By The Numbers: July 2010 Automotive Sales

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In July, BMW brand saw an increased U.S. sales of 16 percent, closing the gap against Lexus. BMW sales rose to 19,064. The new BMW …

In July, BMW brand saw an increased U.S. sales of 16 percent, closing the gap against Lexus. BMW sales rose to 19,064. The new BMW 5 Series Sedan has helped the Munich-based automaker gain on Lexus. BMW sold 9.6 percent more 5 Series sedans and 51 percent more X5 SUVs in July that a year earlier.

Lexus reported an increase of less than 1 percent to 18,595. The brand has been hurt by the recalls in the past year, for models such as the LS 460 cars and GX 460 sport-utility vehicles.

The other large German premium automaker, Mercedes-Benz reported a 7 percent sales increase in July compared to last year, with 17,367 vehicles. The E-Class sales played an important role in their gain on Lexus. Mercedes C-Class sales surged 19 percent for the month.
july 2010 automotive sales

From the beginning of the year until June, Lexus sold 126,025 cars and light trucks, compared with 121,041 for Mercedes and 119,696 for the BMW brand. With two months of strong sales, BMW hopes to achieve its goal of passing Lexus for top rank in U.S. luxury sales by 2012.

Sales through July increased 16 percent from a year earlier for Lexus, 8.9 percent for BMW and 19 percent for Mercedes.

Audi reports a sales increase of 22 percent, 7,817 vehicles, up from 6,407 in July of 2009, including an 89 percent surge for the Q5 SUV. Top seller was the Audi A4 Outback, 2,665 units. In the first-half of 2010 sales numbers were counted at 48,440 units, above the record of 45,711 set in 2007.

Porsche continues its impressive gain reporting a 75 percent sales increase to 2,703 cars and SUVs.

The “domestics”, reported sale gains as well. Ford up 3.11 percent, Chrysler Group up 4.96 percent and General Motors topping the charts with its four core brands up an impressive 24.58 percent to lead all automakers.

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36 responses to “By The Numbers: July 2010 Automotive Sales”

  1. kcsnyud says:

    You bmw liar, saying that u are leader in luxury car sales when in reality even lexus and mercedes are doing better than u… step up 2 ur game!! Face it wat u really are- a hopeless manufacturer continuing its downfall!

    I hate to say this as a bmw fan, but read the facts and you’ll agree with me.

    • Babken says:

      Don’t be so emotional. In my opinion, BMW is humiliated only in term of 5 Series vs E-Class which is very crucial. However, I hope that the new 5er will make its way to the crown.

      • bob says:

        Both you & kcsnyud don’t know how to interpret sales reports. Hence, neither of you provide accurate figures.

        In kcsnyud’s case, he’s trying to confuse the issue by implying that NA says it’s #1 when, all along, AG has said that they’re #1 *WORLDWIDE*. I think everyone is aware of the US vs Global distinction. Um, everyone except him, perhaps.

        In your case, in the past, you’ve falsely inflated the E Class’ results to assert ‘humilation’. Well, there isn’t enough data on the F10 yet to draw any meaningful conclusion. Funnily enough, the E Class did sell over 5K units last month; but, that was *down* vs. ’09.

        • kcsnyud says:

          Well The US is one of the most important market, if bmw loses that then they are crapping out. As simple as that. I’m starting to feel that bmw cars have gotten boring at everything, interior design, exterior design, dynamics, everything, and I was a bmw fan for a long time. E39… E65… E63…. E60…. E46…. good times….

          • bob says:

            Well, who is the real “You bmw liar”, now???

            For anyone who understands BMW they know that, while the US & Deutschland are indeed BMW’s two most important markets, BMW has made it clear that they’re more focused on being the *Global* #1 ‘premium’ maker, overall, rather than any particular single market.

            The reason you look foolish now, kcsnyud, is because you’re ignorant of what BMW did in ’08.

            Google: “Jim O’Donnell – 44,000”

            …And, one can see the reports from Sept. ’08. BMW *deliberately* diverted 44K units AWAY from the US market, due to the credit crisis (which is not over yet). Note. He made his comments publicly over three months prior to the end of that year.

