EVO Magazine reviews the 2010 BMW 530d

5-series | June 3rd, 2010 by 22
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EVO Magazine, one of the most respectable automotive magazines, publishes their thoughts on the new 2010 BMW 5 Series. The model of choice, the top …

EVO Magazine, one of the most respectable automotive magazines, publishes their thoughts on the new 2010 BMW 5 Series. The model of choice, the top diesel seller for BMW, 530d.

While we got accustomed to seeing favorable reviews on the new 5 Series, this time, we have the chance of reading about some less positive aspects, as outlined by EVO.

If the engine gets the usual “fantastic” adjective associated with it, the chassis takes a beating.

“The engine is as fantastic as you would expect. BMW has long produced brilliant diesel powerplants (a 330d was the first diesel ever to make it into an eCoty contest) and it pulls as smoothly and cleanly as ever.”

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To back-up their statements, EVO gets into more details.

“The chassis is less impressive, however. This particular car has the basic 5 Series set up with standard passive dampers and unfortunately it feels like the compromise that it is. Grip is good and you can get a decently relaxed flow going down a smooth road, but over bumps there is a thumpiness and wallow that certainly doesn’t smack of ‘The Ultimate Driving Machine’. The speed-sensitive steering doesn’t have any feel either, which exacerbates the feeling of piloting a very big car (which it is) with slightly hard-to-place extremities. As Ollie said ‘it feels and behaves more like a 7-Series’.

It would seem that you need to spec the optional £965 adaptive dampers, and possibly add an extra £1255 for the adaptive anti-roll bars too, to make the 5-Series drive as you would wish.”

The conclusion is what we would expect from an  UK-based magazine, and that is a direct comparison to the Jaguar  brand and their XF competitor.

“At £37,100 for a completely un-optioned 530d SE the BMW is sitting squarely in Jaguar XF territory. For £37,730 you could have a 271bhp XF Diesel S. You can see how it fared against the last generation 5 Series here. And unfortunately for BMW the Jaguar is the more desirable, quicker, more dynamic and more pleasurable car. The only place the BMW wins is on economy and CO2 output.”

Fair enough, but we certainly look forward to more head-to-head comparisons against the Jaguar and the other classic competitors, Mercedes and Audi.

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22 responses to “EVO Magazine reviews the 2010 BMW 530d”

  1. Auday says:

    The active steering never worked in any BMW before so that’s not new, and the 530d with no options is not necessarily a bench mark for the 5.
    I would like to see EVO (which IMO is the best and most objective magazine) try the 535i or the 550i.

  2. paul says:

    its funny cause i had this same discussion with someone on this forum a few weeks ago and what can I say… TOLD YA!!!!!!!
    And a friend of mine pick his Jag last week a agree with the review…except on the interior part. i think the bimmers is far better. the ventilation things opening and the gearbox thing rising are just tacky. adn the interior is bland compared to the bimmer.

  3. wazon8 says:

    @paul, you have talked with me about this issue and I aked you to provide a single non-british magazine which favours XF over new 5-er. Well, EVO is not such a magazine.

    Sorry, but I tend to put this review between other non-factive stories and that’s why:
    1. They claim that XF 3.0litre diesel is fatser than 530d and the question is: how in the world can a car that has 7,1 sec. to 100km/h be faster than car that has 6,3 sec. to 100km/h?! Perhaps such things happen in some impossible world, but not in our. Yaep, this is a great example of their objectivity (sic!);
    2. I would like to hear more about their method of assessing a chassiss. One thing is pretty clear, 5-er has higher slalom speed and better skipad and I know that because 5GT has higher slalom speed and better skipad than XF and 5-er can be only better due to lower center of gravity. Then the question is: what is so special about XF’s chassiss that it’s better than the chassiss of 5-er despite achieving lower slalom speed and worse skipad? This article tells nothing in order to explain this issue.

    When it comes to objectvity, I prefer to watch Edmund Inside Line reviews. They provide all objective data (acceleration, slalom speed, braking lenght and skipad) one need to assess driving features of the car (only pleasure of driving not alwyas can be derive from them) and if they make any kind of opinion about tested car, they refer to those data.

    • wazon8 says:

      Sorry, small correction: they referred to XF 3.0 diesel S, which has 6,4 sec. to 100km/h, but it’s still hard to call this faster than 530d. At best it’s equally fast!

  4. kenee says:

    I think this review unfortunately confirms that I am not the only person who thinks that the new 5 Series is a boring car. In fact the only one worth having is the 5 GT as it is great to drive and also to be driven in. No wonder the sales of the GT are extremely high. Perhaps BMW miscalculated or perhaps this was the intent. I.e to come up with a boring normal 5 series and then win on the originality and greatness of the GT in its unique position in the market.

