How the BMW 5 Series GT could have looked like

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In a recent promotional video released by BMW, the folks over at Carscoop spotted some drawings of what seemed to be a BMW Concept. Sporting …

In a recent promotional video released by BMW, the folks over at Carscoop spotted some drawings of what seemed to be a BMW Concept. Sporting an adventurous and unconventional design, the drawings were confirmed to be related to the BMW 5 Series GT initial sketches.

The images were introduced by BMW’s Exterior Designer Christopher Weil, the same guy that won the board’s vote for the final design proposal of the 5 GT.

As we have seen when the new 5 GT has launched, from proposal to execution design lines change, most of these changes are driven by alignment with engineering capabilities, safety regulation laws or simply market surveys.

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The 5 GT design proposal introduced by Weil is daring and innovative, and it demonstrate once again the creativity of these designers and why Concept models are not always easy to bring “to life”.

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Based on studies conducted by BMW, the results showed that the 5 Series GT is a vehicle appealing to those that are looking for luxury, space and performance, but are not willing to spend money on a full 7 Series nor any SAV models. Adrian van Hooydonk confirmed that the study revealed an aging customer base who find the traditional seating position of the BMW 5 Series Sedan too sporty, but at the same time consider the elevated seating in the X5 or X6 too high.

Despite initial criticism and skepticism, the BMW 5 Series GT have exceeded the company’s expectations and future Gran Turismo model are expected.

[Source: Carscoop ]

18 responses to “How the BMW 5 Series GT could have looked like”

  1. Lariv says:

    Why do safety regulations ruin the way cars look? Those sketches look amazing.

    • bob says:

      Production feasibility probably has more of an impact than various safety regs.

      Yet, BMW is ahead of the others. The E85 is a prime example of what only BMW could do, at the time.

  2. plaxico says:

    wishful thoughts as always bmw fans…….Shoulda-Woulda-Coulda.Never!

    • Horatiu B. says:

      You clearly don’t understand the whole design/development process. Talk to some engineers and designers, then come back and make comments.

      • bob says:

        Terrific advice!

      • plaxico says:

        oooo so sweet,ur still angry b/c Habib left bmw…ooooo im sorry man (
        Dont be resentful buddy. Habib needed progresses in his professional achievement!

        • Billy says:

          let me explain this to you:
          The 5 series GT is an existing model. Your use of the word “never” implies that you believe this particular model does not exist.
          However, if you used it in the context of “wishful thinking”, the use of the word “could have” in the article headline does NOT represent any “wish” or opinion whatsoever. It simply states that this design was a derivative of the 5 series GT concept that simply was not chosen for production or was altered. Your comments seem to arbitrarily assume that the writers/readers of this blog are all “wishful thinkers” or in other words, Bmw ‘fanboys’.

          please think your comments through before typing and stop making so many assumptions.

        • Doug says:

          Logic is inapplicable here — look at his statements.

  3. viper says:

    this is and was and always will be a horrible car.

  4. Chris says:

    German Auto Magazine Autobild says these could be the skeches for the new Mini-BMW with FWD.

    german link:
    (feel free to translate it with google e.g.)

  5. bob says:

    This article seems to think the sketches are of the future FWD 0 Series, LOL!|hp-desktop|dl5|link6|

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