued on its successful growth track as the world’s leading premium manufacturer once again in July with an increase in sales of 9.1%. A total of 119,982 (prev. yr. 109,933) BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce brand automobiles were sold worldwide last month. Over the past seven months, the number of deliveries climbed 12.5% to 816,014 vehicles (prev. yr. 725.403).

Ian Robertson, member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, responsible for Sales and Marketing: “We saw significant growth again in July. We are reaping the benefits not only of the global economic recovery but also of customers’ positive response to our vehicles.” Robertson continued: “Sales increased for the eleventh straight month since September 2009. We also expect our sales performance to remain strong over the coming months. For 2010 as a whole, we are aiming for growth of around 10% to reach a total of over 1.4 million vehicles.”

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The BMW Group made substantial gains in many markets in July. In the US, the company delivered 10.1% (23,390 / prev. yr. 21,253) more vehicles. With 19,064 (+16.4% / prev. yr. 16,381) sales last month, the BMW brand was once again the best-selling premium automobile brand in the US market. Among the European markets, the BMW Group reported the largest increases with +25.6% in Great Britain / Ireland (11.748 / prev. yr. 9.352). The company once more reported its strongest growth in Asia, where 52.1% more vehicles (22.629 / prev. yr. 14.882) were sold last month. The trend in the largest Asian market, China, remained extremely positive, with an increase in sales volumes of 81.7% to 13,852 automobiles (prev. yr. 7,623). The company also managed to make gains in Germany against the strong downward trend (-30%) in the overall market. A total of 23,384 (prev. yr. 22,570) new BMW and MINI vehicles were registered here in July – an increase of 3.6%.

Sales of BMW brand automobiles climbed to 101,490 units (prev. yr. 90,605 / +12.0%) in the month under review. The brand has delivered a total of 687,250 (prev. yr. 604,214) units to customers since the start of the year – an increase of 13.7%.

Ian Robertson: “We are well positioned for the future with our strong product portfolio. A whole range of attractive new vehicles will be launching in the second half of the year.” These include the new BMW 5 Series Sedan Long Wheelbase version which will be introduced in China in September. A four-wheel version is also coming onto the market. From the autumn onwards, the 5 Series Touring will complete the new BMW 5 Series range, and the second generation of the BMW X3 will also become available. A further highlight will be the new MINI Countryman, which will be launched in Europe from mid-September onwards and will boost sales of the brand dramatically: Orders for MINI’s new Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) are already well over plan.

As expected due to the upcoming extensive revisions to the current MINI model range, the MINI brand delivered slightly fewer vehicles in the month under review
(18,241 / -5.4%) than in the same period last year (19,283). From mid-September onwards, all models will receive striking design modifications, additional engine variants and new diesel engines, as well as innovative new equipment options. In the first seven months, MINI delivered 127,543 (prev. yr. 120.815) vehicles to customers: Volumes are therefore 5.6% higher than the same period last year.

Rolls-Royce enjoyed another strong month and was able to increase sales more than five-fold year-on-year: 251 automobiles were delivered to customers (prev. yr. 45 / +457.8%) in July. In the year to the end of July, 1,221 Rolls-Royce customers worldwide took possession of their vehicles (prev. yr. 347 / +226.5%).

BMW Motorrad posted another major increase in sales in July and continued on its growth track. Against the persistent downward trend in the motorcycle segment over 500 cc, BMW Motorrad sales rose by 4.4% to 10,022 (prev. yr. 9,604) units in July. With its young and attractive range of models, BMW Motorrad reported sales growth of 18.5% to 67,037 (prev. yr. 56,578) vehicles in the year to the end of July. The large long-distance enduro, the BMW R 1200 GS, remains the best-selling model in the BMW motorcycle range. The GS will be celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. It is the most successful BMW motorcycle ever built and has become the world’s best-selling motorcycle in the 500 cc and above range.

[Source: BMW ]

38 responses to “BMW Group sales continue to accelerate in July”

  1. kcsnyud says:


    • bob says:

      What happened to your, “BMW is going down down down down and soon it will end up like Chrysler” prediction?!

      You’ve been so wrong for so long about BMW’s sales, why change now?

      • kcsnyud says:

        JUst forget it, we’ll wait and see

        • Babken says:

          Yes, when Mercedes-Benz sells more cars in August, for instance, you’ll say: “BMW is rubbish”. An absolutely hopeless person.

