Funny: What happens in an Internet car forum

Videos | June 9th, 2010 by 10

Internet forums are most of the time passionate communities where one could seek advice, support, humor and…even services. Out of the bunch, the automotive forums …

Internet forums are most of the time passionate communities where one could seek advice, support, humor and…even services.

Out of the bunch, the automotive forums are usually  a great resource for finding information on those looking for a new or used car, searching for tips and tricks on how to take a Dodge Neon straight to Fast and Furious, or simply a place where everyone can vent, bash or brag.

Drilling even further, BMW forums fit the above bill, but….they bring that fanboyism flavor that we all experience sometimes.

There have been countless times when we went on rambling to our friends how great this M3 is, or why should they take the 335i before that VW-like Audi A4, and plenty of times, we showed off our BMW knowledge by throwing words out there like LSD, DCT, DKG, LCI, RFT and any other possible three-letter combination. Don’t ask what these abbreviations mean, we’re lost also,  BUT we like how they sound.


Watching the video below certainly put a smile on our face and while we fall under the online magazine format, we sometimes deviate from our path and identify with some things mentioned in the skit.

How many of you see each other in that video? Hands up….

orinformation from those who know a subject best. They can also, as comically demonstrated in this vid, be great places for non-enthusiast newbies to get incomprehensible advice and a tongue keyboard lashing to boot.

As created using Xtranormal text-to-movie, the guy on the left has a friend who’s a single mother of two and she needs needs reliable transportation. He’s come to the forum looking for recommendations. The first suggestion he gets from the guy on the right: a Lotus Elise. It only gets better from there. Click passed the jump to watch an animated exchange that we’re guessing you’ve witnessed – or participated in – at least once.

[Source: Xtranormal via Autoblog ]

10 responses to “Funny: What happens in an Internet car forum”

  1. plaxico says:

    For some strange reason bmw fan-boys can easily relate to comics and cartoons.Hm… go figure

    • wazon8 says:

      And lotus elise fans eighter? It is what comes out when one doesn’t get a point of examples. BMW showed up here, because there is no BMW that would cost around 15.000$, not because that BMW fans are so irrational that they would suggest to buy BMW to someone interested in car up to 15.000$. As far as discussion goes on, BMW fans most usually provides objectively measurable data, whereas other appeal to some features that are highly disputable such as the star on a hood (wasn’t it your point in past?).

      BTW, good joke: Don’t ask a car enthusiast which car to buy, unless you’re a car enthusiast by yourself.

      • plaxico says:

        calm down waz, its 3n a half minutes to long and that s.hawking overdubbed voice is not helping ,every second im expecting’em to start talking about black holes and time traveling

  2. Lariv says:

    This is a fantastically hilarious video.

  3. Katana67 says:

    In the guys defense… the E30 would fit all of the woman’s requirements. Haha.

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