Spy Video: 2012 BMW 6 Series Cabriolet

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Built on a new platform, the 2012 6 Series Coupe will be unveiled at the end of this year. Slightly longer and wider than the …

Built on a new platform, the 2012 6 Series Coupe will be unveiled at the end of this year. Slightly longer and wider than the current generation, with dimensions between the new 5 Series and the 7 Series, the new 6 Series features shorter overhangs and wider fender flares. The more muscular look is complemented by the aggressiveness “built” in this new model.

The contradictory reports around the 6 Series rooftop variants continue. First reports were claiming a hardtop 6 Series Cabrio, but all the information leaked from the company and the latest spy photos, are pointing towards a soft top mode. The latest rumor states that the hardtop could be offered as an option.

The first U.S. 2011 6 Series model will debut in March of next year in the form of BMW 650i Convertible. In July 2011, the 650 Coupe will follow. Later in September of 2011, the BMW 640 Coupe and Convertible will launch, along with the xDrive variant of the 650.

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Rendering by Theophilus Chin & Paul Tan

Design wise, the new 2012 BMW 6 Series will not be a twin-brother to the CS Concept, but some design cues made it into the new 6er, including some design elements from the recently unveiled Gran Coupe.

The design lines return to the super sleek look and we expect to see plenty of concave and convex design lines hidden underneath the camo. The corona ring headlights become a characteristic of new BMWs and as expected, they made their way into the new 6 Series as well. The taillights continue to sport an L-shape and LEDs.

The 2012 BMW 6 Series will be unveiled this fall at the Paris Motor Show.

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5 responses to “Spy Video: 2012 BMW 6 Series Cabriolet”

  1. jules says:

    im disappointed in the way it looks. Too plain as per usual for BMW and Merc and Audi surpass them in looks. This should have been much bolder in its looks.

    • Tom says:

      judging by the camoflauge that covers the car, im wondering how you know what it looks like.. keep the negativity to your self until official pictures leak.

      i think its stunning already:)

      • bob says:

        Well, it could be that the purpose of the Gan Coupe concept, is BMW’s way of indicating to the public what the F12-13 will look like. In that sense, the camo is only hiding something we’ve already seen.

        Separately, I’m curious about the RHD.

  2. sissy says:

    does anyone have any idea what the price range will be for the 2012 6 series cabriolet

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