The new 2011 BMW X3 Interior Explained

BMW X3 | July 24th, 2010 by 30
BMW X3 F25 Interieur 0313 750x500

BMW TV just released a video that explains the new interior design of the 2011 BMW X3. In its second iteration, the 2011 BMW X3 …

BMW TV just released a video that explains the new interior design of the 2011 BMW X3. In its second iteration, the 2011 BMW X3 has been redesigned from the ground up. Along with the extensive exterior design changes, the passenger cabin is where BMW spent a considerable effort.

The interior syncs up with the recent design approach transposed in the new BMW models. The driver-oriented dashboard connects the driver to its car and the latest iDrive with the 8.8-inch LCD, create a cozy environment.

A generous and versatile spatial concept, high-grade materials and a characteristic three-dimensional surface design provide the interior of the new BMW X3 with a modern, premium ambiance and intelligent functionality. The horizontal lines of the instrument panel accentuate the width of the interior. Throughout the vehicle, new BMW X3 has a large number of storage compartments, trays and cup holders.

Let’s have a look.

BMW X3 F25 Interieur 0313 655x436

30 responses to “The new 2011 BMW X3 Interior Explained”

  1. Laszlo says:

    with the exception of the 1980’s Wood (or fake wood) it looks good. I wish manufacturers would stop using wood on their cars. Looks tacky and so 80’s. So many beautiful materials are available, the wood makes it tacky. If they must, use a bamboo or something more stylish… I hate wood interior.

    Otherwise the interior is not a disappointment like the exterior is. I’m sure it will be a great truck to drive as well, but remains one ugly stick.

    • Shincai says:

      I like the wood even if it’s fake.
      I have wood in my E60 530d, in my Opel Signum.
      And had wood in my ex- E39 530d.

      • FreudeKing says:

        BMW real wood. They just cover the wood with a piece of plastic for durability and gloss. Dark Wood with a nice light beige colour goes well to increase class of the cabin. But cheap looking light wood with black plastic is just BAD TASTE! Pity the latter is what we have in the X3. I think they should make a woman design the interior, like the Z4 because clearly that guy has no sense of colour combinations. He does however know how many cup holders we need.

  2. Ruslan says:

    Boring sausage design again. With wood or without. Lasy designers team welcome to 90s. Disappointment.

    • FreudeKing says:

      Full of balck cheap plastics, this is not from recent BMW except for the ugly X1. Of all the nice recent BMW interiors, they take it from the only one that failed!

  3. bob says:

    Ruslan, it’s a SUV — sorry, SAV…

  4. paul says:

    not a very good interior from bmw. The new 5 ser, GT and 7 despite looking all alike have some pretty good build and quality material. Not this one. Isnt this car suposed to be based on the next gen 3 ser? then it has the current 7 year old One series interior dials??? and that palstic really looks cheap, almost X1 quality (very poor btw)

    • FreudeKing says:

      Absolutely agree. Look at those cheap black plastics. Please don’t tell me that this is the quality, looks and feel of the coming 3 Series and 1 Series, becasue I am telling you now, you give us customers trash, YOU, BMW will be trashed.

      I am not buying a Toyota RAV so don’t give me Toyota quality dash. It’s no use telling me it’s high quality in the video when it looks like this! absolute bs!

  5. paul says:

    My 10 year old E46 has better interior quality than this car

    • FreudeKing says:

      I am really not liking the black plastics as seen in other cheap cars like Toyota, Kia, Hyundai, etc. It this what premium customers should get?

  6. wazon8 says:

    Paul, could you say more about your ability of assessing quality basing on photos? I’ve never known how to do that. Give me few advices, please.

    • FreudeKing says:

      @ wazon8: You look at the thing and see if it looks and feels high class. You look at the 5GT, 5 and 7 Series, Z4 and you immediately see the nice expensive quality feel, that the materials used are solid and expensive, that the colour combinations were well thought of and nicely contrasted, that you feel effort has been put in to make it harmoneous.

      When you look at this cheap X3 dash, you notice the dash is filled with black plastic that resembles those in Toyota’s Tata’s Hyundai’s Kia’s. There is a lack of effort in making it look expensive, well designed and even the slightest thought of good colour combination. Look at that tasteless splash of wood, where the … did that come from! Look at that instrument cluster, it seems to me like a parts dump from what could possibly be the next 3 and 1 Series. Absolute poor effort, poor design, poor quality.

      You know, I hate to say this, but this is probably as a result of BMW’s cost cutting measures. So let’s see how they suffer as customers realise their lack of effort yet charging a heck of a price for this piece. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the same instrument patches slapped onto the 3 and 1 Seres dash. Yes, slapped on! This is how cheap this is, just you wait and see.

      • paul says:

        freudking u r spot on on everything u said except the customers part. This car will sell a lot more than the previuos generation and bmw knows this. thats why they just dont bother anymore spending a few extra bucks on quality and driver involvment. And the reason is simple. That badge on the bonnet. its sells pretty much everything. (except the GT but not even god could do that LOL). Hard core bmw fans like us know how to spot these things and are interested in hidraulic steering, run flats and shit. But the average Joe that just wants to impress its neighbour doenst give a shit as long as that blue and white roundel is there. And the board know this. Why else would this company be considering a fwd car???

        • wazon8 says:

          You don’t give any answer. Hardcore fan knows how to spot such thing as low quality plastic from photo. Man, that means nothing to me. Just confession that you don’t know how you gain your opinion. I asked which VISIBLE feature of plastic on this photo can be treat as evidence for its low quality. And you talk about your attitude to design. It’s irrelevant.

