1980 BMW M1 on sale for $250,000

BMW M1 | July 24th, 2010 by 12

The BMW M1 was unveiled 30 years ago as the first car created independently by the then BMW Motorsport Division. It was a racing car …

The BMW M1 was unveiled 30 years ago as the first car created independently by the then BMW Motorsport Division. It was a racing car which BMW customers could also drive on the road, a unique project which had to overcome some tricky administrative hurdles before getting off the ground. Up to this date, it is considered to be the one and only BMW supercar ever produced.

The M1 coupe was hand-built between 1978 and 1981 as a homologation special for sports car racing. The body was designed by Giugiaro, taking inspiration from the 1972 BMW Turbo show car. At the time of its launch, it was one of the fastest and most dynamic cars on the market. It featured a 277 horsepower 3.5-liter straight-six engine and could reach speeds in excess of 160 mph. The redline came at 7,000 rpm and the M1 was capable of accelerating from 0-62 mph in 5.6 seconds.

Only 456 production M1s were built, making it one of BMW’s rarest models.

1980 bmw m1

Therefore, it comes to no surprise when we learned that a 1980 BMW M1 was listed for sale at a premium price of $250,000. This particular model is up for sale in Scotts Valley, California and even after 30 years, it only has 26,999 miles on the odometer.

[Source: Canepa Collection via MotorAuthority ]

12 responses to “1980 BMW M1 on sale for $250,000”

  1. L. Hamilton says:

    ajajajajaj… good one…

  2. bob says:

    More could be — and has been — said about the E26. The manufacturing snafu’s, etc. Two of my favorites are: AFAIK, Warhol’s M1 Art Car is one of the few, if not only, BMW Art Car where the named artist actually did the work themselves; and, For ROUNDEL’s December 1999 issue, pg. 44-45, Greg Gresson [professional designer & friend of CEB], gives a design appraisal…While there are hints of Bracq’s ’72 Turbo, the E26, particularly the sides, were/are generic Giugiaro for the time. IMO, Honda should’ve considered the E26, when they decided the NSX to have fewer than 8 cylinders.

  3. EMPOWER says:

    the procar m1 one the best looking race car ever full stop

  4. EMPOWER says:

    i wonder if anyone have ever refited one with the e46 m3’s power train plus suspension etc

    • Laszlo says:

      hope not. the engine in the M1 is a great one. I have heard of a few modded ones. I think Frank Fahey has a pro-car replica with a 4.0l engine in it and well over 300HP.
      I had a chance to buy a 24k km version in 1998 for 70k usd. I had the money and the seller begged me to take it over. He told me in 10-15 years I will double my money. I laughed at him and spent a money on silly business ventures that brought very little money in.
      I want to shot myself in a head now… 250k usd ? absurd.
      The one I was looking at was in Ft. Lauderdale, in a red/orange color with black cloth. Completely stock and documented car. At the time the price of 70k usd was a good one but not extra cheap. I had seen other examples sold for less in europe and BMW’s in general did not much in the late 90’s early 00’s when all the muscle car tripled its price tag. Most vintage BMW remained the same level. I thought the M1 would be worth over 100k but not much more then that.
      This is a moment when I say – if I would have known….

      • Ed says:

        Laszlo, was the orange one you were looking at in a little exotic car place on Federal Hwy just south of Sunrise? They had that car for years, I always wondered why nobody bought it. The M1 always was, is and will be one of my favorite cars of all time.

  5. sciroccoR says:

    absolutely beautiful car. i always loved this car.  i loved the 968, too.  but, really, come on, my subaru sti has WAY better brakes, much more HP, just as good a suspension (even better with my bilsteins and hypercoils) and if i get dinged in the parking lot, i am pissed but not hating life so much.  250k is crazy.  for a lot less you could buy a real race car like an audi quattro sport and still have something totally exclusive.  ralph lauren can buy this.   this is totally a status symbol.  it’s too bad.

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