Latest spy photos: 2012 BMW M5

Spy Photos | August 9th, 2010 by 32

The new 2012 BMW M5 has been once again spotted by spy photographers. The “almighty” M5 is due to launch in 2012 and test mules …

The new 2012 BMW M5 has been once again spotted by spy photographers. The “almighty” M5 is due to launch in 2012 and test mules continue to be tested by German engineers.

As seen in previous photos, the new M5 sports an aggressive front-end with the M treatment which includes the usual aggressive bumper and large air intake. The hood features the same sporty look with concave and convex shapes, the V-forming creases that enhance its sportiness.

The corona lights with daytime running lights are present as well, as seen on the 5 Series models.
The exterior design lines continue to flow across the sides, with a crease running from the front to the rear wheel arches. They become even more substantiated as they approach the rear-end. Wider rear fenders visually enhance the M5’s road presence.

08 08 F10 M5 01 1920 655x491The prototype spotted here also runs on what seem to be final production wheels and side mirrors. To add even more to the overall suspense, spy photographers also snapped shots of the interior design.

With the new generation M5, BMW focused on focused on lightweight construction and materials. The chassis is pressed in aluminum and several lightweight materials are used in doors, bonnet and even roof (carbon fiber). To reduce drag and boost down-force and lower fuel consumption, special Aerodynamic aids that will be incorporated in the front of the car, including the outer-edge of the wheel arches , front bumpers and within the grille intake. Mini turbines are incorporated in the grille to convert drag under braking into electricity.

The rumored engine powering the  M5 is based on the one found in the X5 M and X6 M vehicles, a 4.4 liter V8 twin-scrolls rumored to produce around 580 horsepower and 530 lb-of torque.

A concept version of the new F10 M5 will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in 2011, followed by the official launch at the Frankfurt show in September.

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32 responses to “Latest spy photos: 2012 BMW M5”

  1. M5POWER says:

    That thing is going to be a blast for sure… A couple of months to go before the unveiling!

  2. viper says:

    looks old even without that tape u can tell it will be the dullest slowest and fattest by far. e amg and rs6 look far better and Im sure as hell drive better than already old yet to come brand new m5.

    • BENZ says:

      By the way, yesterday my friend dusted a new 535i with his new E350. In a couple of turns the rubbish called 535i disappeared in my friend’s rear window. It’s so nice to see how the E-Class humiliates the pathetic 5 series. The most interesting thing is that my friend’s E350 had 268hp, and that 535i – 300hp. And the bmw couldn’t keep up in turns.

      • Daniel Hoang says:

        The guy in the BMW probolly dosnt even know how to turn. Even the Audi A6 will wreak the Benz. Unless its an AMG, No Benz can match Audi or BMW in preformance and handling.

      • kontir says:

        BMW 5-Series 535I 3L 300hp I6 / 300 Torque

        Mercedes-Benz E-Class E350 3.5L 268hp V6 / 258 Torque

        Do yr math w yr friend + other things

      • wazon8 says:

        I guess that the guy in BMW didn’t even know that your friend try to race with him.

        But seriosuly, what’s the most pathetic here is your fallacious reasoning. In order to say that E350 is better than 535i you need to claim that 535i driver was pushing his car to its (car’s) limits. Avarage driver doesn’t however have any track driving experience, so it’s usually easy to deal with them on curvy roads. But the fact that one cannot push his car to the limits is not the same as the fact that car has its own limits where it was pushed by average driver. Do all MB fans have to be always so stupid? It’s like saying, despite the fact that 535i is faster than E350 on race-tracks in hands of professional racing drivers, it’s in fact slower because I dealt with such BMW in my E350 on public road against unknown driver with unknown driving skills. Pretty good. I dealt in past with Lamborghini Gallardo using my 335i. What lesson should I derive from it? That 335i is better than Gallardo. O_O Or maybe – much more likely – that that driver didn’t know how to drive his Gallardo.

  3. Bryce says:

    I’ll never understand how people can enjoy bashing a car brand. Do you really have nothing better to do than read articles and comment on a brand that you obviously don’t like? If you like Mercedes more, then go buy one and shut up already.

  4. M POWER says:

    benz ok mate lol its funny how your on hear. BMW m3 dusts the c63 with less power. maybe the guy driving the 535 was not trying lol. mercedes cant beat bmw’s with more power so how the hell will a less powerfull merc beat a bmw. you are dreaming mate. how it most hurt you how powerfull a great bmw has become,

    • kcsnyud says:

      Maybe the new m5 will be a turtle… i dunno cos i know kay segler is gonna make this car have 200- horsepower

  5. bimmer says:

    benz……the 420 hp M3 is 5 seconds faster than your 525hp C63AMG per lap in the nurburgring… you think bmw cannot fit a 600 hp for the M3…? I am sure they can.
    but this is not their main concern. those guys put hard work on the chassis,suspension and the handling of the car. drivers cannot feel numbers ………….you have to be bmw guy to understand what i am talking about.

    • wazon8 says:

      They sound as children excited by torgue and hp numbers. What’s the main problem with them is that they need to know not much about both BMW and MB. If one drove AMG product, one should know that trasmission in these cars cannot deal with power of engine properly and that all those great numbers have much weaker impact on cars’ performance than one could initially expect. The best example is last E63AMG. It has more torgue and power than M5 e60 and still is slower to 200km/h (despite having the same or even lower weight) than M5. I guess that transmission is the only reasonable explanation of what’s happened here.

