Apple iPad 3G and iPhone 4 in a BMW 320d

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Apple fans share more in common with BMW advocates that one can imagine. The passion for the two brands sometimes takes a deep dive into …

Apple fans share more in common with BMW advocates that one can imagine. The passion for the two brands sometimes takes a deep dive into “fanboyism ocean”, and in the end, it’s the passion for the brand that drives some of our decisions.

Both companies are known for their premium products, one in the automotive space, being a leader in innovation and sustainability, while the other one takes pride in being a leader and innovator in the electronics field. A recent memo from BMW reinforces the strong connection between the two companies with the latest advanced integration between BMW’s iDrive system and Apple’s iPod and iPhone line-up.

But in the end, it all comes down to that very single individual that takes this integration to a new level. Glenn over at ….Glenn’s blog shares with us his latest geeky rig inside a BMW 320d, an E46 model.

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Here is what Glenn says:

“I finally got my iPad 3G & iPhone 4 and they fit perfect in my old BMW 320d E46.

My iPad 3G is in a cheap Macally mSuit silicon case to protect the back and to prevent it from sliding. The iPhone 4 is in a Brodit Proclip holder that i used from my older iPhone 3GS, looks like the iPhone 4 fits in this 3G / 3GS holder.

To prevent the iPad from moving i can twist my iPhone 4 in the Brodit Proclip holder just a bit that it pushes the outer silicon case of the iPad 3G. (pure luck!) :)

The audio connects through bluetooth with the Alpine bluetooth module: KCE-400 BT that is connected with the Alpine car radio: IDA-X305.

The negative part is that i have to select 1 device to connect to the bluetooth module of the car. Either i turn on bluetooth on the iPad 3G or on the iPhone 4, I can’t connect both at the same time.”

But in the end, none of these imperfections matter, all it remains is the happiness of being able to combine the best of the two brands and create an unique setup which is likely to be seen in other bimmers as well.

P.S. Let’s not turn this into a discussion on “Antennagate”, Steve Jobs has had his fair share of iPhone 4 negative reviews and we’ll cut him some slack since he’s clearly a beamer lover. See his 1966 BMW R60/2 motorcycle

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5 responses to “Apple iPad 3G and iPhone 4 in a BMW 320d”

  1. RickZ says:

    Hey BMW, what will happen in 2011/2012 when Android surpasses Apple? Is it a really a good idea to tightly couple with only one brand? It took long enough to integrate with the iPod. Please don’t make the same mistake. It really throws me off when a Kia owner brags with the native iPod support in his Soul. Why couldn’t I get the same in my car that cost two Souls? Is the same thing going it happen with the next wave?

  2. gary says:

    is there a adapter for the new iphone 4 i have a bmw 5 series 07 plate with idrive ?

  3. says:

    Thanks for linking to my blog ;)
    Looking forward to keep using future iPad in future BMW’s :) and who knows i’ll be on this blog again :D

  4. Dave I says:

    I have a 2008 328 i convertible with IPod adapter, and an iPhone 4. Music worked fine until i installed the latest iPhone OS. Now iPod aspect of iPhone shows up, can scroll through the music, but music does not play.

    Anyone else see a similar problem? And any solution?

  5. Steve Jobs says:

    Seriously dude, that is the most sorry looking install of any technology in a vehicle.
    I am tempted to withdraw iPad from the market, if only to prevent this type of idiocy.

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