          • kcsnyud says:

            COs I dont care anymore. Wat i do care is bmw launches some new products and they’ll go higher.

      • Babken says:

        What are you rejoicing over? Mercedes-Benz still rules the most prestigious E- and S-Class segments.

      • Babken says:

        He was absolutely right. I can’t consider BMW better than Mercedes-Benz when BMW sells huge amounts of inferior 1, 3 Series, X1, while Mercedes-Benz sells nearly the same amount of much pricier and more prestigious E- and S-Classes.

        • kcsnyud says:

          Um, u have to admit that the 7er is a million times better than the s class, who told u that the s class sold better when bmw consistantly said that 7er was winner!!!

          5er… we’ll wait and see. Early reviews have been positive, look on the bright side.

          • Babken says:

            Just look at this. And this is said by someone who hates the 5 Series. Second, BMW didn’t say proudly that the 7 Series is the global market leader in its segment. So we can just conclude which model is (S-Class). Mercedes-Benz sold nearly 5500 units of S-Class. I don’t think that BMW could manage as many 7 Series.

          • wazon8 says:

            You don’t think so? But, on what basis? BMW sold more 7-ers than MB S-classes in June at U.S. market. They sold 1716 units of 7-er in June and 6835 units YTD!!! MB sold 1549 units of S-class in June 2010 and 6405 YTD. Since there are no new detailed sale reports, up to the time BMW deals with MB in this segment.

            What’s really wonder me here is what’s your point. Since when sales numbers say which car is the best and why do you take sales numbers as sufficient ground for bashing 5-er and so on. Could you give any convincing story why we should follow your reasoning at all?

  2. Flash says:

    Strong, consistent growth, bmw continue to head in the right direction.

  3. sandor foldes says:

    the best car maker in the world

    • Babken says:

      When BMW 5 Series beats the E-Class in sales, then I will say the same. But now Mercedes-Benz is higher for me than BMW.

  4. Babken says:

    I don’t think that it’s OK. First, in July BMW sold just 4000 vehicles more than Mercedes-Benz. Second, BMW didn’t publish how many 5 Series and 7 Series they sold in July. As distinct from BMW, Mercedes-Benz clearly said that they sold about 19000 units of the E-Class sedan which continues to be the absolute ruler of its segment leaving the new 5 Series far behind and totally useless, and also they sold 5500 units of the S-Class. So I can conclude that the S-Class retook its global leadership in the high-end luxury segment from the 7 Series. I guess BMW outsold Mercedes-Benz just by selling their inferior 1 and 3 Series as well as SUVs. But t prestige means the E- and S-Class segments which are totally under control of Mercedes-Benz. We’ll see what BMW 5 Series and 7 Series can say about that.

    • kcsnyud says:

      JUst get out of this blog and go to mercedes benz world’s dream car then. I will stay perfectly here thank u. O WAIT, oops! There is no benz blog!

      • Babken says:

        You’d better not make any comment at all. I can remind you about several comments of yours stating that BMW is rubbish. So if there’s one who should leave this blog, it’s certainly you, unbalanced baby.

  5. M5POWER says:

    Good sales!

  6. etuoyo says:

    The E Class does well in sales? How come? The rear of that car is super ugly and boring. And I thought the 5 series was the king of sales in the executive class. How come people on here always say the E Class thrashes it in sales. And here in the UK at least for the previous generation I was seeing like 4-5 5 series for each E Class. Assumed it would be the same this gen but I guess maybe according to what some are posting that is not the case.

    • Daniel Hoang says:

      People who buy Benz cars dont really care about the car. Most of them are Super Rich people who want to show off there Wealth. Everytime I go to a family Reuion, I see my cousins in there shiny S and E classes. Its all about the Badge.

      • JakeM says:

        “People who buy Benz cars dont really care about the car. Most of them are Super Rich people who want to show off there Wealth. Everytime I go to a family Reuion, I see my cousins in there shiny S and E classes. Its all about the Badge.”

        The same can be said for BMW owners.

        And Lexus.

        And Infiniti.


        • Daniel Hoang says:

          Its not entirely true with BMW, Audi, Infiniti, and Lexus. They are a more sporty and Preformance orientated than a Mercedes Benz. Unlike the Benz, They give less of that ” IM RICH” feeling so people who pick badge cars will most likely turn to the Benz over the rest.

