Artist Futuristic Rendering: BMW CSI Concept

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BMW CSL 6 750x500

From time to time, rendering artists across the world put their creative hat on and imagine some futuristic vehicles. With their 3D drawing tools, they …

From time to time, rendering artists across the world put their creative hat on and imagine some futuristic vehicles. With their 3D drawing tools, they conceptualize what automobiles would look like if creative freedom takes priority before engineering constraints or safety regulations laws.

Over time, BMW automobiles have been at the center of these futuristic renderings, from the BMW Zero Concept, to the SX and M Concept.

Today, new 3D created images come our way and branded under the CSI Concept name, the artist gives us his own impression on what a BMW could look like by having the design starting point focused on some BMW classics, E9 and E24.

“I want to reintroduce the CSI Concept into this unique project that redefines BMW design and brings more aggressiveness into a new era; the nose grills, headlights, the bumpers, taillights, and fine design lines, brings out the sportiness, efficiency, power in a BMW”, said Marius Apintiliesei, rendering artist.

BMW CSL 2 655x524

The renderings are simply a visual design exercise and the odds of a similar car making into production are slim to none, but one has to appreciate the enthusiasm and graphic skills of these artists.

[Design by Marius Apintiliesei]

38 responses to “Artist Futuristic Rendering: BMW CSI Concept”

    • FreudeKing says:

      That nose is horrific! Why don’t you try a 3D nose that is smaller in keeping with the car’s proportions. The corona rings lack BMW feel, can you make it white, brighter, thinker or even make it sqare lik ethe VED. Shoulder line should not sweep down, it can be seen as the weak point of the exterior design.

  1. Giom says:

    Oi… the proportions are just so wrong, and everything else. This should not have been posted. Imagine if it gets out…

    • Hi, nice to have a comment from you………. tell me more about you not like at the car……..i will know for future to not make same mistakes.

      • Giom says:

        I basically said it, the proportions – all proportions are off. Greenhouse is way too tall for the body, the doors behind the A pillar dips down too low making it look like a midget.
        The nose is lacking harmony, nothing fits. There’s no continuous shape, all elements looks like individual add-ons. If you look at BMW design, it’s all about harmony… not always esthetics, but a fine balance of shapes and lines.

        I owe you some plusses too… the fact that you came up with your own design ideas and not just copying the existing language. You can develop this over time.

        What I think you should do… Put this one away for at least two months. Then look at it again. You’ll see what most of the comments are about. When you work on a project like this, you get too close. You loose the ability to look subjectively. So, don’t look at it for a couple of months and then open it up again. Please let me know what you observe.

        Never stop trying! But listen to critique. People here are very honest – that is a good thing!

  2. That is hideously ugly!

  3. Alex says:

    the front end looks like a dog..dont want to bash the designer it probably took some work, but this is just a big thumbs down

  4. Putman says:

    I’m sorry to say, but the front is as ugly as a smashed crab.

    Keep trying though.

  5. JD says:

    To whoever designed this: please look for a different profession.

    • Thank for you’re oppinion, i will try something else, like what you do…………:D……… however, what you do, design cars?… or just describe others visions. I realy not want to be a good designer, but i try step by stept to perfect myself.
      Good luck you too in you’re job.

  6. JD says:

    To whoever designed this: please look for a different profession. Especially the front is something to be ashamed of.

  7. Wooo hoo. says:

    Halos are all wrong.

  8. Laszlo says:

    childish and grotesque. its not a car its a caricature and luckily has nothing to do anything with BMW. I hate to say it but even worse then bungle’s idiotic sketches and that’s saying something really bad in my book.

    • Hi Laszlo, before to describe the car…. do you draw until now something, do you apreciate something that you never could done?… are you a master in car design…. i understand that you not like the car but you’re describe is more like you as character, when i draw the car i did not want to realise a super mega looking car……….. into my vison this is my car, this that you not like.

    • Horatiu B. says:

      Okay everyone…relax. It’s just a 3D image. We gave the guy the option to post his work to get some constructive criticism, that’s all. If you look past the design, the 3D modeling is not easy to do.

      • JD says:

        When someone posts a car that he thinks is a BMW on a BMW-fan website, he should be prepared to get criticized on the design.
        Judging by the personal attacks he is launching on the people that are critical, it sounds like the creator of this render can’t handle criticism.

        If you want constructive criticism, put your work on an artist or designers forum. If you want to know what BMW fans think of your creation, put it here but don’t go crying if people say it’s ugly.

        • I like to be criticized, but with true arguments…. I hope you undertand me…

          • As a work of art, I’m impressed. I play with photoshop some but mostly for editing my photography. Still though, I can see that it’s a lot of work and from an artistic perspective I’m impressed.

