Rumor: BMW X4 to show up in 2012?

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From out of left field comes a new rumor in the BMW world and one that took us by surprise. The “most of the time” …

From out of left field comes a new rumor in the BMW world and one that took us by surprise. The “most of the time” credible InsideLine reports that BMW is hard at work on a new X-model, BMW X4.

Labeled as a smaller version of the X6, the BMW X4 would be sold alongside the new X3, with a clear differentiation as between the X5 and X6.

BMW sources told InsideLine that the X4 would share most hardware and interior parts with the X3. The rumors around a possible X4 model began to appear in 2008 when we reported that BMW was considering an X4 SAS, short for Sports Activity Sedan. Same as the latest rumors, the BMW X4 would have been based on the X3 model and it will be exclusively build at the Spartanburg plant in South Carolina.

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But at that time, our sources mentioned the BMW X4 SAS as being is in fact a four door off-road sedan, placed somewhere in the crossover market. Furthermore, we mentioned that the X4 will be released in an all wheel-drive and rear-wheel-drive variants.

And back in April, another BMW source told Autocar in reference to the X4 that “We haven’t made any firm decision, however, the X6’s success shows there is a continued demand for sporty off-roaders.”

The following question arises though: is there a need for an X4 in the current line-up and even market conditions?

Could the X4 model be a sporty vehicle that focuses mostly on performance and less on utility, at a lower price than the X6?

[Source: InsideLine ]

An older rendering of the BMW X4

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31 responses to “Rumor: BMW X4 to show up in 2012?”

  1. Ted Spahr says:

    Why can’t we just call them the X5GT and the X3GT instead of making up whole new things….

  2. Weber says:

    Come on, people. No more x- series. U have enough. X4 is too much…

  3. Weber says:

    And x4 is as ugly as hell. It looks like a ford…

    • Squelch says:

      That rendering is a Ford Kuga with X6 bits on it. I bloody hate renderings when they use so little imagination.

  4. Vaybach Khan says:

    well i would like to see x4 smaller x6 …but when u think that we are waiting for 3gt with x1 ,3series touring its a bunch of similar cars…but its still good story if they make it a different vehicle…well true enthusiast cant complain on more products especially if its the niche product and all new segment…

  5. Artmic says:

    like i said before, what is next BMW? a stinking BUS? how about a sports car instead of these idiotic SUV things.

    • wazon8 says:

      What do you actually expect? What kind of sport car do you need? Take a look at their sport’s car palette: upcoming 135M, M3, M3 GTS, M5, M6, X5M, X6M. One can consider IS models as sport cars eighter. I would understand your complains if they stoped making sport cars, but – contrary – it seems that more and more BMW’s sport cars are at horizon: GC which most likely will get a M version, VED, brand new roadster concept, new M5 is under tesing. If you expect supercar, the only question is why should BMW create a non-profitable car during financial crisis? And taking under consideration the success of X6, X4 will most likely provide great profits, which is what BMW needs right now.

      • sash says:

        For example new 8 series – a competitor for audi R8.
        They also can create 4, 2, 9 series, Z2 and other Z-s.
        Make 6 GT finally.
        What’s wrong in having more choice in design for buyers even if engines are the same?

        • viper says:

          check. and your dreams will come true….
          bmw is following the same path by very slow speed…by the year 2057 bmw will have all of those cars as you said in their catalouge. by that time we will be too old for bmw z-s and 6ers gts whatevers…

          • wazon8 says:

            Viper, you’re so funny. We should straight some things: in most cases, BMW is ahead of MB in introducing new kind of cars into the market: years ago they made sport sedan based cars: M3 and M5 before MB even recognized that people need such thing, more recently they created X3, which had no rival in MB’s palette and after some time MB finally provided GLK, then X6 appeared which still finds no rival in MB’s palette, similar goes for 5GT (MB is on the phase of checking reactions on their CSL Shooting Braking Concept, whereas BMW sell their existing cars), X1 (once again – only concepts against existing thing). MB had only one car that created new segment – CSL; one against four bimmer’s cars recently introduced on a market. Just take the palette you mentioned:
            MB – BMW
            A-class – thanks God nothing!
            B-class – thanks God nothing!
            nothing – 1 hatcback
            nothing – 1-er coupe
            nothing – 1-er convertible
            C-class sedan/wagon – 3-er sedan/wagon
            CLC-class – 3-er coupe
            nothing – 3-er convertible
            E-class sedan/wagon – 5-er sedan/wagon
            E-class coupe – 6-er coupe
            E-class convertible – 6-er convertible
            SLK – Z4
            CLS – nothing
            CL – nothing
            S-class – 7-er
            SL – nothing
            nothing – X1
            GLK – X3
            M-class – X5
            nothing – X6
            GL-class – thanks god nothing (BMW is not here for creating huge and clumsy cars!);
            SLS – nothing.

