Lexus brings the “advertising war” to BMW, Audi and Mercedes

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Last one to join the “advertising duel” in the automotive world is the Japanese luxury automaker Lexus. In their latest online adverts, Lexus is trying …

Last one to join the “advertising duel” in the automotive world is the Japanese luxury automaker Lexus. In their latest online adverts, Lexus is trying to make a strong statement to its direct competitors: BMW, Audi and of course, Mercedes.

BMW has been placing their bets on the “Joy” marketing slogan, Audi has been tooting their own horn with “Progress is beautiful”, and Mercedes claims its superior elegance, but Lexus comes to dis all of these statements with their own:” The Lexus Range. Where optional is standard”, a conclusion to the full message: “There’s NO JOY, NO PROGRESS, NO ELEGANCE, in paying extra for what should come standard”.

To bring support to their case, Lexus goes ahead and lists some of the optional features or packages available in the three German brands, but standard in the Lexus vehicles.

Lexus brings the advertising war to BMW, Audi and Mercedes

Lexus brings the advertising war to BMW, Audi and Mercedes

The message sent is clear and one has to admit, the visual representation is very clever, an interesting marketing approach to online advertising and they make these “advertising wars” even more appealing to all of us.

See the online campaign at

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  • michael

    but on the plus side if you buy an audi, bmw or mercedes you can bet that the car will stop and that the valve springs won’t break…

    • FreudeKing

      It is pretty daring of them to use Toyota stuff and pass it in as a premium product and yet have guts to try and take on the pedigrees with the exception of Audi.

      How can anyone have Joy driving a Toyota with a “L”oser badge.

      • michael

        VW does it with Audi

        what’s an Audi apart from a badge engineered VW ;)

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  • paul

    LOL these just keep getting better and better.


    Woooo… We could see ”Sudden Acceleration” next =P

  • Squelch

    A pretty shocking ad by any standards. Are they really expecting people to stop and study them? You should get an ad in five seconds or else it’s rendered useless.

    • viper

      yes.I buy this crap although I am not a fan of lexus.

  • Luis Manuel C. Mendez

    Too bad I’ll never buy a Lexus.

  • FreudeKing

    There is definitely No Joy, No Elegance and No Progress in what Lexus offers as standard because the point is that the whole brand using Toyota technology and parts is just represented by their “L” logo – LOSERS!

  • Bradley Wint

    Shame Lexus will never be a BMW, Mercedes or Audi… it will just be .. a Lexus…

  • tweer

    Call it what you like, they are just toyotas, and as such rubbish.

  • Ruslan-Kz

    Really “no joy” to overpay for BMW 7-er (same for another models) options 30% from basis price.


    hahaaha…Lexus should find their own identity not to compare to the rest…

  • DDI

    I would buy a Lexus IS because is is more reliable and “honest” than my 3 series BMW, even if is not that agile on bending roads the difference is not impresive. When a BMW reaches ~130.000 km you can expect something to fall and cost you minimum 100 euros, that is not the case in Lexus. BMWs are good to buy when new and have warranty.

  • Max_theitalian

    Definitely agree, great Lexus.By the way, i’ll never buy an overrated german car. Greetings from Italy.

  • sdfaaa

    When you buy BMW, Merc or Audi meaning the REAL PREMIUM companies, you know what you pay for, but when you buy lexus, acura or infiniti you know the “extras” ar added for free, but the quality of this “extras” is very poor.

  • sdfaaa

    lexus is just more expensive toyota – it will be never changed. They will never get such great performance, give such lot of joy, quality and cool looking as BMW, Merc or Audi – japan cars will always try to copy german cars. But remember – japs will always be about 20 years behind the Germans.
    German = quality
    Japs = cheap
    Your choice.

  • DJ Mad Wax

    that advert is almost as boring as their vehicles.

  • efoza

    Odd graphics. The logos are not quite right. I guess they’re trying to allude to pie charts, but… not sure if that makes sense here.

    Can anyone explain the codes, “R24″ and such?

    • hopst

      Rand (currency of South Africa)

      BTW this article is hysteric a little, or overreacted.


    Yeah great, you can get all of those features standard but if you want a manual transmission IS250 with navigation you can’t get it, forget about it. Talk about innovation! And all this from a company that has been notorious for $8,000 option packages crammed full of crap you don’t need that they forced you to buy to get one tiny option. Maybe after 15 years of pushing that crap on client’s they are changing. It’s 13 years too late for me though. Lexus/Toyota will always be boring to me.

  • Max_theitalian

    OPS…I thought Audi was just a rebranded and overpriced VW, and their style is the most boring ever, their cars are definitely too similars between them. Aniway i’m an ex bmw’s (2 E36, 1 E46 and 1 E90) owner and especially about diesel engines i got a lots of problems never fixed by the assistance so about bmw’s i say “never more”. Mercedes are very famous for their crappy CDI diesel in Europe totally unreliable compared to an Hybrid Lexus, more fuel efficiently and absolutely reliable.

  • Max_theitalian

    An american bimmer’s forum, lol, what a bunch of NERD.

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  • JakeM

    Sounds like Lexus is desperate. I’ve never been a fan of Lexus cars and will never consider one. They’re boring, overrated and just plain pretentious.

    May as well get an Avalon and save yourself a lot of money.

  • imprezy kulturalne lublin

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