            Actual results: BMW Brand Cars + SAVs; 2008 vs. 2007 = 249,113 vs 293,795.

            (293,795 – 249,113) = 44,682. He called it @ 44K, did he not?!

            THINK!!! Since AG mandated that NA sell 44K less cars, or nearly 15%, they unilaterally waived any aspiration of being #1 in the US…for the immediate future. Not that they could pass Rexus anyway.

            “I hate to say this as a bmw fan, but read the facts and you’ll agree with me.”

            I hate to say this as a keen BMW follower, but ignorance is not bliss. Why don’t YOU try reading the facts?!

        • Babken says:

          Just slightly. But the E-Class sales were twice as many as the 5 Series. So stop making unreasonable comments.

          • bob says:

            July was only the F10’s first full month in the US. Let’s see how it does thru the rest of the 2nd half…

  2. JakeM says:

    I really couldn’t care less who sells more of what. As long as the product is GOOD, I am happy. Period.

    • Babken says:

      Then how do you judge which is better when both of them have the same price and are of the same quality? I can give you the only right answer: SALES NUMBERS.

      • wazon8 says:

        What about the difference in performance? I don’t get your point about 5-er vs. E-class at all. Did you drive E-class and 5-er? New E-class is the biggest disappointed in this segment. It has poor handling (check its slalom speed against 5 GT’s) and poor overall performance – slightly better than previous E-class and worse than that from new 5-er. If you had stoped carring about performance, then it’s no longer mistery for me why you started to love MB E-class so much. Let’s take a boring cruise!

        BTW, what about new 535i dealing with 550i e60 at Hockenheim Short? What feature does ground this track times difference?

        • kcsnyud says:

          The difference? The E Class looks better. I sat in one and it felt better. Never got to sit in one while it was moving, but it felt nice.

          • wazon8 says:

            I asked you whether difference in performance means anything to you and you talk about difference in design. So, I derive that answer on my question is negative. If so, there is no longer mistery for me (taking your subjective opinion on designs) why you bash BMW so hard. I usually thought that BMWs enthusiasts are focused on such things like performance, not exterior design (don’t confuse enthusiasts with customers). How did you become BMW fan?

            BTW, from my point of view, E-class is the ugliest car in segment. Especially its back looks like it was insipred by design of Hundai Sonata, its side line is flat and instantiates no sporty agressiveness, the right-angled front is the best part of this design, but still it’s far from being really nice. Do you really like interior design of new E-class? OMG, it looks as if someone took W124 interior as basis for redesign. It looked really outdated from the very beginning. Contrary, 5-er’s design is well ballanced from each angles. But seriously this kind of debate has more than less sense.

        • Babken says:

          Read the comparison reviews and you’ll know that the vast majority of them says that the new E-Class is one head above the 5 Series in everything. If the E-Class is so bad, then why is it sold twice as many as the new 5 Series? The E-Class is now the market leader. It means that its better than the 5 Series. What will happen in the future? We’ll see. I hope that the 5er will take back its crown.

          • kcsnyud says:

            Um, I’m not sure if the magazines say that the e class is betetr than the 5er, they never even related the e class to that car. What they did say, though, is that the xf is the segment’s benchmark (autocar)

      • paul says:

        Lady GAGA and Britney spears sell millions…r u telling me they are any good????

        • Babken says:

          Inappropriate comparison. BMW says that they’re better than Mercedes-Benz because they sell more cars. And that’s a right logic. So if the E-Class is sold more than the 5er, that means that it’s simply better, because they have the same price and compete in the same segment.

          • paul says:

            i think its appropriate….it only means there are more dumb tasteless people in the world than the opposite

  3. Daniel Hoang says:

    Wow, Caddilac more than doubled there sales last month. :D

  4. kcsnyud says:

    @wazon8 I think that the new 5 is a step back in a number of ways:

    1. Design. The new one looks smaller, and has less presence. Presence is determined by the car’s stance in public, and so far i felt NOTHING with the new one. The old e60 was massive, and had gordly presence, and e class, while not as good as old e60, looks very new and very mucha step up in terms of design.
    2. Performance. Shoehorning a last generation

    • kcsnyud says:

      N55 engine is never good, especially when all other manufacturers are gaining on bmw. For instance, The new mercedes twin turbo has 429hp (better than bmw) and look at the recent car & driver comparo! BMW finished last cos of the 5er and electric steering. And just look at the sales of both…

      3. Ride. E-Class has a better ride than bmw, and since bmw has lost its point as a “driver’s car” due to elctric steering, it is pointless for it to exist at all.

