2011 BMW X3 spied again with days before its unveiling

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Based on the latest inside information, BMW is on the last turn before the unveiling of the new BMW X3. The second generation of the …

Based on the latest inside information, BMW is on the last turn before the unveiling of the new BMW X3. The second generation of the midsize Sports Activity Vehicle has been one of the spied BMW models in the past year.

The restless Palbay manages to capture again a slightly camouflaged X3 prototype being driven near the Spartanburg plant in South Carolina.

Built on a new platform, F25, similar to the one underpinning the next generation 3 Series, the new X3 grew in size 8 centimeters long, 3 cm wide and 1.2 cm in height. The wheelbase was also extended by 9 cm. By sharing several components with both the 3 Series and 5 Series, the F25 X3 takes advantage of some cost savings.

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As expected, the interior luxury level has been raised a notch and combines design cues from the new 5 Series and from the other X-models. In the center, we have the large display and below the air vents and control buttons.

Inside, the new X3 sports noticeably higher quality dashboard and trim materials than its predecessor – something BMW admits was necessary given the increased competition the segment. The instruments and switchgear are of a level comparable to those found in the new 5 Series.

The current X3 will cease production at the Austrian Graz plant in late July, and the new model will be built exclusively at the Spartanburg, SC plant, with an initial capacity of 160,000 units per year that can reach 250,000.

[Photos: Palbay ]

4 responses to “2011 BMW X3 spied again with days before its unveiling”

  1. Bryce says:

    They’re still keeping those headlights pretty camouflaged… I hope they look better than what I’m expecting.

  2. paul says:


    and the funny thing is they forgot to erase it from the last pic LOL

    Anyway…what a shame the design is so similar to the previous generation….i own a X3 2d and was getting a bit bored with it but this just looks to similar…the back end better the front i actually thinks its worse….RR Sport here I come!!

  3. Laszlo says:

    saw the same car yesterday. I took some shots too. Its a shame that a car is 95% same as the old one. A little closer to the X5/X6 face but not enough ! Looks more like an older X5 to me.

    The car was traveling in a high traffic so my pictures are not as good as these.

    about a year or more ago I took some good pictures of a diesel X6 and the hybrid version too.

    2+ years ago way before an X6 unveiling I saw 3 of them just outside of a factory. I went closer and pulled the camera. Those guys god mad and drive off like crazy.

    I still got a few side and rear shots :-)

    a little extra enjoyment if you live within 7 miles of the factory :-) and more importantly the Performance Center !!!

  4. Wooo hoo. says:

    Wooweee, you ulive near the US plant?! WHO CARES! I wanted a SAV until I found out where they were manufactured.

    Try living in Munich, camo’d Audis and BMWs are the Norm/

    Stuggart, Camo’d Mercs and Porches are seen quite often.

    I’m sure in Detroit… well that’s garbage anyway….lol

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