2012 BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe vs. 2012 Mercedes-Benz CLS

bmw gran coupe vs mercedes benz cls 2012 BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe vs. 2012 Mercedes Benz CLS

The German journalists at Auto Bild jump ahead of time and compare what could become one of the most fun and exciting four-door coupes that …

The German journalists at Auto Bild jump ahead of time and compare what could become one of the most fun and exciting four-door coupes that will drive a fierce competition between BMW and the Stuttgart-based, Mercedes-Benz.

The comparison puts head-t0-head the newly unveiled 2012 BMW Gran Coupe (future 6 Series Gran Coupe) and its counterpart, the second generation 2012 Mercedes-Benz CLS due to be unveiled this fall at Paris Motor Show.

Judging by the first photos, BMW Gran Coupe is an emotional concept, one that will please even the core enthusiasts. While the 5 Gran Turismo was considered to be an innovator in its segment, the new Gran Coupe joins an already well established and competitive premium segment where currently, Mercedes, Audi and Porsche have the reign. Labeled as 6 Series Gran Coupe, the new model will sit at the top of BMW’s line-up.

bmw gran coupe vs mercedes benz cls 2012 BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe vs. 2012 Mercedes Benz CLS

The BMW Gran Coupe is labeled as a 4-door coupe type of vehicle with a distinctive sporty character and emphasizes the new design language into a single product: a sleek, dynamic and “good looking” automobile.

Engine wise, the BMW Gran Coupe is rumored to be offered in a wide range of powerplants. As an entry-level model, the 635i powered by the 3.0 liter turbocharged unit with 306 hp. Next, the 650i using the same engine as the new 550i, a 4.4-liter V8 turbo with 407 hp.

bmw gran coupe vs mercedes benz cls 1 2012 BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe vs. 2012 Mercedes Benz CLS

Diesel fans will get to enjoy the 635d with a 3.0 liter bi-turbo and 300 hp underneath the hood. The rumor of the day says that an M-like variant of the Gran Coupe could be offered, powered by a modified twin-turbo V8 engine developing 585 hp, similar to the upcoming M5.


The popular Mercedes Benz CLS introduced in 2004 goes through a major redesign. The nose is reshaped with a larger grille, more sculpting to the front bumper, and bigger headlights. The grille has to grow to match up with the taller hood, raised to provide more space between sheetmetal and hard bits in accordance with stringent new European pedestrian-protection standards.

Like the rest of the Mercedes-Benz lineup, the 2012 CLS gets a more muscular, sharp corners look.

The rumormill churns that the second generation Mercedes-Benz CLS is expected to be available in four engine variants, split equally between petrol and diesel. The two petrol models could be the CLS350 CGI and the CLS550 CGI. The first will feature the new direct-injection 3.5 liter V6 engine with an output of 301 hp and 368 Nm (272 lb-ft) of torque, while the 550 CGI will feature a new 4.6 liter twin-turbocharged V8 that delivers 429 hp and 700 Nm (516 lb-ft) of torque.

The diesel engines are rumored to be the 350 CDI and 250 CDI. First one is powered by a 3.0 liter V6 producing 252 hp. Second diesel models is using a four-cylinder diesel engine producing 204 horsepower.

The CLS 63 AMG model may be powered by a 5.5 liter engine with 571 hp .

The BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe is expected to be revealed next year, while the 2012 Mercedes-Benz CLS will make its debut in October at Paris Motor Show.

58 responses to “2012 BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe vs. 2012 Mercedes-Benz CLS”

  1. Mitchell says:

    The CLS rear end reminds me of a Nissan Maxima, especially those tail lights.

  2. Lariv says:

    The BMW looks like it has very long overhangs. The CLS is so much more aggressive looking.

  3. M5POWER says:

    The CLS front is a bit C-Class-ish and boxy, the back is a bit like Nissan Maxima as what Mitchell said and the side however still remains a bit the same like the previous model.

    The Gran Coupe on the other hand, looks much more emotional and subtle. Overall, I like the Gran Coupe more honestly =)

    Good job by the Mercedes guys… Comparing the new CLS and the old one, I much prefer the old one.

  4. MPLAMKATA says:

    I don’t think I could compare Gran Coupe with CLS…there is nothing new shown in the new CLS….btw where is the expencive VW…they will again copy/paste some new features as usually….:):):)

  5. plaxico says:

    well ur late H. , that autobild news is like 2 weeks old. I guess H. has a lots of things going on right now with his visa application so hes slowly catching up…

    its ridiculous comparing 2nd EXISTING CLS generation masterpiece with some phantom renderings.I guess bmw is slowly catching also

    • viper says:

      right. H is doing this copy and paste all the time from this romanian blog. nevermind. this is old news.
      the 2nd generation CLS is muc different car from the first one , I like the first CLS better , they should call this a CLMS , more aggressive but still the car is there , it exists , its REAL , unlike the Unexisting bmw gran coupe (currently the car looks good on these pictures but the final product? , nah dont think so., we still dont know how the car will look like , different from concept as usual OR it will never make it to production although it is confirmed that it will)

      all in all if this ever comes true , this one will be though as hell.
      gran coupe M? not until 2015 , I bet. maybe you will see this gran coupe in 2014 , by that time people will own aston martins , panameras , cls’s and a7’s.boring.

