Saab and BMW in talks to develop new 9-2

Rumors | June 12th, 2010 by 12
Saab 92 1950 750x500

Automotive News reports that BMW and Saab are discussing about potential collaboration for a new small car that the Swedish automaker wants to build. As …

Automotive News reports that BMW and Saab are discussing about potential collaboration for a new small car that the Swedish automaker wants to build. As part of the agreement, BMW will provide Saab with engines, transmissions and a platform.

The information has yet to be confirmed by BMW, sources close to the company say that negotiations will take at least two months.

The collaboration will revolve around the production of a tear-drop shaped car, inspired by the legendary Saab 92 model that was produced from 1949 until 1956. To keep the mystery and secrecy around this new model, Saab said in an official statement: “We indeed are looking for alliance partners but no cooperation with has been confirmed at this time. A smaller Saab below the 9-3 is not currently in our business plan though it would be on our wish list.

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BMW gave a similar canned response: “We are in talks with several interested parties who have interest in our technology. There are no contracts with Saab at the moment.”

On a different note, the report says that there are also plans for BMW to supply a diesel engine for Saab’s 9-4x midsize crossover which will be built at the GM plant in Mexico. The car will launch in 2011.

[Source: Bloomberg via Auto News ]

12 responses to “Saab and BMW in talks to develop new 9-2”

  1. Okeribok says:

    If this goes through, bmw could drop their own FWD plans, plus the little Saab would be a pretty awsome driving, cool looking, affordable car, which they could really use. In short: yay!

  2. How is FWD good for BMW? It goes against everything they stand for.

  3. Laszlo says:

    so we had Saabaru and did not work. now we will have SAABMW ? ? ? will it work ? I doubt it but you never know… a FWD or AWD BMW is old news, get over it.

  4. jackliusooo says:

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  5. Hugo Becker says:

    Well ‘jackliusooo’ I don’t like any of them. They all smell like SPAM to me. ; -)

    Back to our originally scheduled programming, however . . .

    If this gives BMW a market to sell their small car underpinnings (the flexible firewall chassis) and a three cylinder engine (after all it is SAAB that’s wanting it – it has to be a bit quirky), then great. Just like the diesel engine deal to Carbon Motors. They get to spread costs out even further, which is a good thing.

  6. EMPOWER says:

    greater ecomonies of scale, can charge a priceto for saab for using there platform, sale there engines to them. how is this bad. just like why is it bad to have a 4m fwd car. People seem to for get what BMW meens and the origins, as just an engine maker. Bmw ag puts its motors in vehicles that are the best in there catergory, be it bike saloon coupe sav roadster hatchbacks small and mini, so to all those still going on about a fwd bmw get over it. if BMW can make the isetta they can make a fwd 4m small car. And i know the isetta iis not fwd. if the 1 or 3 became like audi then we would have something to get pissed off with

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