BMW says new 5 series model sold out – months of wait

5-series | June 26th, 2010 by 28

According to Automotive News with a quote from Jan Robertson, BMW’ chief of sales, BMW AG has sold out of the revamped 5 Series sedan …

According to Automotive News with a quote from Jan Robertson, BMW’ chief of sales, BMW AG has sold out of the revamped 5 Series sedan in all markets, forcing customers to wait three to four months for deliveries.

When the new 5 Series launched in the U.S., it came as a surprise to learn that the base price has not gone through an increase process, making it more appealing for customer looking for the ultimate luxurious sporty sedan.

To maintain a lower cost, but still maintain the aura of an evolutionary vehicle, the new 5 Series shares as much as 70 percent of its technology with the more expensive, flagship 7 series.

BMW says new 5 series model sold out   months of wait

“The 5-Series is at the core of the BMW brand and we knew it was going to be a very strong vehicle for us,” Ian Robertson, BMW’s sales chief, said for Bloomberg in an interview at an industry conference in Bilbao, Spain. “In the U.S., where it’s doing very well, it could come to between 15 percent and 17 percent of our business as we ramp up.”

BMW’s sales through May were very encouraging, the overall sales gained 13 percent to 552,864 vehicles. BMW intends to sell at least 1.3 million cars, including Sports Activity Vehicle.

Sporting a safer design and aligned more with the new design language, the 2011 5 Series appeals to a larger demographic, implicitly driving higher sales.

The 5 Series is likely taking market share from the A6, because it’s in the last year of its lifecycle,” said an analyst with UniCredit in Munich, who recommends buying the shares. “BMW’s new design language is more appealing and less controversial than in the past.”

In the U.S., the new 5 Series starts at $44,550.

[Source: Automotive News and Bloomberg ]

  • bob

    lks? Babken? Freudeking?

    • bob
    • Iks

      Looks that i was wrong in my previous posts! Glad to see, that BMW AG has such great results in sales) Looks unbelievable, but it is so!!!!!!!!!!

      • bob

        IIRC, sales of E60-61 5 Series peaked in ’06 @ ~232K. We can forecast F10-11 sales to exhibit a similar upward climb ’til 2013/14 or so…Or, like the E39 did in the US, stay a a high level throughout program life.

        • BENZ

          As long as there is E-Class , your crappy 5 series will never increase its sales.

    • Babken

      What are you rejoicing over? The E-Class is still the undoubted NUMBER 1 in its segment bringing the 5 Series to its knees. Just read the comparison reviews between the new E-Class and the 5 Series and get convinced that the 5 Series doesn’t stand a chance against the E-Class in anything.

  • efoza

    I think this is marketing hype by BMW. I was in a dealer showroom today and they can get one within the standard 6-8 weeks if you want one built to order otherwise there are 100s available for immediate delivery.

    The only BMW cars with waiting list due to demand are the 5 GT and the X1.

    • Iks


    • kcsnyud

      efoza, you think that the 5er isn’t doing well? Did you even read the post clearly? So whats better than 5er, xf?


      • efoza

        I read it very well but above all I see reality even better than reading a hype story

  • Kenee

    I thought I test the accuracy of Efoza’s comments. i contacted my local dealer and was told that they can even get a build to over one within 4 weeks. So I think Efoza seems to be right. Its a shame that BMW, such as great car maker, has made such a rubish 5 series that it now needs to hype it up. I hope someone brings back Bangle or someone like him before its too lat.

    • kcsnyud

      So just cos of that u think that the 5er isnt selling well? Hmm…,

      1. Maybe they’re producing a lot, and that its sold out in other parts of the us, but in the places u guys are in, people dont know about it.

      2. Why would bmw lie? Has bmw lied too us? If something happens and they have to reverse a decision, they’d tell the truth. But they never lie.

      3. It’s not marketing hype. Everyone has been giving the 5er raving reviews, and even the e60 sold really well. Honestly guys, do u even like the new 5? I do- it represents a 7er but looks different in ways.