      • Horatiu B. says:

        and yet another pointless comment.

      • wazon8 says:

        Man, you can dislike BMW, but why you’re offending editor here is out of my understanding. Maybe, you should start to edit your own blog. Invite us, we would see whether any car maker would count with it and whether your ‘almighty’ MB would send you any car for testing. Since I’ve followed this blog it has developed a lot. Numbers of news about BMW appeared here much earlier than at other web-sides, one can read nice editorial articles about history of the brand and self-made reviews of cars! Even reporting news from other sides require much of work and you should apprieciate that you can find them all in one place.

        Siriously, you should back out from this stupid statement.

      • elia says:

        Sorry mates but I have one question for you :Give one difference btw all the BMW series? before talking about (copy/paste)? For me CLS is much more better

    • Plaxico, and Viper: Why don’t you two d bags get a life, and go troll some other site. I come here to read and discuss my passion and enthusiasm for the BMW brand. Not read your bullsh*t comments. Here’s an idea. Take the time you spend posting negative comments, and start your own blog. Enough is enough.

      Keep up the great work, Horatiu.

  6. Shincai says:

    As usual the Mercedes looks more elegant.
    The front looks like the C-class and it’s a bit too square.
    The back looks kinda nice.

    But for me the BMW wins. Very nice design.
    The benz’s front again looks like a muscle car.
    and I don’t like those big square mirrors on the benz

  7. Shincai says:

    The benz looks like a box.
    It’s all straight lines and square design.
    And those big mirrors are ugly.

    BMW has nice round design.

  8. Bryce says:

    This is, of course, assuming the 6 series actually looks like this… unfortunately, I’m afraid BMW is going to tame the design. I expect the wide, thin front spoiler to be present, instead of the beautiful one in the concept and this rendering. They’ll probably use the wide and thin spoiler on the 635, with this spoiler on the 650, and a new spoiler for an M6. So it’s possible that only the 650 and the M6 will look better than CLS, in my opinion. However, with the positive response from the Vision Concept and now this concept, I hope BMW keeps this aggressive but refined look.

  9. Kenee says:

    BMW GC is obviously the next to come out of the great 5 GT design family. Given the success of the 5 GT and its very stylish original and at times shocking to some design, I can see the 6 GC being just as impressive.

    I have also heard in Germany that there may now be talk of a 5 GT M- imagine how great that would be!

    On the other hand, the Benz looks tired and almost as if it has been and gone. To be fair, it may be best to wait for the new CLS designs to come up before comparing the two.

    I should however hope that BMW sticks with the radical GT look and does not tone its design down like it has with the very boring new ordinary 5 series.

  10. I actually think that both look pretty good. I prefer the BMW to the Mercedes but both are handsome cars.

  11. viper says:

    this MB is the bottom line in design. its very muscular and BEAUTIFUL. imagine LCS AMG or BRABUS?…(I bet they will come up with some 1000-1100hp and some truck torque of 2000Nm this time).
    MB in a heart beat over this ‘nice looking best looking the most elegant looking bmw ever’)(on a picture that is). nice try.good one.

    • Shincai says:

      1000-1100 hp? and 2000nm torque?
      that’s way too much.
      brabus could tune it to like 700-800 hp max
      but not 1000 lol

    • M5POWER says:

      Whoops.. You lost your rear tyres LOL!!

    • wazon8 says:

      Viper, you’re a dreamer. And remember that MB still doesn’t offer decent gear box that would manage with these amount of power and torgue.

      • viper says:

        yes they do , I heard the new S class will offer 9speed , so expect advances 8speed from amg. or more advanced 9speed , who cares.

        • M5POWER says:

          You just heard it.. Not the actual fact. Heh… >.>

          • viper says:

            wazon , am I not seeing well or are you seriously quoting someone with that line? (plax)…damn waz. Mercs have 16geras , how many of them on ur biggest and baddest bmw then?

        • wazon8 says:

          Up to now they don’t even have 7 speed transmission that would manage with 1000Nm and you talk about 8/9 speed doing it. It’s coulda, shoulda, woulda thinking, isn’t it?

          • Jag says:

            They do! There are 12- and 16-speed gearboxes used on their trucks. lol

          • plaxico says:

            the best ( aka BENZ) or nothing

          • Doug says:

            The number of gears is just one factor of a transmission, and just in itself only translates to marginally better mileage. In the tradeoffs with cost and weight, it probably hurts you to some extent in other areas.

