MINI Cooper challenges Porsche 911 – Courage or Arrogance?

MINI | June 8th, 2010 by 13

MINI launches a Facebook page (MINI VS PORSCHE) and has officially challenged Porsche 911 to a race. The MINI contestant, the Cooper S model against …

MINI launches a Facebook page (MINI VS PORSCHE) and has officially challenged Porsche 911 to a race. The MINI contestant, the Cooper S model against Porsche’s 911 Carrera S.

The challenge is set to take place on June 22nd at Road Atlanta race track. To encourage Porsche to show up they’ve created a petition in which they hope to fill with e-signatures from fans eager to see the race happen.

Mini USA CEO Jim McDowell, wants Porsche USA president Detlev von Platen to meet him at Road Atlanta on June 21st with the drivers of their choice. Without a doubt, the 911 Carrera S is a far more potent car, but MINI says “..there’s no accounting for heart. And we’ve got that in spades.”

MINI Porsche challengeThe event will be closed to the public, but expect live reporting from the event from selected journalists.

Regardless if the MINI wins or loses, the challenge will draw plenty of viral marketing for the Oxford-based company, known for their genius marketing tricks.

Follow the event at the MINI Facebook page

  • FreudeKing

    I think it is pretty stupid to have something like this but yet not allow the public to view. They could have allowed them to watch and be there.

  • n8n

    Arrogance, but who knows… :]

  • Doug

    Bizarre. Are they comparing the headlamps?

  • Laszlo

    who do they kidding ? a 911 S versus a M3 would be a fight, a loser fight to be sure but a fight. A Mini Cooper S will be a weird embarrassing cat-mouse game.

    I’m not a Porsche fan at all, never was never will but the current 911 S is a wonderful toy in a good hand. It will run circles around the Mini.
    its not the power or acceleration, its the handling. The Mini weights slightly less but a lot less powerful and on a track like Road Atlanta, you do need POWER.

    anyway, it will do what the Mini people want out of this – publicity.

  • Stjepan Šandor

    It’s just a publicity stunt. MINI has a history of quite bizarre (and somewhat effective) advertising techniques so this isn’t a surprise.

    But it seems to me that we’re looking into something more deeper – you see, Porsche has quite strong ties with Volkswagen group…

  • Hugo Becker

    So what’s the catch? There’s gotta be a gotcha moment – like, “Oh, did we say the first to take the contents of sixteen bulky packages around the track wins?”

    There really has got to be a catch. ; -)

  • hektor

    Both are usually driven by wankers so it might be a fair contest after all.

  • Artmic

    i drove a Carrera S, and to even mention going against a Porsche with a mini is insanity, but it does capture interest from the public LOL

    I also think the New 2010 Carrera S with the dual clutch gearbox is way faster than an M3, and feels a hell of a lot livelier

  • DDI

    So they want people to sign the petition but the same people are not allowed to see the race? I don’t get it.

  • Roland Renno

    It will be good to see two front-similar yet two different category cars head to head. As a BMW die-hard fan, I’ll definitely be on the side of the MINI Cooper S against Porsche 911 Carrera S. I already know the consequence of the bulk race but it’s nice. :)

    BMW Power

  • Keith Weaver

    Dumbest effin thing I’ve ever heard of in my life. And I’ve listened to an Obama policy speech.

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