Autocar: “BMW X4 – don’t rule it out”

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The rumors and speculations around a possible BMW X4 continue to ramp up. First news around the X4 showed up back in 2008, at a …

The rumors and speculations around a possible BMW X4 continue to ramp up. First news around the X4 showed up back in 2008, at a time when the X6 was relatively new to the market and the idea of a smaller Sports Activity Coupe seemed appropriate.

Backed up by X6’s strong sales (over 80,000 sales worldwide), the business case of the X4 seems to be back on the table.

In a discussion with BMW officials, Autocar learned about BMW’s interest in another all-wheel-drive X-model, but without an official confirmation at the moment.

Rendering by Auto Bild

Autocar: BMW X4   dont rule it out

Thing is, the unexpected showroom success of the X6 has left BMW high ups wondering whether they should push ahead with a smaller, more affordable X4 model that has apparently been on the drawing board in Munich for some time now. The BMW officials in Hamburg weren’t saying as much. But reading between the lines, it was clear they were fishing for thoughts on whether such a car warranted inclusion in the company’s future model line-up.

Having now seen the conservative route BMW has taken with the second-generation X3, it appears there could be scope for a more sporting X4 derivative off the same four-wheel drive platform – BMW’s answer to the three-door Range Rover Evoque if you will.

And at the end of their article, Autocar leaves with the following statement: “Most interesting of all, BMW will not deny an X4 is on the way.”

Back in June, we reported that the BMW X4 would be sold alongside the new X3, with a clear differentiation as between the X5 and X6. Sources indicated that the X4 would share most hardware and interior parts with the X3.

The X4 will be exclusively build at the Spartanburg plant in South Carolina.

[Source: Autocar ]

  • Bryce

    …they should design this X4 and then give it the X3 badge in place of the newly released X3.

  • FreudeKing

    Absolutely. I thin it will be a great success and be able to steal some sales from Audi a Merc. Obviously sales will also be taken from current X3 and X5. It will be a success provided it does not look like Korean crap, like the one in the photo above. As long as it is based on the current X6, which looks expensive, exclusive, premium and high class – not some hideous looking crap that tries to stand out.

    The current X6 is rather expensive and a cheaper X4 will boost sales and profit for BMW.

  • efoza

    This is another 5 GT inspired design which looks great. It is so good to see the GT being used to influence other new BMW models.

    • Doug

      how is this inspired by the GT? The X6 isn’t inspired by the GT.

      This was an attempt to take early concept drawings and turn them directly into a realistic rendering… which is never how the design is ultimately realized.

    • Wooo hoo.

      You’re a doofus… The X6 was long before the hideous 5GT. Hence an X4 will be an X6 little brother, not some deformity of the GT mess. (wow, it’s a 1 series with 4 doors and a dose of ‘roids).