The New iSetta?

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Last August (on my since abandoned blog – who doesn’t have an abandoned blog?), I wrote the following: “Look for the Isetta name to pop …

Last August (on my since abandoned blog – who doesn’t have an abandoned blog?), I wrote the following:

“Look for the Isetta name to pop up more often in the future. BMW is building a ‘sub-brand’ to market extremely efficient cars, some which may be all electric, and – horror of horrors – front wheel drive (FWD). Protecting the premium performance cachet of the BMW name will necessitate using a different name to accompany the BMW roundel on the new cars.

It’s unknown if or when the hyper-efficient BMWs will come to the US.

m1fyjf9bd0i0 480Here’s an ad being shown in Germany now:

Ostensibly the commercial was for the BMW museum, but heck why highlight the Isetta? Well maybe this is why:

This link popped up on Jalopnik today and also on a few other forums. A little digging by a number of people, including yours truly and our fearless editor-in-chief, Horatiu, it turns out to have been registered in May 2008 to one Olivier Molody. Kind of a unique name. What are the odds that a totally unrelated Olivier Molody works for BMW’s DesignWork USA. Coincidence? Not if you’re a conspiracy theorist.

The source code of the site seems to have all the requisite ‘green’ meta tags. So is theis the sign of things to come, the awaited Mega City vehicles, the FWD BMW? Heck if I know.

But the moral of this story may be, BMW knows how to generate buzz, and they’re playing us like Joshua Bell plays a Strad.

BMWBLOG final verdict: Most likely fake, especially since the logo is a cheap combination between BMW and MINI’s logos.

24 responses to “The New iSetta?”

  1. Andrew says:

    Interesting how the “new iSetta” badge also incorporates the Mini wings…

    I definitely think that iSetta is a good name for their sub brand.

    • Hugo Becker says:

      Oh – just remembered there may be another tie-in source for the wings – Glas, which BMW absorbed (the Dingolfing site).

      • Doug says:

        that’s an interesting logo. It almost looks like an art deco reformulation of some wartime german symbols… very curious considering that the brand was postwar.

        • Hugo Becker says:

          Doug – let me recommend a book on art deco – it’s a bit hard to find, my local library system had a copy though and I’m stuck in Cowtown USA ; -) – the name of the book is ‘Art and the Machine’, by the Cheney’s (husband & wife) – it is a manifesto of industrial design (the ‘new age’ of the ’20s and ’30s if you will). A good many governments (including ours in the US) appropriated industrial age images – just look at the WPA as example.

  2. Hugo Becker says:

    Looks like the link is now down, lending credence to Autoexpress’ comment that it was detritus from an earlier project.

  3. JD says:

    That is surely fake. The logo is terribly put together, it even has a little error at the bottom: it looks like the upside down part of the circle shouldn’t be there.

    So it could be a private venture of this designer, or just a smoke screen meant to keep the rumourmill going (seems to be working hehe).

    • Doug says:

      I think that’s an artifact from rescaling an aliased low-res image. Actually, you can see the moire pattern in the rest of the circle.

      Most likely, it’s an early concept logo submitted to management, along with maybe 10 others. I think it’s pretty good, but the BMW logo is a bit in-your-face – they can allude to BMW if they need to in a much, much subtler way.

  4. kcsnyud says:

    That would be a cool logo though :)

  5. Bryce says:

    Hooray for Isetta news! If BMW is going to make vehicles with an emphasis on efficiency over sportiness, it should be under a sub-brand name. I’m fine with having the BMW logo associated with the name, I just don’t want a slow/efficient/city vehicle to wear the BMW badge as if it’s been tested on the Nurburgring and built for pure driving pleasure.

  6. albert says:

    Ýou mean this one?…

  7. frederic says:

    Only a great hoax !
    A melting pot of BMW, Mini and Isetta

  8. lindsey says:

    I have a gorgeous beamaa and i just got this new lint roller because of the dogs… so frickin cool check it out

  9. tom says:

    haha nice!!

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