            It doesn’t look as if BMW was around 50 years behind MB, does it? There are gaps from both sides. Fortunately, BMW turned on green light for number of concepts: 135M (nothing against it in MB’s palette), VED, GC, ultimate roadster (perhaps badged as Z9), X4, Z2 (no about something like this from MB), 3 GT, 6 GT (same story 2 times) and the last of them is supposed to appear in 2014. Maybe my math is wrong, but it’s 4 years not 47 years. Right?

        • wazon8 says:

          8 series won’t be R8 rival, since this car wasn’t even TWO sits sport car. Nevertheless, as far as I know (from this site) BMW is testing smaller platform for roadster using Z4 body and perhaps it gonna be Z2’s platform. 6GT seems to be seriously consider and it’s not clear whether some variant of GC will play its role. As for 2 and 4 series I event can’t imagine what is the car between 1-er and 3-er point of spending millions on cars that would steel some sell numbers from 3-er (2 series case) or 5-er (4 series case)? But interesting thing is how do you imagine 9 series? With which cars would it compete? Taking some terminology fixed, it wouldn’t be supercar, since that can be only badged as BMW M1.

          • viper says:

            I disagree with all. we live right now , not tomorrow , if I want a huge coupe or or a 4door coupe or a supercar or an elegant sedan I will choose MB , not BMW.although I am a fan of both.

          • viper says:

            also waz…Ive red some interesting comparisons in autobild.

            1er vs alfa giulietta…(a clear winner is alfa , advantages: powerful 1.4turbo 170hp 250Nm , comfy interior , she is faster , she’s got it all.)
            1er 120i 2.0 170hp advantages: nice handling and….thats pretty much it , lacks power , lacks torque , heavier , slower , comfort? a big NO. …(now Im thinking wow alfa does it again and slaps bmw )(how cool is that?!)


            brand new AUDI A8 4.2 FSI vs 750i

            this is what they said:
            can AUDI really do it? Yes it can with new A8 and why? because , its perfection is becoming boring (although it looks like oversized a4 from behind , but a4 is great looking car anyway so…)
            engine vs engine BMW is a clear winner here , twin turbo vs natural audi V8…lacks plenty of torque here…but it aint slower , because of its aluminium constuction and is less than 2 tons. vs 250kg more…bmw has no side airbags on the back..thats very painful for this kind of car…audi 11.4liter per 100km and bmw 14 , something…..thats 3 liters…interior clearly better in audi , the seats are better , everything looks better like it was designed in Italy , dont be mistaken bmw own here too , they are both really really great cars , full of features and technology , its a matter of taste here , but have in mind that audi comes a little bit cheaper here and is spends much less fuel than bmw , also is more sleek and better looking and good 7cm longer , 2 cm lower and 5cm wider which is HUGE in a car….
            Normally I would pick BMW here because of the engine but then again later I would be kicking myself in the head for buying bmw when I liked the looks and beauty of A8 , so Im sober , clear minded right now although a fan of bmw , I would chose AUDI A8 in a heart beat. and would NOT regret it , I bet.

          • wazon8 says:

            Viper, right now you’ve proved that you know shit about cars. Alfa Romeo belongs to a distinctive class of the most unreliable cars. The milage of this 1.4 170hp has to be so poor, that no reasonable man would be interested in buying this car, not mentioning about taking it over 120i. There is such saying in Europe “One buys Alfa with heart, not with reason”. This ureliability is a main reason why Alfa is not sold at U.S. market. In 70-ties or 80-ties U.S. customers just stoped buying Alfa and Fiat, because of this. You’ve got even problems with comparing files indexes eighter: 120i has 7,7 sec. to 100km/h, whereas Alfa you mentioned 7,8 sec., so the last one is not faster. It’s not even more powerful as you maintain. There is no turgo lag in BMW eighter.

