What Car Would You Buy After A Break-Up?

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500x break up What Car Would You Buy After A Break Up?

This is an article started by our friends over at Jalopnik and makes for an interesting read on a Sunday night. Might be painful for …

This is an article started by our friends over at Jalopnik and makes for an interesting read on a Sunday night. Might be painful for some and bring up good or bad memories for others, but nevertheless, a question we should all ask ourselves: What car would make us feel better after a break-up? Is there a car that can take the pain away? A car that could put us back on the market?

Of course, this is a bold move and probably irresponsible, but nonetheless, it could be liberating; future massive debt ignored for now. We would like to look at this from all angles, not just BMW related, but if there are any other cars that “fit the bill” better than a bimmer, feel free to let us know.

So, let’s start with us and we reserve the right to choose two “break-up pills”.

500x break up What Car Would You Buy After A Break Up?

First, from the BMW world, the beautiful, elegant, rare and collector item, BMW Z8. Certainly a car that can heal the wounds, liberating the soul and shave a few years off our age, if needed. One thing though: it’s a two-seater.

BMW Z8 gates 1280x960 655x491 What Car Would You Buy After A Break Up?


Second, without breaking many banks, we decided to stay within reasonable limits, and the chosen fantasy car after a break-up is the …..Aston Martin DB9.



Turning the table around, what’s your fantasy post-awful-break-up car?

[Lead Photo by Jalopnik ]
  • Shawn

    Haha nice piece.

    I don’t think it would be a car at all, probably a BMW on two wheels, the HP2 Sport.

    Nothing clears your mind like a motorcycle ride. ;)

  • ChoCho

    Aston-Martin One-77. Now that’s the kind of car to get back your spirit.

    • http://I Abdo

      If that is what you need to get your heart back, ur never going to get it back anytime soon :P that car is a BEAST!

  • kolbász

    2002tii or a 507…
    OR the S1000RR:)

    • Bryce

      I like the 507 idea!

  • X5SoB

    I like the Citroen SM as a breakup car. Looking at that first picture, I don’t know which one has the nicer rear end, they’re both a little skinny…


    BMW only….it would be Z8

  • Arthuro

    i would just get laid in 30 minutes after break-up. next….

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=8204311 Tom Hegedosh

    Ariel Atom

  • Wingroad

    I would keep the Citroen SM every time over the girl in the photo

  • okeribok

    Z3M coupe.
    The rest is alimony anyway…

  • http://www.bmwblog.com JL


  • 100$ GUY

    A $200k car is reasonable?
    Well I`d go for an Audi R8. Seems more reasonable.

  • Doug

    I’d say a used honda accord, because it will cost $200k in legal fees to keep the kids.

  • Alex

    Without a doubt a Ferrari 599 GTB. Rossa Corsa/Tan.

  • XC

    Well, I did just that. I bought a Z4 M Coupe (Saphirschwartz, Individual Champagne Nappa Interior, dark brown poplar trim) back in 2007 after I got divorced. It was just the kind of car my ex hated. After I got it I started taking french classes and dating my french teacher (Wow, that Silvie was something special). What a self-steem booooost! (French girlfriend long gone, car still in my garage, lol)

    • plaxico

      whoa wait a second, ive always thought ur younger considering how much u use that ”lol” phrase…….
      wife leaving u ?!? im surprised )

  • David

    Porsche 911 GT3 RS!!

  • The Lee

    As cool as the Z8 and DB9 both are, I don’t think I’d choose either as a “break-up car”. To me, I think I’d pick up something with a little more of a sense of humor. Something that doesn’t take itself too seriously and reminds me just how much fun life can be (with or without the ex).

    In Bimmer land, I’d take either a 2002 or, better yet, an Isetta. Something small and quirky. Maybe more realistically an E30 coupe since they’re significantly easier to find than either an ’02 or Isetta.

    Non-BMW, I purchased an NA Miata after my most recent split. I’m not sure that it really was because of the departing that I bought the Miata, but I had wanted one for a while. Frequent social activity left me too low on cash to buy one while I was dating that unemployed skank. It’s always difficult to save up money for a new toy when you’re having to finance someone else’s fun, too.

  • JML

    Well…. let’s see… I already drive the best cars on the road… BMW… right! So… my choice would have to be a Mooney Acclaim Type S with the available BMW paint scheme and leather interior! Yeah… I know… it costs over 600,000.00 but who’s counting!