BMW M Boss confirms next M5 powered by a V8 turbocharged

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What started as a rumor last year, it has finally received some official BMW backup. The next generation 2012 BMW M5 will be indeed powered …

What started as a rumor last year, it has finally received some official BMW backup. The next generation 2012 BMW M5 will be indeed powered by a V8 turbocharged engine. The information comes from BMW’s M boss, Dr. Kay Segler, in a recent interview for Auto Bild.

The powerplant in the F10 M5 is based on the same unit found in the BMW X5 M and X6M, the twin scroll twin turbo version of the N63, known as the S63, with Cylinder-bank Comprehensive Manifold (CCM).

While Dr. Segler has not confirmed the power output, everyone’s expectations lie within the 585-600 horsepower range. As the M boss pointed out, the new M5 will offer the best of two worlds: for normal everyday driving and for use as a race car , triggered by a push of a button. “The philosophy of “Two Cars in One”, which we have once established, you will find it explicitly in this vehicle.”, said Dr. Segler.

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The new BMW F10 M5 goes on sale in the second half of 2011.

The M-diesel powered question came up in the same interview. Dr. Segler states that a market would need to be identified for a potential M diesel and at this point, nor the North American or asian market are in high demand of diesels. Another question concerns the technology. In the diesel, there are currently no high-revs  and “that’s why an M-diesel might not be technically feasible”, said Dr. Kay Segler.

However, the M boss points out that BMW’s customers are increasingly purchasing M-Sport packages and M accessories for their diesel vehicles, “therefore, diesel and sportiness are not mutually exclusive”.

BMW continues their field tests of the new BMW M5 and the vehicle, in a concept format, is rumored to launch at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2011.

[Source: AutoBild ]

33 responses to “BMW M Boss confirms next M5 powered by a V8 turbocharged”

  1. kcsnyud says:

    Watch, I bet Kay Segler will make the car have a power drop…

    • Steven Bertz says:

      so just shell out the extra cash for bigger turbos and a tune to match im sure active autowerke or gpower will have so toys for this m5

      • kcsnyud says:

        Ya but all kay segler cares about is fuel consumption, if i was him, id give the car a v10 or a v12 twin turbo and just shut offf the cylinders usin that kers thingy for effeciancy

        • Steven Bertz says:

          im sorry i didnt specify i dont care what it has i will be purchasing bigger turbos either way. id rather see twin turbs instead of a 10 or a 12. v8 is plenty seeing as how you can push the e46 m3 with 6 cylinders to just under 900whp with a turbo

        • Kwami says:

          I agree a V10 or V12 with cylinder shut off would be better and with a push of the M button would release the beast…..

  2. I can’t wait for the F10 M5 to officially debut!

  3. Iks says:

    Every day car with consumption 24+ L/100km????? I expect hude decline in //M5 sales, comparing with E60. Also, no one from BMW doesnt say about sales of X6/X5 M..Any ideas, why?

    • wazon8 says:

      I know people who use their M5 e60 or m3 e92 as everyday cars. But if you’re looking for small fuel consuption, you just can’t have above 400hp under hood. Simple as that.

      As for E63AMG, it’s only slightly faster on track than M5 e60: It has worse slalom speed eighter. Do you believe that new M5 won’t be much faster than previous model? E63AMG will be the easy stuff for new m5, since I suspect that they’re aiming for much better results than E63AMG provide right now.

      And about the sales of M-cars, weren’t they the best selling sport cars in last year?

      • viper says:

        have no fear. there will never be an M diesel , however audi has one in Q7 a V12 tdi beast which I would take over any existing bmw out there.

        • wazon8 says:

          No diesel engine is a beast in sport car. Even when one pays more attention to torgue avaible from lower rev speed, modern turbo engines are not worse in this respect. But what is the biggest vice of diesels is their essential low max. rev speed. And there is no way to overcome this feature, since it stems from the way in which diesel engines burn a fuel. Another feature that is unwanted in sport cars is the weight of such huge diesels engines. Sport cars are not about straight line acceleration and such huge diesel at front would affect painfully hadling of car. Taking about M-diesels sounds like contradiction in terms for me.
          Viper, don’t you find it puzzling that Audi doesn’t use deisel engine when it comes to the highest level competition in automative industry. Why don’t they test R8 with diesel during for example Nurburgring 24H according to you? Only VW uses diesels in WTCC via Seat.

          • viper says:

            Ill have to ask them

          • Doug says:

            wazon, can you explain more about this fuel-burning limitation? I’ve been wondering why this is.

          • wazon8 says:

            @Doug, diesels are so-called self-ignition engines. In practice it consits on making a huge pressure in a cylinder up to the point the mix of diesel and air self-ignite due to very high temperature of air in cylinder. But the problem with this is that too high speed of piston in cylinder lowers the pressure in cylinder, it makes only a specyfic volume of gas higher. Hence diesels cannot have too high rev. speed, because burning process specyfic to them wouldn’t take place at all. In pethrol engines, there is an exterior source of spark which ignites the mix of pethrol and air. Engine needs not to gain so high volume of pressure in order to burn the mix and thanks to this mix can be burned faster and engine can rev. higher.

          • Doug says:

            Wazon – I don’t understand why piston speed would lower the pressure inside the cylinder. Do you mean that the high speeds make aspiration of air into the chamber more difficult, thus it is a limitation of air mass and thus pressure? Because I’d think that could be easily overcome with intake tuning or forced-induction.

            The only other thing I can think of is that a piston moving too quickly would create a pressure front ahead of the piston and thus compress and ignite the mixture unevenly. Although, I’m not sure why that would limit RPMs either.

        • Steven Bertz says:

          dude audi is beat they dont even use their own engines for the s8 its lambo gallardo tuned down. id take a bmw with bmw powerplant any day

          • Laszlo says:

            since audi owns lambo its the same… its their engine and its a damn good one.

          • Doug says:

            Do they use the gallardo v10 in the R8? I thought they started to manufacture the V10s themselves – there was some discussion of them reusing their existing tool set + process from their V8s.

            And… I disagree that it’s the same… audi and lamborghini are different companies and though they may share parts, audi engineering cannot compete with a company like lambo that has been making performance-at-all-costs v12 engines for 40+ years.

    • Steven Bertz says:

      dude sounds like your dealers are not in theloop ridgefield bmw in ct the dealers say both the x5m and x6m are on the way

    • Mateo says:

      i don’t get people like you, everyday sallon with 500+ hp, who needs that????? Nobody, you buy 530d and your OK. ///M5 is something MORE and you dont care about fuel

  4. Doug says:

    I recall from the cutaway of the V8 that it already had 2 twin-scroll turbos and the comprehensive manifold. How is this the M engine different?

    (btw, Horatiu, google found that image at this link but pointing to your site

  5. n8n says:

    Normally it should produce about 450HP, and in “M” mode should have at least 600HP!!! :D Then it would beat Audi RS6!!!! It’s my dream… :>

  6. Nizer says:

    No thanks. Lose the weight and give me a 400hp inline six M5 please.

  7. Hw696402 says:

    I’s little looking forward the BMW M5. But need to earn money quickly now.Do bussiness on sporting goods is a good investment, such as open a golf shop to sell new golf clubs

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