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5-series | June 18th, 2010 by 6
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The UK motorist magazine CarEnthusiast spent some quality times behind BMW’s highly fuel efficient 520d Touring. In line with the other reviews of the new …

The UK motorist magazine CarEnthusiast spent some quality times behind BMW’s highly fuel efficient 520d Touring. In line with the other reviews of the new 5 Series Touring, the European-only 520d Touring gets almost a maximum rating.

As seen in the other reviews, the UK magazine makes a point at comparing some of the qualities of the 520d Touring against the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate. Conclusions?

Let’s find out.

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Driving it

Many have questioned BMW’s direction with the 5 Series, with only the most expensive models featuring the clever chassis control system that delivers the sort of drive BMW drivers expect. That’s not true with the 520d Touring, which is unquestionably something of a gem in the range. Admittedly, the test cars BMW supplied came with adaptive damping, but otherwise they’re just as the man on the street – or more accurately, the man in the suit in middle/upper management – will specify their 520d.

The engine is key to the 520d’s success, as it’s an absolute cracker. Not only is it tremendously refined, but the smooth and linear means by which it delivers its performance is incredible. It feels so much more muscular than you’d expect from 2.0-litres and four-cylinders, its 186bhp and 280lb.ft of torque hauling the big 520d Touring to 62mph in just 8.3 seconds – regardless of the transmission fitted.

The steering could be a bit more incisive, but really we’re splitting hairs. The 520d Touring rides well, flowing down either testing back roads or long, boring motorways with the sort of crushing impunity that leaves you wondering why you’d need anything else.

2011 bmw 5 series touring images 771 655x435

Worth Noting

The data may say that the Mercedes-Benz E-Class has a more spacious boot with the seats down, but the numbers that really matter are the BMW’s 55.4mpg and 135g/km on the official combined cycle. They’re class leading, and certain to ensure that it’s a massive hit among fleet buyers. For the record, the saloon achieves 57.7mpg and 129g/km. You can thank the auto start-stop and other BMW EfficientDynamics measures for achieving these planet-friendly figures.

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6 responses to “CarEnthusiast – First Drive: BMW 520d Touring”

  1. kenee says:

    Why would anyone buy this boring looking car when for less money they can buy a volvo which even looks more modern than this old looking new BMW. Good job the 5 GT is saving BMW’s image in this sector.

    • Iks says:

      BWM has made F10 boring to help sales of 5GT and 6series 4door Coupe. The same story like X5\X6. But i think M-package, as ususally, will improve visuality.

    • RWA says:

      yes but with the fuel efficiency of the 520d with over 15,000 km a year you will be saving in the number of thousands on fuel costs, not to mention rsale value

  2. Laszlo says:

    a VOLVO ? ? ? ? Get real man, I rather have an OLD BMW then a new Volvo. FWD and quirky design, oddball numbering system, awful torque steer, weird dash design, huge depreciation, just to name a few trouble with that.

    Do yourself a favor and once in a lifetime DRIVE a BMW before you criticize one. Its easy to compare numbers and pictures from a sofa, an another one to actually get behind the wheel. The E60 BMW was one of the ugliest ever and I ditch their 2002-2010 designs every time I can but the car drive well.
    An older E39 will still beat any Volvo known to be made in my book.
    Saab and Volvo are not BMW competitors when it comes to driving.
    But let me repeat it again, you don’t have to take my word for it, just do yourself a favor and drive one.
    I always try to drive everything I can – yes I drove Volvo many times in my life. Not impressed with anything so far.

    • wazon8 says:

      Yeap, someone, who puts FWD over RWD, has to find no pleasure in driving cars or hasn’t driven RWD yet.

      As for design, I still like E60 very much and find E39 got old. As for Saab, I has to say that there was something really special (in positive sense) in their old crocodyle look-like cars.

      And finally, Volvo is not BMW competitor at all. Their aim are rather such brands as VW or Opel (known also as Vauxhall or Saturn). And they are pretty boring to drive, but what could one expect from a brand who has never paid much attention to driving pleasure and focuses mainly on safe issues.

  3. efoza says:

    I think Kenee has been misunderstood here. For my part, I have a GT and we also have two 5 series (boring normal ones) as company cars in my business. I have to say the drive and the feel of the GT is miles better than the normal 5. It just feels so much more like a BMW whereas the new 5 might as well be a Volvo or a merc with no difference in the driving experience.

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