2012 BMW M5 shows its engine for the first time

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After countless spy photos and rumors, the new 2012 BMW M5 has been captured with its hood open and it unveils parts of the engine. …

After countless spy photos and rumors, the new 2012 BMW M5 has been captured with its hood open and it unveils parts of the engine.

Back in June, BMW’s M boss, Dr. Kay Segler confirmed that the next generation 2012 BMW M5 will be powered by a V8 turbocharged engine. The powerplant in the F10 M5 is based on the same unit found in the BMW X5 M and X6M, the twin scroll twin turbo version of the N63, known as the S63, with Cylinder-bank Comprehensive Manifold (CCM).

While Dr. Segler has not confirmed the power output, we expect to see anywhere from 585 to 600 horsepower, and 530 lb-ft of torque, 60 horsepower more than the Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG, but the same as the Audi RS6. As the M boss pointed out, the new M5 will offer the best of two worlds: for normal everyday driving and for use as a race car , triggered by a push of a button. “The philosophy of “Two Cars in One”, which we have once established, you will find it explicitly in this vehicle.”, said Dr. Segler.

2011 BMW M5 engine 655x278

The same very engine is rumored to feature cylinder shutdown to aid with fuel consumption overall figures and a 25-30% more efficiency is expected, when compared to the current E60 M5.

The 2012 BMW M5 will inherit a dual clutch transmission which will be unique to the M5, based upon the 7-Speed transmission currently found in the M3. An 8-Speed unit will also be available and will be equipped with a stop-start control. The DCT will be operated with steering wheel mounted shifting paddles.

In March 2011, Geneva Motor Show will be the host of the world premiere of the new F10 M5.

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20 responses to “2012 BMW M5 shows its engine for the first time”

  1. tom says:

    I can feel the power!!! ///M

  2. i have a feeling Audi is far ahead of the game when it comes to turbocharging than BMW. therefore, i will be watching this M5 with keen interest. a buddy of mine had a 335i and it was problems galore!

  3. Click says:

    No 6MT? :(

  4. Laszlo says:

    an award makes an engine good ? interesting. I don’t think so. He is right about the 335i’s problems. The engine is good on paper and excellent when new, but as it ages the problems are aplenty. BMW designs excellent engines no questions about it, but not without its trouble. The M60 V8 engines were great, till they had their infamous nikasil bore problems. Same with the 90’s 6 cylinder. Then came the Turbo diesel intake flap saga, then E46 M3 rod bearing issues, the 335 overheating issues, then and it goes on and on. Nobody said they don’t look powerful and feel powerful when new. Trouble is when they die even before the 100k miles mark.
    In my book a good engine lasts longer then the car itself would. The last great engine that’s proven itself was the E46 M3 engine which had very little trouble besides the early rod bearing meltdowns. The trouble was of course the over 8000rpm redline and once BMW adjusted the rev limiter, all engines lasted long time. The claimed 343HP Euro and 333HP US power was however not reached. Since the car was powerful very few actually cared. That engine can withstand serious turbo and supercharging and still go strong.

    The N54 x35’s were a good promise but since BMW itself is moving away from it to a N55 something tells it wasn’t as good as they hoped it would be.
    The N55 again sounds wonderful but will it last ?

    An award is good for the commercials and promo ads, not necessary for the customers.

    • Laszlo says:

      oh, and yes I do drive BMW’s. I have 4 currently. I’m still not biased.

    • The move to the N55 from the N54 was primarily a decision Efficient Dynamics as the N55 provides Valvetronic plus the same output at slightly lower RPM’s – not because the N54 is a poor engine.

    • Bimmer1 says:

      The N54 engine has hardly had any issues. It’s the high pressure pump, fuel injectors, and low pressure fuel sensor that are causing all of the issues. Speculation is that the pumps and injectors are failing more due to poor fuel quality and fuels with more than 10% ethonol. We frequently see readings over 17-20% ethonol content even though it’s illegal to be over 10% ethonol at the pump. Just another reason why the green revolution is only about one thing, making more green $$$!!!

      • wazon8 says:

        Totally agree, low pressure generated by turbo cannot make as damage as some thinks it does. Perhaps the reason they think this way is that they associate this engine doesn’t diverge from classical pethrol engines with higher pressure, which indeed makes them vulnerable. Who does know someone having Evo IX will know what I’m talking about.

    • wazon8 says:

      I’ve got 335i with 140.000 of milage and notice no problems. What do you have in mind in particular?

  5. jocamryn says:

    Anyone else notice that it’s a matte black body color?

    • Bimmer1 says:

      it’s just primer or a wrap. I doubt it will be avail in any matte finishes unless they come out with a limited run like the frozen gray M3, which is just silver gray paint with a matte top coat.

  6. billmilo says:

    Will audi ever stop copying BMW?

  7. Guys why are we arguing. BMW will always be the bes. the best acceleration, handling, pretty much performance. audi might just have an edge with interior but thats it!! bmw will always be the ultimate driving machine!!!!!!! and to end any kind of debate the bmw m5 hurricane rr is the fastest 4 door saloon in the world.

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