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Richard Aucock recently published an interesting comparison between two unusual rivals: MINI and Nissan. The latest model coming out of the Oxford’s plant, Countryman, is …

Richard Aucock recently published an interesting comparison between two unusual rivals: MINI and Nissan. The latest model coming out of the Oxford’s plant, Countryman, is already shaping up as being a strong contender in the small crossover segment, a segment that many believe is yet to be clearly defined.

Sporting a higher ride height and combining elements from previous MINI models, the Countryman is unique in its own way. Despite initial expected criticism around brand dilution and what MINI stands for, recent reviews and driving experiences have managed to change the perception of this new MINI model.

And so it seems that MINI is not the only one to fully take on this new market. The Japanese automaker Nissan has their own up the sleeve: Nissan Juke. In a recent report by Automobile Magazine, Nissan described the Juke as being “designed for “aggressive attention-seekers,” or in other words, youngish dudes who would normally be scouring Craigslist ads for a four-year old BMW 3-series, or an old Z, or perhaps a used Maxima.”

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Well, it seems like they discarded the real competitors who beside MINI, come from Suzuki’s SX4 or Mitsubishi’s Outlander Sport.

So, let’s jump into the short analytical report by Aucock and his take on what the two models stand for.

MINI is going head to head with Nissan this autumn as an all new car sector fast hots up.

The small crossover market is one both makers hope will bring big sales gains for them – but the route to entry for both has been rather different.

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MINI, of course, stokes the most controversy. This is the biggest MINI ever, the first 5-door, the closest a MINI has ever got to the 4 metre long threshold.

Nissan, though, is coming at it from the other way. It’s enjoyed amazing success with the fine Qashqai family crossover; now it’s bringing similar thinking down to the supermini market.

In the Juke and the Countryman, the two firms meet at last. Yup, it’s the first time a Nissan has ever eyeballed a MINI!

It’s a significant meet in two ways – one, in showing the desire of BMW Group to win extra sales volume for MINI, further strengthening its future. But, two, it is also a measure of how the Nissan brand has come on from its Almera-riddled past.


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10 responses to “MINI eyes on Nissan Juke”

  1. michael says:

    I’m sorry but the Juke is just ugly
    I can’t really imagine there’d be that much of a market for it (I could also be completely wrong)

  2. Thejukeclub says:

    The juke is certainly testing some new ground, but I think there will be enough young people who like it that it will sell. The countryman will probably sell for 10K more than the juke. If you like the car is following the car and has new posts almost every day.

  3. Fratz says:

    juke is probably the ugliest car in the world….it shouldnt be even our concern to think about the people who likes it.

  4. David says:

    Comparing a BMW Product to a Nissan? (Excl. GTR) Dude, are you f*cking shitting me?

  5. X5SoB says:

    You know, the Nissan March is roughly the same category as the Cooper, so this isn’t the first time that “a Nissan has eyeballed a MINI”…

  6. Thanks for the comments, guys! I’m thinking with my twin test hat on here – and reckon both makers could be onto something with this pair. Having driven the Countryman in Austria, it really does rock on first acquaintance… can’t wait to drive it more.

    ALL4 appears to be SERIOUSLY cool. Think xDrive on a MINI!.


  7. JL says:

    another rival would be the skoda yeti

  8. Amit Ahuja says:

    the red one is quite a hot chick for me….love that undefined shape

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