    I would say that if anyone wants the new 5, the should only go for the GT and scarp the ordinary and very boring new 5. Sorry, as much as it hurts me to say all this, it is unfortunately the truth. The new 5 er is just not a class leader, which is a big shame given the abilities of BMW to come up with great cars like they have with the GT.

    • sam says:

      Kenee, I wonder whats so good about GT that the sedan doesnt have?I am being honest as I loved the GT untill I saw it in person.

      • kenee says:

        Sam, It drives better. It feels better. It competes with other modern cars and does not look tired like the current Sedan which just looks too boring and dated already. I am not sure which colour you have seen but on the GT the colour makes a huge difference on the appearance of the car. I agree that the look is not for everyone but the drive and the comfort and sense of engineering greatness is most certainly for everyone.

        Test drive one and you will know what I mean.

  5. kcsnyud says:

    The british people are just biased about their junk…

  6. paul says:

    as for wazon8…u obviously made up your mind…u remind me of Bush Junior and the WMD in Iraque. anyway all i can say is I have tried both cars and i can tell u that the XF is better…and keep in mind im biased…i have 4 BMW’s at home!!!!!!!!!!!

    • wazon8 says:

      I’ve tried both cars eighter, but honestly I haven’t much opportunity to push 530d, so I suspend my judgement. My questions were pretty simple and I read automative magazine in order to get an explaination of some issues that are puzzling for me. This is what EVO didn’t provide. Do you have any idea why they didn’t explain what is so special about XF’s chassiss and don’t you find it a bit puzzling that they call it better (interesting in what sense) despite achievement of worse results that are in most cases the basis for assessing whether a given chassiss is good or not? I find it puzzling and expected explanation which hadn’t come from this review. What is so bad about this attitude? There are two further facts eigher. First is that most of reviews coming form all around the world put 5-er in favour of XF and any other car in its class. Why is that? Are they biased toward BMW or what? Even if they are, they mask it a way better than EVO’s journalists did. It’s really hard to find article where clearly false statements are made and unfortunately it happened in this one. After reading it I should be concived that 530d is slower than XF 3.0d S and is it? So, why did they provide me a false info? Second: they didn’t event spend a second on considering whether XF 3.0d S is rival of 530d or of upcoming 535d. Which car – after a realese of the last car – will they consider as its rival from Jag’s side? XF 5.0?

      • Auday says:

        did you guys actually read the article?

        they are talking about this -specific- 5, not the new 5 in general. And they said it does have a grip but it’s too compromised due to the lack of the adaptive dampers which seems to be the options the chassis was designed around.

        And finally they are saying Speed Sensitive Steering doesn’t have any feel, which is a huge problem and I’m hoping it’s just an option that you could go without. IMO what makes a BMW a BMW is the chassis feedback before anything else and the steering wheel feel is the core of this. when I drove the first Active steering cars my comment was “this doesn’t feel like a BMW”. I haven’t tried the new 5 yet, but if the speed sensitive steering is a standard and it feels they way they said then it’s a disappointment for sure.

  7. Shincai says:

    Put that Jag against the 535d.
    535d beats the shit out of it at everything.

  8. kenee says:

    I don’t think the idea is to compare who beats who. The idea is that the Jag just looks like a modern advancement; where as the 5er just does not. The Jag feels like a powerful and sporty car the 5 er does not.

    Its a shame that the 5er is being knocked down by the likes of Jag who generally make rubish cars. Perhaps it should be lesson for BMW to wake up and listen to those who remind it of its past history of greatness. Until then, we just have to put up with this boring 5 er or opt for the great 5 GT.

    • kcsnyud says:

      It used to be a fight between bmw and mercedes for 1st. Cos of the jag, mercedes was knocked out of the race. So was audi. So it’s pretty much now bmw vs jag for 1st… But I think bmw will win cos the old 5er beat the new xf in motortrend’s feburary 2010 comparison. Check it out.

      • kcsnyud says:

        And how come is the 5er gt sittin on dealer lots while the 5er preorders have exceeded expectations? Hmmm….

  9. efoza says:

    i agree with Kenee

  10. paul says:

    Kenee coudnt have said it better…the truth is Jag, and most automakers, use bmw as the reference and jaguar did a brilliant job at coping the very best out of the previous 5 ser and refining what needed to be refined. so much so they made a better car than the new 5 ser…what i didnt like in the new 530d – the one I tested – was the amount of body roll and surprising the oversteer on it, but even worse is that electric steering…something the jag is more composed on those departments when i tested my friends XF. And its slightly more comfortable too. obviously all this could be a matter of taste but for my part I would pick a XF over a 530d every time…now the 535d with all the dampers and expensive extras that aid the chassis might be a different story but then I would be almost in M3 territory price wise.

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