      Another problem is that MB fans seem to assess straight line acceleration higher than handling. Maybe here is the main discrepancy between BMW fans and MB fans. When one reads back their comments from past they used to stress this point all the time (when we talked about M3 vs. C63AMG). I don’t know how long one can find pleasure in straight line accelerating, but surely if one is MB fans one needs to be really patient in this respect, since MB needed another generation of E AMG to match M5 e60 handling achievements. Similar story goes for other AMGs.

      It’s really hard to be MB fan nowadays, since there is car maker who makes better chassis, better suspension, better engines, better gear boxes. At the end of the day, it shouldn’t be surprise that topic switch so often from performance to comfort and styling. Sometimes it’s understandable, but when it happens (as it happened here many times) in case of M vs. AMG, the question is Does iterlocutor understand the whole point of sport sedans at all?

      • kcsnyud says:

        DIdnt Babken say that the e-class handles better than 5er? I am not sure if its true.

        • Babken says:

          I just said what I’ve read on the net. There were several reviews saying that the E-Class gives up nothing to the 5 Series in terms of performance, and most of them even say that the new E-Class handles better, because the new 5 Series is too heavy.

          • kontir says:

            I would suggest you to read again!

          • kcsnyud says:

            Give me some links? Thank u.

          • wazon8 says:

            Better don’t read their articles any more, because they seem to know shit about cars. I recommend you to watch these two:

            E500 track test: (slalom speed 62.8 mph)

            550i GT review: (slalom speed 65.0 mph)

            550i GT is heavier than E500, has higher center of gravity than 550i and E500 and still handles better than E500. How then is it possible for 550i, lighter about 110kg than GT and with lower center of gravity, to handle worse than E500? As far as I know there is not such possibility since both cars share platform. True, 550i is heavier about 70kg than E500, but the last one cannot deal with car weighting 180 kg more and dealing with 550i is much harder. As I said my times, not 5-er but E-class is the biggest disappointment in this segment. Better change your favourite magazine. Any journalist who support E-class when comparision concerns performance exposes herself on ridicule. What they need to do is to claim that something is the case despite that any objective data clearly state otherwise. In most cases that should be the shortest way to be out of business.

    • BENZ says:

      The call a bmw that can come close to SLS AMG. Oh, my God. The new E63 AMG is also sufficient to beat any bmw.

      • kontir says:

        You mean the crossfire amg??!! Lol

      • wazon8 says:

        Great joke, man! E63 AMG is slightly better than m5 e60:
        And the most funny thing is that it beat m5 because of bigger engine not because of overall improvement since it reached only 0,1 mph higher slalom speed than m5 e60. Taking into consideration the fact that MB had 5 years for creating new E63 AMG the advatage over M5 e60 is rather disappointing.

        But since you said ANY BMW, I don’t see how it can deal with M3 e92 and M6 when it’s slower than M3 e92 and M6 on each track. Could you explain me in what sense it beats any BMW?

  6. M5-2011 says:

    these pics have it finally starting to look like the intimidating beast it will be, I better start saving up now

  7. Giom says:

    Those wheel arches don’t look flared out more than the standard model… Does anybody know if this is the case? or is it just not showing up in the pics?

  8. arthuro says:

    apart from the gearbox, it will be a bucket of shit… previous <3.

  9. JakeM says:

    I’m surprised people here fall for these clowns named BENZ and VIPER. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to see that these guys are TROLLS. They’re here to annoy everyone with their provocative comments and in the process make other brands, in their case Mercedes, look bad.

    My family has both BMW and Mercedes cars and they’re both great cars. Both have their pluses and minuses and both are fun to drive in their own way. I’m a BMW guy all the way, but I sure as hell respect and admire Mercedes.

    • arthuro says:

      about bm’s and merc’s i agree. im also a huge fan of bmw, i drive an 4.6is and im really satisfied with it, but for instance take e63 amg – astonishing car, it sounds fantastically, and if i had to make a choice of either an m5 e60, which now is only second market or a new e63 amg, i would take a test drive of both. But still very sure i would take an e60 m5, even if it would be 2007th (purchasing an older m5 = absence of sense and logic)
      For urban driving drivers admire not only the power but the way the car sounds, its particular noise.

      • JakeM says:

        It’s good to see we have people here who admire other brands as well.

        Another thing that gets really old are the 5er vs E class arguments. The 5er is always a bit more sporty while the E class is more comfort biased. These cars are made for different folks with different experiences. My parents have a W211 E320 sport which they picked over the E60 5 series and A6 because it was roomier and more comfortable overall. These things mattered to my old folks, not how well it handles or what the 0-60 times are etc.

        That said, I love driving the E320. It’s a welcome change from the sporty 325i I drive. The E320 is quick, comfortable and also handles well in backwater roads. Sure, you won’t achieve any competitiveness on a track and if you push it to the limit the car can’t cope, but for everyday normal SPORTY DRIVING, this E320 does it quite well.

  10. 2012 BMW M5 says:

    I don’t like it. I know it’ll have a great engine and stellar chassis/suspension dynamics but that exterior combined with legendary BMW reliability means I’ll pass

  11. 2012 BMW M5 says:

    I don’t like it. I know it’ll have a great engine and stellar chassis/suspension dynamics but that exterior combined with legendary BMW reliability means I’ll pass

  12. It’s very nice to see how the E-Class series of humiliating the pathetic 5. The interesting thing is that my friend had 268hp E350 and the 535i – 300hp. And BMW could no longer in the turns.

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