BMW to introduce Speed Limit technology in Australia

News | July 30th, 2010 by 7
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BMW today confirmed it will introduce its revolutionary new driver assistance system, Speed Limit information, in Australia this year. This market leading innovation keeps the …

BMW today confirmed it will introduce its revolutionary new driver assistance system, Speed Limit information, in Australia this year.

This market leading innovation keeps the driver informed of the maximum permissible speed at all times, via a camera fitted near the interior mirror which permanently monitors the signs by the roadside, as well as variable speed limit signs, and compares this with the data saved in the BMW navigation system.

Even when the speed limit is temporarily changed, for example in the case of road works or school hours, priority is given to the road-sign data recorded by the camera.

The allowable speed is presented to the driver in the instrument cluster, or in the Head-Up Display in the car’s windscreen, significantly reducing the risk of breaking the speed limit by mistake.

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BMW Australia Managing Director, Stavros Yallouridis said BMW has a proud history in pioneering new driver assistance systems.

“This technology is a first for the Australian market, and typifies the approach BMW takes in respect to development of cutting-edge technology solutions,” said Mr Yallouridis.

“The ultimate driving machine must offer unrivalled performance capabilities, as well as the most advanced safety systems available in the world today” he said.

The Speed Limit information system, which operates in conjunction with BMW’s Navigation System Professional, will debut on the BMW 760Li, 750Li and 750i later this year as a standard fitment item.

Customers will also be able to specify the system across the remainder of the 7 Series range, as well as 5 Series Gran Turismo, 5 Series Sedan and 5 Series Touring for $700 AUSD.

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7 responses to “BMW to introduce Speed Limit technology in Australia”

  1. Laszlo says:

    this is why we must cherish the older cars. We will not be able to speed in newer cars. Soon the police will just send you the check to pay for your speeding ticket.

    Horrible news. Absolutely the worst nightmare ! I might never buy a new car specially a BMW if this will be included in all cars. Government intervention at full speed.
    BMW should be ashamed to even thinking about such device with their over the top M3 M5 M6 X5M and other vehicles. Truly disgusting news.

    • Alvin Wong says:

      The only thing this does is notify you what the local speed limit is to prevent you from accidentally going over the limit. It does not secretly report you to the police, nor does it slow your car down for you.

      Chill out.

      • Laszlo says:

        Yet, my friend – YET ! Its a stone’s throw away from that. What do you think the purpose of this ? We ALREADY know the speed from the speedometer why do we need an another reminder ? The real news is that it will be able to record the time, date and speed at the actual place thus it will be a proof at the court.

  2. I agree, even here in Canada I would dread such a device which monitors everything and sends it to the police. At least with the radar gun the police have to put in effort and there is a chance you they will miss you, (not that you should always speed, or even a little, but c’mon there are times we like to give her) this kind or tech will lead to a point where police don’t even have to try, but I doubt it will ever get to that point. Its great tech in a scenario where you missed the sign for whatever reason and say “oh damn, don’t want to get a ticket, what is the speed, oh thanks BMW heads up display.” So this is really good tech and nice to have in a car.

  3. P.s. its says 120km in the circle, in Canada the highest speed is 100km, I wish we could book it at 120km!

  4. Big Brother on the move.

    I saw this coming all the way from the 90s.

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