            The problem with posting it on here is that most of the time when we see an artistic rendering, it’s what is believed that it will be close to what the actual production car will look like and we can watch the renderings keep coming in with different touches until the car is finally released.
            Yours looks more like a cartoon than a real car but that’s not a bad thing; this site just isn’t the right place to show it off to get credit for graphic skill or creativity.

            btw – my wife is from Romania we’ve went back there a few times. Great country! :)

  9. ABK says:

    Why is this s@#t posted in this blog?

  10. T says:

    Without the appendage and slammed to a few inches it might look decent.

    BMW Design are working on a CSi/CSL E9 Homage in the similar vein as the 328mm and M1 Homage. But it is purely for design anniversary and will not make production.

  11. Tom says:

    this is frightening to even look at. absolutely no.

  12. Kodey says:

    honestly, i agree with like the 3rd post i think it was, you should just take this down… If people know this is what BMW fans render then I think we have a problem haha… No really, its hideous..

  13. Same criticized was the serie 5 E60 when appear for the first time…. and for me is one a hell good looking car, and Chris Bangle was admired for his optimism and caurage to give new lines and new shapes to that car. Thans again that you criticize me….:)

    • JD says:

      Please dude.. Don’t compare yourself with Chris Bangle. Even though not everyone may like his designs (remember that many of them were actually created by van Hooydonk while Bangle was Head of Design), you still have a long, long way to go.

      Some constructive criticism (I have a Master’s degree in Industrial Design):
      BMW design is about balance, understatement, harmony, smoothness combined with sharp but ‘under the surface’ muscle lines, fluidity and direction.
      Start with designing the proportions of a car so that it looks beautiful from every angle. Don’t do this directly in a 3D program, start with pen+paper or digital sketching. Then do the surfaces, using subtle lines and playing with the convex-concave forms to make the car express dynamics and power. Be subtle in this! Then, focus on the details. Don’t start stretching or bending whole body parts or surfaces to accomodate the details, everything should be in harmony. If you’re working on the surfaces or details and you feel like you have to make big changes in the proportions, something is seriously wrong.
      And keep in mind that this is a car you’re designing: aerodynamics matter, a grille that points down is a big no-no, also for pedestrian safety.

      And don’t put it here unless you think it is a masterpiece.

  14. sharkhunter635 says:


    as a fan of all CSi BMW’s I feel like I’m at least sort of qualified to give some constructive criticism here instead of “ZOMG YOUR BAD YOU DID IT WRONG” so here goes…

    -This is way too curvy. One of the most charming things about the E9 and E24 is their edginess, it gives those cars a Teutonic sort of appeal. That’s the best adjective for it IMO. A car can still look alive and be edgy. So yeah, character line needs to be straight

    -Front end actually has potential to be a great modern rework of the classic Shark Nose. Lose the top vent though, you’re getting into Acura territory. Think 5er GT nose but more slanted…obviously that would never make production but I’d love to see a slightly more aggressive version of that in a rendering

    -Hofmeister kink–not a fan here. Unlike the more recent BMWs, I think any Bimmer under the ‘CSi’ name should have a more aggressive kink-one that starts lower and is sharper/edgier.

    I guess I could have saved a lot of writing here by just saying ‘more E9/E24’ lol. Call me a traditionalist, I like my BMW coupes edgy. I’ve seen much worse than this rendering though

  15. Bryce says:

    I would be absolutely awful at 3D rendering, so I’ll do my best to offer some constructive criticism in a respectful manner.

    First, the strongest part of this rendering is the rear of the vehicle. However, that’s not to say it’s without its flaws. The bottom section of the rear would look much better as a diffuser as opposed to a section of the bumper that stretches to the ground. Even if that section were just made to be gray I think it would look better.

    Second, the greenhouse is too tall for how long the sides are. If you look at spy photos of the new 6 series you’ll see that they’re going to raise the sides and lower the greenhouse to give it a more aggressive stance.

    Third, the front doesn’t look distinctive of a BMW design. That’s not to say it’s bad, it’s just not BMW. It looks like a ‘Marius Apintiliesel’ design and not a BMW design, even though there are some BMW elements thrown in. I really do like that the artist tried to rake the kidney-grill backward, reminiscient of the old 6-series, but the grills are still much too large. Also, if the air-dam just below the kidney-grills were removed I think it would look more BMW.

    As for the positives, I really like those wheels, I think the tail-lights look nice, the front fascia below the license plate looks good, and the car has a strong supercar stance. I hope the author respectfully takes the advice given on this board and tries again so that we can see the progress that he makes. Kind of like that ‘design your own’ series of articles that used to be posted. Horatiu, we should really see about bringing those back.

  16. hi says:

    good looking!!

  17. efoza says:

    Another good use of the 5GT design, Nice touch.

  18. WTF says:

    That is the WORST drawing/picture I’ve ever seen.

    Author of this peace… please shoot yourself :)

  19. RoBBB says:

    WTF is this ?

  20. Bryce says:

    What software was used for this rendering?

  21. Kenee says:

    Good use of 5 GT looks.

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