      4. Tell me what u guys think is selling better. E-Class? Sooo much better than 5er. NOT. A6? Really, u know. XF? Rubbish Jaguar.

  • bob

    “I thought I test the accuracy of Efoza’s comments.”

    This would like, The-Blind-Leading-The-Blind, yeah? :-) It almost happens, when the topic of *sales* comes up, a basher will resort to describing a local dealer’s *inventory*.

    Are we talking about *inventories* or *sales* – two different issues.

    and, FYI, the F10 IS a Bangle BMW!

    • kcsnyud

      I know….

  • Kenee

    These comments make me laugh. It confirms the desperate measures taken by some to protect this boring new 5. Come on guys face the truth. The new 5 is not a class leader. I hate to say this as a die hard BMW fan but it is the truth. Sorry if the truth hurts.

    • kcsnyud

      Um, can u gimme some facts that the new 5 is not the class leader? Tell jme which is the class leader, then. Have u seen the new 5 on the roads yet? It’s like a mini 7- albeit more subtile.

      And it’s not the truth, its ur opinion. The facts arent even out yet, but chances are, the new 5 is gonna be #1 best.

      Tajke 2

    • bob

      even funnier are the people who go out of their way, to say sales are bad [every Bangle BMW take your pick], when they know they have no facts to back it up. then, of course, will try to poke fun at the fanboys…as if that can replace facts.

      the F10 is still too new to pass judgement; we’ll know more thru the rest of the year & next…

      • efoza

        Sales of all cars are bad at the moment but the 5 series is always a special car and one always expects special sales figures or at least sales interest. This just has not happened with this particular model of 5 series. I am really sorry but it just has not.

  • efoza

    Everyone is now talking about facts so I want to join in. Fact 1: It looks boring. Fact 2: There are loads available for sale indicating lack of demand for such a pottential market leader. Fact 3: Everyone who I know who has seen it says it is nothing special given its huge price tag. Fact 4: BMW now has real challenges by Audi and Jag. It is no longer a race between Benz and BMW. BMW therefore needs to get its act together and make all its cars as modern and great as the 5 GT. Shall I go on or do you now have enough facts to cotend with?

    • bob

      “Fact 1″ —> Opinion not fact

      “Fact2″ —> Unsubstantiated.

      “Fact3″ —> More opinions

      “Fact4″ —> Postulate

      “Shall I go on or do you now have enough facts to cotend with?”

      Your next *fact* will be your first…

      • Doug

        What’s the difference between a postulate and an unsubstantiated argument?

        • bob

          “To assume or claim as true with no proof” -vs- “Lacking basis in fact.”

          • Doug

            Ok… well… then what is the difference between not having any proof and lacking basis in fact? Any argument claims truth, implicitly.

            Maybe depending on where you are standing, one argument is assumed to be true and the other is assumed to be untrue.

    • kcsnyud

      If u dont like the 5er, go get yourself an e class or a6. Plz. Models dont need to be sold out to sell well. Take the x5 4 example. It’s selling really well, and my mom got one in 4 weeks. Really, dont talk about iphone 4 madness. The 5er hasnt even complated key launches.

      Plz, i beg u, go get an e class or xf soo much more interesting than 5er good???
      Ok, so according to your facts, the 5er is sooo boring its like alcahol madness of falling asleep. It’s terrible, dynamics, interior, everything. Even the outdated e class xf and a6 is a million times than thia crap. No one should buy it, not even Methuselah. Come on.

  • oTTo

    I am not surprised, The car looks good and handles beautifully. The interior looks superb. Looks a lot better than the old 5 Series. It is good to see BMW get back to company core in terms of design; Simplicity combined with aggressive styling. Unlike the previous one this looks more refined with no excess details, no signal lights sticking out of the headlights. It just feels smooth with an interior that is best in class.

    • Babken

      As long as there is the new E-Class, the new 5 Series will never be the class leader. At least for now.

      • plaxico


      • BENZ

        Babken, you seem to start to realize that Mercedes-Benz is the only right choice of the sound people.