Rumor: BMW to build a new M8 Hybrid Sports Car

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According to the German magazine Autozeitung and quoted by GT Spirit, but not yet confirmed by any of our sources, BMW is in the planning …

According to the German magazine Autozeitung and quoted by GT Spirit, but not yet confirmed by any of our sources, BMW is in the planning stage of a new, supersports, flagship model that could carry the M8 badge. News of a future BMW supercar have been going around for months now, but nothing solid has leaked to the press yet.

The car is rumored to take advantage of BMW’s advanced development in the hybrid world, and the car’s performance could reach 600 horsepower. According to the same German magazine, the technical background is completed, but everyone is waiting for BMW’s board decision on whether to purse this project.

The new model, rumored to be called the M8, will be based on the Vision EfficientDynamics Concept unveiled at the IAA 2009. The hybrid drivetrain will offer near 600 ponies. The VED Concept idea goes through some iterations, and the new M8 will be five inches longer. The highly speculative M8 will be offered with a 2+2 seating combination.

If the rumors turned out true, then the hybrid drivetrain in this M8 will be a major breakthrough for BMW. The engine is based of the V10 unit found in the E60 M5, but it will add two new electric motors, in a similar layout as the VED: front and rear.

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BMW Vision EfficientDynamics illustrated

The first electric motor will deliver 80-115hp and the back one will deliver more than 50hp.

To maintain a lower curb weight and drive more performance, the BMW M8 could include an aluminum chassis, carbon fiber bodywork and fine Kevlar bucket seats. The weight target? 1500 kilograms.

The BMW M8 is said to debut sometimes in 2012.

For now, we are considered these news to be highly speculative, but we will report as soon as we learn further details.

[Source: Top Speed via GTSpirit ]

27 responses to “Rumor: BMW to build a new M8 Hybrid Sports Car”

  1. Shincai says:

    would be nice :)
    GO BMW!

  2. plaxico says:

    so this is due in 2099 ? or 2101 ?

  3. anygerman says:

    2012? no way the new 3 series is due then!

  4. bob says:

    ROUNDEL, June 2010, reported that Vorstand member, Herbert Diess, announced that AG will build the M1 Hommage…but that it won’t be called, “M1”. A production version of the VED makes sense, IME.

  5. Bryce says:

    I think 2012 is a bit early if it hasn’t even been approved yet. I’m used to watching camouflaged next-gen vehicles for at least two years before they get unveiled.

  6. viper says:

    just another fake bomb from bmw..ours children and their children and their kids should be driving this.

  7. Andrew says:

    Build it!

  8. T. says:

    Except the production version of the Vision Efficient Dynamics will be true to the original concept. meaning a three cylinder engine backed up by electric motors that will give the Vision Efficient Dynamics it’s performance.

    For BMW is about grasping the reins and doing some different. Not following the competition. Especially Audi , BMW have no reason to… witness the response to the RS5 and the A1 , Both have their advantages and Audi says the RS5 is quicker than the M3 , shame the driving experience does not surpass the M3 or indeed the A1 is not quite the MINI killer Audi makes it out to be when it comes to driving it.

    There are companies that are getting away with interpreting the BMW image in their marketing to reflect their product line up , A BMW customer knows that the car they purchase is engineered to the highest standards of driving quality , It has always been a standard feature of any BMW. This is the BMW image and it does not need to be supported by a stand alone product .

    And for the record , the production car will not be designated as an M car it will be a BMW. M Division will have their flagship with the M6 Coupe a high performance car for four.

  9. X5SoB says:

    I absolutely hate agreeing with plaxico or viper on ANYTHING, but, after perusing the Top Speed and GTSpirit articles, this appears to be a flight of fancy on Top Speed’s part. The facts are that BMW is developing the VED to fit with concept of Efficient Dynamics, so it is likely going to get a 3 or 4 cylinder engine, not a V10. The main performance will come from the electric motors, not the IC engine. Even the rendering is not very good. And plaxico and viper should go camp on Jalopnik…

  10. I agree that at this point it’s better to focus on the great products that BMW already has on the market, and the ones that are confirmed in the pipeline. A VED supercar from BMW sounds great, but rampant speculation is only going to lead to confusion.

  11. kcsnyud says:

    Lets start speculating how much horsepower this baby will get! Since bmw is soooo good at making engines, it would be awesome if they made 550-700hp with that 3 cylinder worlds most powerful 3 cylinder engine!!!! Plus electric motors and it will go up to 600-800hp!!!!

    Then. top speed would be unlimited, 200-230mph!!!!!!! Possibilities are endless!

  12. daz says:

    They seem to have a habit of making something amazing right at the time nobody can afford it, right after we go and attack Iraq

  13. Luca says:

    Very NICE! Now if they could just build that in Stuttgart and place a PORSCHE BADGE on the front hood, it may actually sell state side….

  14. Mikehussey says:

    That a great about BMW and this is what i was excepting from BMW . I am Sure this is not a rumour.

    BMW 1 series

  15. llmonu says:

    how much does it cost?

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