BMW M3 25th Anniversary- Four Generations in 30 Minutes

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M3 models have been derived from the E30, E36, E46 and E90/E92/E93 3 Series, and sold with coupé, sedan and convertible body styles. Based on …

M3 models have been derived from the E30, E36, E46 and E90/E92/E93 3 Series, and sold with coupé, sedan and convertible body styles.

Based on the 1986 model year E30 3-Series, the first M3 was introduced with a 2.3 L I4 engine.

The E36 M3 debuted in February, 1992 and hit the dealers’ showrooms in November that year; it was the first M3 powered by a six-cylinder engine, displacing 2990 cc and developing 282 hp. Initially available as a coupé only, BMW introduced M3 convertible/cabriolet and saloon/sedan versions in 1994.



The E46 M3, first introduced in October, 2000, appeared worldwide with the new 3.2 L S54 M-tuned engine. At the time of the car’s introduction, this engine had the highest specific output naturally aspirated engine ever made by BMW, producing 333 horsepower and 365 Nm (269 lb-ft).

The BMW E46 M3 CSL (coupe sports lightweight) was a limited edition version of the M3, with only 1,400 cars being produced for its 2004 model year run.


The fourth generation BMW M3 was announced on the 2007 Geneva Auto Show with the BMW M3 concept. Just as the previous M3 generations all introduced a completely new engine, the fourth generation M3 did the same: the BMW S65 engine was introduced. This S65B40 is a naturally aspirated, high revving 4-liter V8 (based on the S85B50 5-liter V10 that powers the E60/E61 M5 and the E63/E64 M6 to date), delivering 414 horsepower at 8,300 rpm, with peak torque at 400 Nm (300 lb-ft) at 3,900 rpm, which represents a power increase of 22% over the E46 M3.


Now, with the M3’s 25th anniversary just around the corner, BMW releases a series of commemorative videos showing all the M3 generations in all their glory.

Our sources indicate that the BMW M3 GTS will be launched during the 25th anniversary event, followed by some laps around the famous Nurburgring.

[Photography: Webb-Bland | bmwe36blog Videos - Carscoop | Wikipedia ]

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  • plaxico

    any Black or AMG or Porsche or GT Continental or S5 eats this m puppy for lunch!
    Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooring video

    • kolbász

      You’re not a BMW fan, are you…

      • Doug

        He’s obviously a latent BMW fanboy. He needs to come to terms with it and stop this denial and desperate accusations of others.

        • plaxico

          the best (aka BENZ) or nothing

          • Doug

            Fantastic. may I direct you to: go annoy them for awhile about how better Merc is than nothing.

          • plaxico

            Who dat? Who dat? Who dat say dey gonna beat dat Merc? NOBODY
            DEAL WITH IT !

          • Doug

            Can someone tell me what the hell he just said?

          • kolbász

            um…beat dat merc in what? slow motion?

          • Mark

            Okay, but nobody here is claiming the M3 is better (and define “better”) than any of those cars. There will ALWAYS be something better, faster, etc., but for the price of an M3 vs. the price of an AMG you get a lot more for your buck.

            In any case, when was the last major competition a stock Mercedes won? Nobody drives them for a reason..

  • Andrew Murphy

    Jeez – I’m older than the M3 – I think the car aged better too.

  • Arash Kamangeer

    God i love the E46 M3 coupe,.. now it’s more affordable…
    The noise,..the Engine,…cockpit,..styling,…rear exhausts,..Rear seats for 3 people( no stupid center piece,…and the back windows go down!!!!!!!!!1
    If only i could find 1 in Gun Metal( dark Gray) and a low millage!!!

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  • Brendan

    E30 still remains to be the most awesome m3, and generation alone

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