BMW Gran Coupe Concept in display at BMW Design Night

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Press Release: Exclusive insights into the design philosophy and development strategy of BMW are the central focus of an unusual media event at the home …

Press Release: Exclusive insights into the design philosophy and development strategy of BMW are the central focus of an unusual media event at the home of the brand in Munich. At the BMW Design Night on July 21st 2010, selected media representatives will have the opportunity to take an intensive look at the fundamental principles and pioneering concepts of future automobile design. The speakers and dialogue partners presenting the event at BMW Welt in Munich are Dr. Klaus Draeger, Member of the Board of BMW AG, Development and Adrian van Hooydonk, Director BMW Group Design.

The current representative of the design culture of the brand is the BMW Concept Gran Coupé. This sensational study, unveiled at the international trade fair Auto China in Beijing in April 2010 and is now on show in Europe for the first time, embodies high-quality elegance combined with superior dynamic performance, thereby symbolising the underlying values of the brand BMW.

The BMW Concept Gran Coupé provides a look ahead to the interpretation of these values in future models of the manufacturer of premium automobiles. In its dynamically striking proportions, this elegant 4-door vehicle reveals the classic features of a BMW coupé, yet at the same time offers a fascinating and aesthetically impressive formal style which brings the properties of the product to bear in an authentic manner.


The basis for this is the outstanding design culture of the brand BMW, whose roots and perspectives will be explained at the BMW Design Night. Current and future automobiles of the brand BMW derive their unmistakable character from the fact that design, driving properties and functionality are harmoniously dovetailed. This authenticity is guaranteed by means of a product creation process which is unique in the automotive industry and which results in a convergence of design and technology in optimised logistical and organisational conditions. With every newly developed automobile, this process leads to an ideal synthesis of form and function which is impressively reflected in the BMW Concept Gran Coupé, too.

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  • FreudeKing

    I think the car is a bit boring now. Do they not have another colour than black so that we can clearly see the design lines of teh car???

    • Auday

      I think they don’t want to do that to avoid spoiling the 6 series which will probably look the same but with two doors.

    • Roundel Ron

      This care can never be boring she is a timeless beauty.

      I think you sniff testicles for a living Sir.

  • Roundel Ron

    Would be nice to see in Iblis White.

  • L. Hamilton

    really love this car. please bmw make in to production

  • Arash Kamangeer

    Give me that Arsenal!!!!!!!!!

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  • viper

    l dont understand they have built car already that looks stunning why dont they just make one million copies