      • Babken says:

        Don’t you ask yourself why they prefer Mercedes-Benz to BMW?

        • wazon8 says:

          Babken, you seem to be a man who has never had MB. Give me a story why people bought rosty e-class two generations back even when they did know that this car is far from what one could expect from premium car. The only answer is that they paid attention to badge, not to the quality of this car. Because compared to e39 it was so hopeless.

    • Babken says:

      The E60 trumped the E-Class in sales for 2005-2008. But starting from 2009 the E-Class leaves no chance for the 5 Series making it absolutely useless. Pity, but true. However, I hope the new 5 Series will retake its number one position soon. Just to your knowledge, The E-Class sedan July 2010 sales added up to 19400 units. This nearly equals to 2 month sales figures of the new 5 Series. Just unbelievable dominance of the E-Class. And though I’m a BMW fan, particularly 5 Series, for now I have to admit that Mercedes-Benz E-Class is far superior to BMW 5 Series, because nobody buys the new 5 Series at all, because it’s overweighted and doesn’t carry the traditional BMW values: performance and handling. The most amazing thing, however, is that the new E-Class trumps the new 5 Series in those aspects as well, and by a wide margin. So now I see why nobody buys the 5 Series. Why to buy it when the E-Class is better in handling, performance not mentioning the ride quality which is incomparably better.

      • kcsnyud says:

        Babken, since when did u think that u could run bmw? I am starting to get annoyed at your constant bashing! While its true that bmw didnt make some great descisions lately, i realized they r going up. SO face it. Merc is not going 2 win over bmw. In fact, its audi vs jaguar vs bmw, cos they are more of its competitors.
        IF U HATE BMW SO MUCH, THEN PLZ GO BUY A MERCEDES AND COMPLAIN AT A BENZ BLOG!!! We dont want to listen. And I am still a bmw fan no matter wat everyone says.

        • Daniel Hoang says:

          Chill out, He never said he hated BMW, he simply dislike the new 5 series. He has his say about BMW. Would you rather have someone like Viper or Plaxico who dislike everything thats not Mercedes Benz and cant make comments based on facts or logical reasoning.

          • kcsnyud says:

            But if he makes rants like that over and over again, u have to understand that he likes mercedes more than bmw. Other than that well said daniel

          • Daniel Hoang says:

            Babken is babken, that cant be changed. But let him speak and as long we all keep the argument neutral, it would be nice to hear others oppinions.

        • wazon8 says:

          Babken was orthodox BMW fan in past. As it seems right now, he put sales numbers in assessing a car over such things as performance and quality. Whatever one can think about new 550i, it still drives a way better than new E-class. E550 is highly disappointing car and lower level models are even worse: engines are not exciting at all, gear boxes were always poor in MB and they stay where they were, but I guess these are features to which MB customers used to. The most sirious problem with E550 is its poor handling. It’s worse than 550i e60 and 550i GT. I wonder whether it’s not worse than in previous e-class. I would go for 5-er all the way.

          • wazon8 says:

            Indeed, new e550 (62,8 mph slalom speed) handles worse than previous generation of E550 (63,5 mph). That’s really disappointing.

          • kcsnyud says:

            Agreed. And he says he finds reviews that says that the e class handles better than the 5er, when i have a bunch of car magazines at home and all of them say that the 5er is the best handling car in its segment :)

          • Babken says:

            Listen, you make childish comments. And you seem to be far from proper thinking as well. If both cars cost the same and are competitors, how can it happen that you don’t pay attention to sales numbers? As distinct from you, I adore BMW, but I also point out the problems so that they would see it. And I don’t state that BMW is flawless like you do.

  7. kcsnyud says:

    Cant believe i was fooled by him, the king has returned

  8. kcsnyud says:

    Wazon8, wat is the new 5’s slalom speed? Just wondering.

    • Babken says:

      You won’t understand it, hopeless person.

      • kcsnyud says:

        WHy does it matter to u? I was just asking about the slalom speed.

        • Babken says:

          And I say that if somebody says Mercedes-Benz is better you’ll do the same. If they say Lexus is better you’ll say the same. If they say that BMW is garbage you’ll say the same. People like you don’t have their own identity, and hence are completely lost in this life.

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