            As for A8, this car is the most boring thing that appeared this year! It has the same exterior desing as previous model! Interior is a matter of teste and prefer BMW’s minimalism, since in most cases it looks more fresh after few years, whereas fussy design becomes rather outdated. In Europe so many people are under influence of propaganda that Italian cars, especially Alfa Romeo, are of so great design, the same craps were repeated over and over in 80’s, 90’s. And right now when one takes this apparently great Alfa’s designs from 80 and 90-ties, their cars you so oudated when compare with for example BMW e34 or e36, which looks old, but still cool on the other hand. Alfa looks old and only old. You will recognize in few years that the same will go for A8’s exterior. As for your talk about engines comparision of A8 and 7-er, one can put it among non-factive stories, you talk as if it was reasonably to compare egines providing performance from the other levels. A8 4,2 FSi is closer to 740i than to 750i, so it’s senseless to expect from car with a way greater performance to consume less fuel! I am really bored from explaining all these stuffs to you. Better start to drive more cars, before you will talk about them. BTW, have you ever been an owner of Alfa?

          • viper says:

            man I dont know what kind of sick f. you are but this is stupid. me talking to you? Im on much much higher level than you wazon , Jesus listen to ur self , are you high? go grab a shake or something and clear your head BOOOOOOOY before talking (what?) again. xeah I did own alfa , it was 166 , a car is a space ship compared to 5er , its so ridiculous to even compare german audi or bmw to alfa..Hell even Clarkson agrees with that fact , alfa 166 really is something , its a real joy. outside – inside and under the hood. Alfa 159 is a dream car , the design is like 95 times better than bmw , you can see people turning heads when Alfa is going , you will not see anyone turn heads on 3er , 5er or even 7er..
            the seats and interior of my alfa was something I will NEVER EVER have anymore in any other car , except maybe if I buy myself a MAYBACH or something , the handling was stunning wazon , stunning , you dont need any esp with this car , its just ridiculous how stable it was….some day I will buy alfa again…

            back on AUDI. I have never heard anyone say anything bad about A8 or even worse something about new A8. even the previous model looked more appealing than current bmw 7 series. the style , the perfection , the beauty , that interior is so amazing (every bmw boring) , the real joy is to drive it at night. it looks like ENTERPRISE SHIP. and it drives very well and fast (your bmw , like who needs all that power and perfect perfect handling) Ive said it million times and Ill say it again , bmw is just a machine , and handling. nothing else. the car is tasteless and boring on long rides. that simple. my opinion . My Merc feels better to drive and Ive never heard the opposite , like someone saying my bmw feels and drives better than your car , or your alfa looks like shit , my bmw looks better , yeah , Ive got sharp handling or rwd….bullshit , I dont need that , Ive had it , and Ive had enough of it (bmw) bmw , a kids car , but not every kid drives a bmw , not me , in fact I was a baby when I had it. you see wazon you really know nothing about cars.

  6. james may says:

    the car in the photo is a rendering webber dumb dumb i bet you ugly as hell. I really dont understand people that love BMW AG but dont wont to see them grow. They think BMW should only make cars they like. If it were down to some they would only be making motor bikes with boxer twins. BMW dont move with the time they set the time. It makes sense to build an x4. the car will appeal to different people but they wont have to do much to the x3 to make it. I can see m versions aswell. And Whats wrong with calling the x6 the x6 instead of the x5 gt. some people moan about anything lol is the x6 more set up for grand touring no its not it has less room then the x5. where as the 5 gt is bigger then the 5.

    • wazon8 says:

      +1. If BMW was following the opinions of numbers of their enthusiasts, perhaps it would be sold out right now.

  7. kenee says:

    It is great to see the GT influence at work. I predicted that we would soon have a X series GT and I guess this appears to be it.

  8. viper says:

    50% I think is Bull….
    1% I think is like Ok they are trying hard to make a descent rival for audi and merc.
    49% I think knowing bmw – Nah.never comes to most

  9. JL says:

    this looks like a cross between an x6 and a hyundai ix35

  10. bob says:

    It might be nice if it has more of Chris Chapman’s X Coupe concept to it, than just a fastback version of the F25, a la E71 vis-a-vis E70.

  11. efoza says:

    This has the 5 GT design lines. With 3 GT, 6 GT on the way, it is only right for their to be a X GT. The GT design is the ultimate recent acheivement from BMW and they are now appearing to want to maximise its success.

  12. viper says:


    bmw gran coupe GOING INTO SERIES PRODUCTION 2012.

    CONFIRMED BY BMW. there you go CLS …this will be easy.

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