  12. lawrence says:

    I think i wait for the 2014 M3!

  13. bob says:

    It’s true what some have said about M-B: They’ve been copied so much by the Japanese that they’re looking Japanese.

    As for the BMW GC, I hope the CHMSL makes it to production…Looks kinda cool, IMO.

  14. SaidSo says:

    Up front , both are good looking.
    Mirrors: Advantage BMW lol

    Rear end, both very hot.

    For me it would come down to engines, which seems MB has the advantage with those 429 horses and a staggering 516 lb-ft of torque. But who knows in the real world?
    Would come down to prices, and to the interior materials and design, and of course, driving dynamics.

    Bring it on boys!!!!!

  15. Auday says:

    The GC looks great, but the back looks a bit weak, kinda like the new Passat:

    I think they should stick with the big backlights design of the 7 and the 5, and move that emblem from the center, it just looks tame.

  16. fadi says:

    i think that those big radius bendings in the hood of the benz are giving a robust image. i think BMW should do the same

  17. I think the 6 series looks great,..I love the aggressive looks and they showed it looking like this!!! or there will be minor changes.
    I can wait to see the next generation M6,..Habada Habada:D
    Mercedes tries always tries to be an M,…and sorry i dont like the AMG cars,..It’s all Muscle no Brains…:for example C63AMG,..good for only in a straight line sadly:(

    for the geeks like me,..the current generation M6 does 0-250km/h in 19.5 thats exactly the same as the Previous generation Mucielago!!!!!!

    • JakeM says:

      Who says that AMG tries to be like BMW 5? Who? Where is it written?

      You clearly have no idea what you’re talking about. AMG pursues their own philosophy about what a performance cars is about as does BMW M. Both organizations cater to different clients who either agree with their philosophy or buy the cars for other reasons.

      Also, your baseless claim that AMG’s don’t handle is quite silly. They handle extremely well – BMW M’s just handle better. That’s all. At the end of the day, a BMW M is a more track-oriented car while an AMG, although capable on the track, is a bit more biased towards traditional Mercedes philosophies pertaining to the driving experience.

      Oh, and the C63 AMG is one of the best-handling AMG’s ever as every review has stated..

  18. wazon8 says:

    I don’t care about your opinion on W212. It’s enough for me that I drove it by myself and this car is suitable for nothing more than comfortable and boring riding. Still, get an opportunity to drive an E-class is not the same as got one for testing due to editing the blog about cars. All you achieved is arrangement with dealer on a test drive. I suspect that you won’t even get a car for a weekend. I am really impressed by you, you will do exactly the same thing everyone else can do.

    As for the rest, I don’t care about the delay eighter. News on BMW are not a news from stock market. It doesn’t metter to me whether I learn that BMW will produce this or that car 24h later or 24h earlier. But if you know all infos, why do you still visit this web-site?

    p.s. I used “almighty” – you should know inverted commas have some conventional effect on what has been said.

  19. efoza says:

    I just love this GT look. Its great. Can’t also wait for the 5 GT M

  20. moncho says:

    I think that even if it costs too much, BMW should name it 8 series, since it’s the flagship. Besides, they already have the trademark for the name.

    just thoughts.

  21. Bandile Sam says:

    im not sure about BMW’s back side, it looks too high frm the ground… otherwise its the best debate so far…

  22. AMG Powerrr says:

    I really like the Merc more then the Beemer… Especially the rear. On the 6GC is it less coupe style then the CLS.. I can’t wait for an AMG version! Then it would be the car to have! (Especially when you have style and a bit grunt!)

  23. lubo says:

    the gran coupe’s exterior is not bad but, obviously, the cls design is much better. The new CLS is unique and no indian xj, stupid a7, panamera ot any other sport sedan(or whatever this class is) can rival it. Furthermore, MB cars have the most powerful engines and their prices are competitive so…

  24. NAZ says:


    • Heddlu_Cymru M5 says:

      Ahaha.. Funny. I’m not an MB hater but the Black Series cars cost like double the price for each M Powered cars. And the differences aren’t much. The Black Series is surely something special and exclusive… Not worth it. Aaand for the plates, do I really care about that? I mean, is there any M car that has the same class as the CLS? Owkey we might need to wait for the 6 Gran Coupe M but whatever you’re saying up there is just.. I don’t know what to say.

  25. 2smooth says:

    1 minute after I seen both of these cars it was plain which one excels the best in the looks department. CLS! I’ll take 1 please. Engine effeciency and power is as it should be in the CLS and I’m quite sure it will be great in the Grand 6 too. So with those factors out of the way I’d rather focus on just the cosmetics of both vehicles. 

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