Rumormill: BMW looking at a new X model: X-Style

Rumors | July 10th, 2010 by 16
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Following the successful, yet controversial, BMW X6, (83,000 units since 2008), a new X-model is rumored to join the crossover family. According to the same …

Following the successful, yet controversial, BMW X6, (83,000 units since 2008), a new X-model is rumored to join the crossover family. According to the same restless BMW insider, Scott, the Munich-based automaker is planning a downsized version of X6 Sport Activity Coupe.

While rumors of a new BMW X4 have been floating around for years now, this new model is said to be built on the new generation F25 X3 platform. Known internally as X-Style, the car is said to be heavily based on the upcoming X3, but will retain its coupe roof line at the rear-end and a muscular body as seen in the X6.

Quoting the same source, this new design proposal is quite different than before,  instead of a conventional tailgate like the X6, the idea put forward is to increase its flexibility by offering a two-way hatch similar to the BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo. While maintaining a coupe-like roofline, the X-Style will have a conventional sedan rear-end.

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BMW X4 Rendering

Since all the X-models came with a label attach to them, the X-Style is said to be a Sports Activity Sedan.

The car has not yet been greenlighted for production, but an X-Style in Concept design is expected to be shown in the future.

The X-Style would be an entirely cost effective project because of the platform, drivetrains and engines sharing with the X3.

16 responses to “Rumormill: BMW looking at a new X model: X-Style”

  1. DP says:

    next thing you now – there is a BMW bus coming out

  2. X5SoB says:

    Don’t you gimme no SAS boy, I’ll putcha over my knee!

  3. L. Hamilton says:

    BMW rumormill: BMW looking new Y model family. Y1, Y2, Y3, Y4, Y5, Y6 and so on.

  4. T says:

    It is not that hard to fathom.
    With the X6 surpassing it’s projected sales target by selling double of initial units ,
    (Initial X6 Target was 40,000 units , over 80,000 units are now with customers)

    BMW see the need for a smaller X6 type vehicle for the D-segment and mid-size SAV segment.
    The X4 would be like the X5 based X6. Although would share design elements and technology along with drivetrains and all wheel drive with the F25 X3. It would allow the project to be entirely cost effective and join the X3 by being manufacturered alongside it in Spartanburg.

    In the next decade , the largest markets that will see more growth will be in three segments. City Vehicle (MegaCity Vehicle/MINI) ,C-Segment (1er) and the D-Segment (3er) Segments BMW have invested heavily in over the past few years.
    For example the current 1er emulates the 3er with Coupe , Cabrio and the two Sporthatches and of course the 3er based X1.

    In the next generation The same model matrix will occur but BMW have invested in spreading their compact platform to accomodate both a Z2 Roadster and Coupe. But have under evaluation – Compactive Sport Tourer, 1er Gran Turismo and a mix of a SAV and Roadster the proposed Y series.

    The new 3er will arrive with typical Sedan , Touring , Cabrio and Coupe but this time around it will announce a 3er Gran Turismo. Also being looked at for the 3er is a Advanced Sport Tourer and a Gran Coupe.

    This adjustment for additional variants is made easier by the new backbone strategy which the platform can be adjusted for each individual model and retain similar drivetrains and technology.

    With the new MegaCity Vehicle and the Front Wheel Drive small BMW we will be investigating additional concepts , especially for the MegaCity Vehicle which could see a Micro-Sports Car and Roadster and a small Activity Vehicle sharing it’s sustainability platform.
    MINI will also expand as we have seen the Clubman and Countryman , we will also see additional MINI models.

    An expansive portfolio on each particular segment would be extremely beneficial to BMW’s profit margins

    • kcsnyud says:

      whatever profit margins, bmw doesnt seem to care one bit about a supercar…
      so they pretty much crap enthusiasts for moms with about 10,000 kids

  5. Z5 says:

    So which is it ? two-way hatch or conventional sedan rear end ? aren’t those mutually exclusive ?

  6. BMfan says:

    bring it on Bavarians. give the competion another niche they dont have an answer for.

  7. Kenee says:

    Good stuff. I just hope that it becomes a production line within the new X5 rumours for 2012.

  8. dmlgc says:

    An X4 would sell well to females many like the x3 because of it’s size , X6 is too big (guy car).
    A stylish X4 ( sort of small X6 with whatever hatch) would appeal to this segment,
    crossovers have wider appeal as they offer style with a little utility ( many folks don’t need the full utility of an X5).

  9. efoza says:

    I hope they will also make a X GT

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