Now Hyundai Challenges MINI To A Duel

MINI | June 19th, 2010 by 22
gene mini 630 cap 2 Now Hyundai Challenges MINI To A Duel

Are the MINI’s effective viral marketing skills turning against them? After successfully creating buzz all over the web with their open invitation to race the …

Are the MINI’s effective viral marketing skills turning against them? After successfully creating buzz all over the web with their open invitation to race the Porsche 911 Carrera S, the table has turned.

Hyundai, the South Korean company, challenges the MINI this time, with their Genesis Coupe model.

As Hyundai spokesman Dan Bedore tells Autoblog, “Since we launched the Genesis Coupe, we’ve always said that we’ll take on all-comers when it comes to comparison tests. And we’ve had some experience on the race track at Road Atlanta. We’d be happy to meet Mini on the race track.”

gene mini 630 cap 2 Now Hyundai Challenges MINI To A Duel

Image by Autoblog

To make this “official” and viral as possible, Hyundai releases their own video.

The invitation is for July and this could be quite interesting, especially since we are waiting for an official response from MINI. Will they go “dark” as Porsche did?

[Source: Autoblog ]
  • Fratz

    i just dont care if they put 500bhp on a hyundai!!!

  • Luis Manuel C. Mendez


  • BimmerBoost

    If MIni does not respond to this they should not expect Porsche to respond to them.

  • n8n

    This is one ugly car… The only Hyundai I like is ix35.


    Dude, that front bumper of the Hyundai is sooo close to a 5-Series!! What kind copycats they are?!?!

    • Lariv

      Didn’t the Hyundai go on sale first?

      • M5POWER

        Yes I think but the 5-Series concept has nearly the same front bumper and was from 2008. Here’s the drawing made by Jacek Froelich :

        It looks very similar…

        • Lariv

          Wouldn’t the Genesis coupe have been designed first though for it to have gone on sale while the BMW 5 series was being designed. The Hyundai Genesis coupe did go on sale in 2008 in South Korea so it would have probably been designed first.

          • M5POWER

            I see… Owkey so whose on fault now? BMW copying or Hyundai copying? It could also been a conincident that they came up with the kinda same design… I put my hands down.

  • Michael Kaminski

    Mini should reply with: “Road Atlanta is cool and all but we’d rather meet you at the Nürburgring in Germany.”

    • Young Mandrake

      That makes no sense, it was Mini who choose Road Atlanta in the first place because they were probably going to use the infield go-kart track to race the 911. You think a big fast track like Nurburgring would be a good idea against a car with about 100 more hp the Hyundai Genesis coupe has?

  • Shawn

    I would reserve judgment. Hyundai is an impressive “up and coming” car company, they are definitely worth a glance, particularly in their price category. Even BMW has recently acknowledged their impressive advancement.

    To be honest, the weight distribution and drivetrain layout lies in favor of the Genesis (55:45, rwd vs the Mini’s 62:38 fwd). Of course, overall weight favors the Mini. It will be interesting to see the outcome of this.

    But I’ve got to admit, I like Hyundai’s eagerness to pick a fight.

  • X5SoB

    Porsche is no threat to MINI, due to the price deferential. The Genesis coupe, on the other hand, is priced close to the MINI and much more likely to siphon off sales from MINI, if it were to win a race against it. That being said, there is a good chance the MINI would win, due to lower weight and better handling. MINI needs to take Hyundai on, it would still make for good PR.

  • Omair K

    MINI should reply with Porsche and MINI laughing at a computer and saying thats not even in our class.

    BTW Hyundai, try using a professional video editor next time and not hand over the job to a kid who can work with Mac Video Editor, whatever that crap is.

    • Omair K

      iMovie is what it’s called.

      • Young Mandrake

        The whole point of Mini’s marketing is that they are “punching” above their weight level against the mightly 911. The Hyundia guys are essentially calling Mini at it’s own game, and doing the same thing. Except they are doing it with a similar priced car (assuming Genesis V6 Coupe), and made a point about racing on the track and not the Go-Kart track mini wants to race.

  • Bryce

    …Hyundai’s marketing department apparently ran out of ideas and decided they would use Mini’s own idea against them.

  • Iks

    HUYNDAY challenge to MINI shows, how silly was MINI challenge to Porshe.
    With Huynday we see it clearly, but the same is for Mini vs Porshe.

  • Lariv
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