Unichip performance upgrade program for BMW 120d, 320d and 520d

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‘U-connect’ plug and play for easy DIY installation of Unichip ECU; Dyno proven to gain 19 bhp & 40 lb.ft of torque; Fuel economy remains …

  • ‘U-connect’ plug and play for easy DIY installation of Unichip ECU; Dyno proven to gain 19 bhp & 40 lb.ft of torque; Fuel economy remains unaffected by Unichip conversion

Press Release:

Unichip Europe is delighted to announce the launch of a new performance-enhancing plug and play ‘U-Connect’ piggy back Unichip upgrade for the BMW 163 and 177 bhp, 1995cc, four cylinder direct injection engines used in the 120, 320 and 520d models from 2003 onwards.

Consisting of a specially premapped version of the renowned piggy back ECU, the Unichip makes subtle electronic tweaks to the BMW’s fuelling and boost settings to improve all round performance, without compromising economy or reliability.


Designed as a DIY fitment via its plug and play ‘U-Connect’ wiring loom, the Unichip is fitted (and removed) in minutes. It leaves no electronic footprint and is ‘invisible’ to main dealers during servicingand to ensure it’s totally tamperproof the ‘U-Connect’ unit can only beremapped by a qualified Unichip agent.

Rolling road testing has proven that a ‘Unichipped’ BMW 520d gains animpressive 19bhp and 40lb.ft of torque over the standard car, producinga measured total of 188bhp, allied to a mighty 252lb.ft of torque at just 3400rpm. Similar performance gains can be expected from the 120d and 320d models.

On the road this added punch translates into easier overtaking, greater driveability, and enhanced driver enjoyment, whatever the speed.With family use in mind, towing heavy loads becomes less of a chore thanks to the extra torque on tap, making caravanning, or trailering horseboxes a more practical proposition.

Unichip’s ability to refine the BMW’s key engine parameters via the U-Connect piggy back ECU has a negligible impact on the BMW’s 55mpg fueleconomy. Tests have proven that fuel economy is unaffected by the Unichip U-Connect package, with drivers actually reporting a 5-10% better fuel consumption compared to standard.

Priced at £465.30 including VAT @ 17.5% and carrying part number PPBMW03.0, the Unichip U-Connect BMW suits all manual and automatic transmission variants of the 120d, 320d, and 520d models produced from 2003 onwards and is available now directly from Unichip Europe.

[Source: Unichip ]

  • FreudeKing

    That is actually very expensive. Second thing is whether BMW approves the chip. I don’t want to lose my BMW warranty and motorplan because of this thing.