          • FreudeKing says:

            wazon8, the mere fact that they use extensive black plastics alone is a sign of cheapness, who cares whether they use Go look at the interior of the 5 and see the difference. Even the current E90, which is 6 years old looks and feels better than this.

            Please go and compare this car with the current E90, which should a less expensive car (in price), and you tell me which car has a better dash that feels more classy and luxurious. Then go and compare with this 1998 Kia dash: Do you see the resemblance, just a splash of wood there and you get the new X3’s interior design heavily based on that, one piece cost saving black plastic.

      • wazon8 says:

        You’ve got sirious problem with understanding point here. I asked how one is able to assess a quality of plastic without touching it and gave me a shit as an answer. Let me explain why I’m not satified. This plastic on all photos surely deosn’t reflect a light as cheap plastics use to reflecting, so the only obvious track of cheapness failed (and it started to fail in many cases where indeed cheap plastic is applied). Without this, you cannot see such thing immidiately! You can only allude yourself that you’re able. The interesting psychological factor about perception of expensive things is that people tend to “see” quality, even if cheap thing is presented to them as terribly expensive! You cannot see quality of 7-er’s interior from picture eighter. You can only suppose that it’s high quality interior which is not unreasonable in case of 7-er. On the other hand, you can only suppose that X3’s interior is low quality and I disagree with this supposition. I am patient and can wait with my own assessment unit I touch the interior. You know everything in one moment. (Didn’t you even say that this car won’t drive good?). Good for you, but it requires some ignorance IMO. What really explain your assessment of quality of this interior is that its design associates you with design of Toyota or Kia. Even if so, design is one thing, quality other. Maybe it looks cheap for you, that’s not my problem, but stop with this ridiculous thing about immediate recognition of quality of plastic from photo.

        • paul says:

          “u cant see quality of interior from 7 pics” ??? u have got to be joking me!!! either u have a poor quality screen or u just blind mate. Just has an example when i saw the pics from the X1 i posted here that the plastics around the idrive screen were cheap and when i went to see the car in frankfurt surprise surprise…cheap as hell. I went there on the second day of the show and there were scratches everywhere…in 2 days!!!! the 5 GT was there aswell and trust me there were no scratches on that one. U cant tell the difference in a pic from the GT to this X3????…mate get some lenses or an eye surgery cause u must have a problem. enough said

          • wazon8 says:

            u can only see elegant and expensive look of design. But that’s another thing than quality of materials used, which you simply cannot see from the photo. Why don’t you get this difference? You can have a high class materials with cheap looking design, can’t you? All you talk about is how luxury given design feels, but damn quality of materials doesn’t fallow. Better take a course of reading with understanding.

          • FreudeKing says:

            @wazon8. We are talking about quality of design here. The mere fact that they use extensive black plastic is in itself cheapening the interior of the X3. I couldn’t care less whether the plastic is good quality plastic or not. In fact, any person can see that this is cheap plastic from the pictures, it is hrad cold cheap plastic. This is also the sort of plastic that they tend to use (in older models like the E90 when quality was still a priority) in hidden areas like the lower part of the B pillar where it is hidden as a result of the front seats.

            Furthermroe, the instruments dump of the Aircon and iDrive book marks and Disc opening is also another sign of cheapness and this all shows that they did not design an interior to suit the car, instead they designed the inteior so that the parts can fit in with minimal changes. Look at that gear lever! That’s from the 7 year old 1 Series and 6 year old 3 Series.

            When you look at a design, you can easily see whether it is quality design as well as whether the materials are of good quality. One does not need to go and physically feel. Besides, if it is not pleasing on the eye, who cares whether they used A grade plastics or not, I am not a person who hugs and run my hands across my dash everytime I get in and out the car or at a stop street…. maybe you are.

            The simple question is does it look expensive, well designed with quality materials and good colour combinations… and sadly the answer is NO!

          • wazon8 says:

            No, you said that they used cheap plastic, right? The conventional way of understanding it is that they used low quality plastic since it’s only cheap plastic. Period.

        • paul says:

          its a shame u cant post pics in this forum cause i would post a pic from a 5er interior next to an X3 pic just for u

    • paul says:

      having been a bmw customer for 20 years helps spot these things

    • paul says:

      And having owned every generation of 3 series (except the current cause i never felt it was a proper 3er), an X3, an M3 and a couple of sevens helps too. Hope the advice helps wazon8

  7. FreudeKing says:

    What’s with all these cheap black plastics? That splash of wood in the middle of the dash on the passenger side is TASTELESS! How long will they take to realise that wood brown and black do not go together? This is one huge disappointment considering the amazing jobs that they have done with the 5, 5GT, 7, Z4 interiors. If you are going to insert wood there, at least put a line of alluminium insert in between to lighten things up.

    The centre dash also seems to be using old technology. One full panel of instruments right down and all in black. This is really poor effort.

    This interior dash design is a step in the wrong direction. Have they not received enough complains about the poor interior quality and feel from their current X3?

  8. paul says:

    also guys check the uk website. u can now build ur x3. Not alot to choose from but i guess they will had more interior choice as time goes buy

  9. paul says:

    was just checking audis Q5 catalogue and man can ur spoiled for choice there. BMW really needs to take a look at that. I think the X3 interior has higher quality than the Q5 but just the leather choice is double of that of the bimmer and exterior choice at least 3X bigger !!! Cmon bmw up ur game here!!!

  10. Goktey says:

    Too much puffy look at the front. And the shape of exterior design should be sleek around small window at the end.

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