World’s first exclusive BMW M Division Dealership opens in Singapore

BMW M | July 27th, 2010 by 14
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July 25th marks the launch of the first BMW M dedicated dealership worldwide. The first M dedicated showroom and workshop opened in Singapore, and to …

July 25th marks the launch of the first BMW M dedicated dealership worldwide. The first M dedicated showroom and workshop opened in Singapore, and to our knowledge, this is the first of its kind in the entire world.

We are still working on the back story of this exclusive M dealership, but for now, we will just have to enjoy the multiple photos courtesy of M5board.

One thing that surprises us is the location of this showroom, Singapore being known as one of the countries with the highest automobile taxes. A brand new BMW M3 has price tag above $300,000.

Here is a formula on how the fees are calculated:

Registration fee + Cost Price + Road Tax + COE + additional registration fee (140% of OMV) and customs duty (31% of OMV).

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[Source: M5board]

  • badger

    very cool place!. but very expensive cars!!

  • Russell

    And one country in the world with ZERO places to take advantage of the performance of a typical M car. The 2 motorways (to the causeway and to to Changi) are both crowded and heavily policed. Performance cars in Singapore are all about the traffic light Grand Prix – and some amazing cars put in amazing performances through the traffic, but an M5 or X6M or similar would be totally wasted

  • Artur

    The m cars are a total waste of money. I can’t imagine why anyone would buy an m if there is almighty AMG.

    • Laszlo

      almighty ? pass on the pipe, I want what ur smoking…

      AMG used to just put a large engine into a car/truck and did very little else. They are better for sure, but still a sporty MB is about the same as a normal BMW with sport package. Not exactly up to the M level yet.

      My advice is to drive an M car… hard and long. Will never go back to AMG if you can stomach the styling.
      MB has better designers then BMW.

      We should have made bungle to go to MB and then it would be all done for. MB would be ugly and BMW’s would look better in comparo’s.

    • DP

      Lmfao! Please…

    • M5POWER


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  • okeribok

    Makes me want to move to singapore.

    • FreudeKing

      It is one of the strictest cities in the world…

  • badger

    should be put in Dubai :D

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  • yo

    singapore definitely has the market for these cars but ull have to be a monumental idiot to buy a M car over here. trust me when i say the roads over here are crap and the country is too small once u put ur foot down on a M3 on one side of the country itll just spin the tyres and say ” r u sure abt this”. come on i use to own a M3 e46 in sri lanka and the new e92 and 93 models have a 4 L engine just a waste of money on a country like this. few weeks ago i saw the Merc Brabus S and i was thinking to myself its hard enough to find a place to open the taps on a thing like that and the person picked singapore to own one. i mean its better to just own a great dane on a single bedroom apartment…… for what its worth i love M cars M3 in particular but guys u picked the wrong place to open ur first one