      Take 2.

      • bob191 says:

        u r 100% wrong…everybody say that in performance no 1 can beat bmw in engines they make small engines with gr8 power unlike merc they make a 6.3L v12 engine with a 600 hp which is not gd…the m3 still the best 8 cylndir engine a 4.5L making a 420 hp its a big wow that merc can nvr provide….what merc call power is a v8 or up engine but bmw’s power starts with 4-cylndir engines they reach 12-cylndir but not all cars like merc….merc provide like 5 engines for 1 car and then each car maybe amg or compresser which is meaningless….the 5 series is way btr than that e-class which looks exactly like the mitsubishi galent…(and u can search for the galant and compare it 2 the e class rear view u will c hw unluxurious the e-class is while u lk for the 5-er u will find hw luxurious that car is….in case of the interior usually merc has a more luxurious touch for interiors but in this car specially bmw prooved in many ways that the 5-er is the best car from its comptiters….but making a luxurious interior is not needed now a days coz all ppl even old ppl are prefering the sport feeling cars than the luxurious and u can c all rich old man ride a firrari or cars that u feel that its a sport car always….so now a days we dont need the luxurious feeling in a car always only some ppl prefer it but the majority wd prefer a car that u can control it b/w luxury time and sport performance time…..

        • kcsnyud says:

          REALLY, eh? Go buy yourself a 5er and suffer. Then come back to this blog and tell me wat u think.

          • bob191 says:

            i dont need a 5-er i already have a 135i but still its btr than a e-class that sonata benz is the worst car ever

        • BENZ says:

          The 5 series is way better than the E-Class? Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha.
          That’s why the monthly sales figures of the E-Class nearly equal to 3-month sales figures of your rubbish called 5 series. That’s why the E-Class is more comfortable, more luxurious, safer, faster and handles far better than your floor cloth called 5 series.

          • Daniel Hoang says:

            A) Read my comment below

            B) If your saying more sales mean better cars, wouldnt that mean a lexus is better than the benz then.

          • bob191 says:

            no sure lexus is not btr than merc……lexus is jst a moddified toyota that can nvr be compared with german cars but wt i mean frm btr sale btr car is jst 2 support that these days most ppl are prefering luxury-sports cars than luxury cars….and having more sales is a prove

      • BENZ says:

        Take anything: luxury, comfort, performance, handling: the E-Class is way better than the 5 series. Just like Mercedes-Benz is way better than bmw.
        bmw is for the inferior,
        Mercedes-Benz is for the superior.

        • Daniel Hoang says:

          You are only half correct. All reviews say, with the exception of the E63 AMG, The BMW Preforms and handles better.

          • Babken says:

            BMW 5 Series and Mercedes-Benz E-Class cost the same. So if the E-Class is sold three times as much as the 5 Series, it’s better at least threefold.

        • bob191 says:

          totally opposite merc has btr luxury interior while bmw have btr engines and performance

          • Babken says:

            Not so if we read the comparison tests. They say clearly that the E-Class handles better and gives up nothing in the engine department as well. And in terms of ride quality it’s far better. That’s why nobody buys the new 5 Series.

          • bob191 says:

            come on man the new e class is the worst car that mb ever made….it can nvr reach the 5er….even ppl who bought the new e class when they saw the 5er they said it looks btr and has a btr engine and handle btr…. and the sales of the 5er is way btr than the e class…so dont jst be a blind fanboy u shd say the truth even if u dont like it

        • bob191 says:

          man u can check them on youtube all car review bmw win

  5. bob191 says:

    and for sure adui wd have a btr sale than bmw coz they manufacture useless cars as well as lexus does

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