BMW M boss confirms the upcoming BMW 1M

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For the first time since the rumors and spy photos hit the web, BMW officially confirms the existence of the upcoming BMW 1M, or M1 …

For the first time since the rumors and spy photos hit the web, BMW officially confirms the existence of the upcoming BMW 1M, or M1 as we referred to in the past. In an interview with (Google Translation), Dr. Kay Segler, BMW M Division boss, confirms that the 1-Series based M model will arrive in the second quarter of 2011.

While he went on record to confirm the new M car, Segler has yet to reveal the chosen name of this enthusiast M model. Furthermore, Segler mentioned that the M1 badging will not be used for this new car, and that the designation M1 should remain attached to the original M1 supercar produced in 30 years ago.

The German magazine goes on by mentioning the name 135i M, a label that we have suggested before as well. Based on these information, we continue to believe that the top two choices remain the 1M and the aforementioned 135i M.

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Rendering by Jon Sibal and LeftLaneNews

As we stated before, the 1M model is based on the 135i Coupe and it uses an updated engine of the same car. Expectations are that the horsepower numbers will be in the 340-350 range, up from 306 horsepower found in the standard engine.

The 1-Series based M car will run in small numbers due to the short life-cycle(around 12 months), and will result in a collector’s vehicle with little loss of residual value, or even, possibly becoming an appreciative asset.

With a launch scheduled for second quarter of 2011, we expect the gran unveiling to take place either at Detroit Auto Show next year (U.S. market remains the primarily target for M division), or at the Geneva Motor Show with the other major M release, F10 M5.

20 responses to “BMW M boss confirms the upcoming BMW 1M”

  1. Hantra says:

    I don’t think they really need a name. Just bring the car out with an M badge. Leave off the 135i.

    If not, it’ll end up being a 135i M SDrive 35i Insert Ghey Longass Acronyms Here.

  2. EMPOWER says:

    U.S. market remains the primarily target for M division, lol thats why you did not get the e46 csl and the m3 gts. i think it would be its home market were they get to drive the car to its limit not drive at 55mph.

  3. BimmerBoost says:

    Siegler’s comments echo the statements I wrote here:

    M1 belongs on the supercar, period.

    • Steven Bertz says:

      i had a lengthy discussion with you via email in which you claimed that this very car would not be an m at any point forget the m1 or just forget the 1 part its an M car verified there will be another bmw supercar eventually but stop comparing the two its an irrelevant comparison between two very different cars. this is simply an ///M roadster revamped in a 1 body style from the motorsport division not a super car. BIMMERBOOST FTL

  4. I agreed just badge it with an M….

  5. JImmy says:

    Waiting for viper to come and say, “there will be no M…”,
    anyway, I’m looking forward to it and the rumored GTS version of it.
    And the fact that this engine will be in the next gen M3 as well.
    Hopefully for this 1 series M, it will have a 0-60 time of about 4.4-4.5 secs, and be a handling monster.

  6. EMPOWER says:

    i want this thing to be faster then the m3 with a price tag to match.

  7. Steven Bertz says:

    motorsport is only doing this to take publicity from audi

  8. JImmy says:

    Empower, that makes no sense. One, BMW would not makes this car faster than the M3, it may outhandle it, but not be faster. And two, you want the price to match? There is no business case for 60-70k 1 series M, nada. It may cost roughly 10k more than the 135i, but 20k more, you are out of your mind.

  9. Ted Spahr says:

    The M Coupe and M Roadsters just have the ///M badge. So it’s not like BMW haven’t done it before. I’m just glad to hear that they won’t be using M1.

    However, I still think 135tii would still be a great name.

  10. Jimmy says:

    @Ted Spahr, the last M Coupe and Roadsters were aso known as the Z4M as well. We don’t know what it will be called, but it will a M car, that is for sure.

  11. Anthony M. says:

    It should be M135i similar to the old M635 CSi

    • Hantra says:

      BAAAAAAAAAAM! You hit it on the head!

      THAT’S the solution. 135csi!!!!!!!!

      Too bad they’re not listening to us. ;-)

      • Ted Spahr says:

        No No No, should be called the 135tii, like the old 2002tii… But they will certainly not listen to me even more then not listening to you lol

  12. 100$ GUY says:

    For me, there was no way this car should have been called the M1.
    And now it makes sense to the BMW executives.
    Thats cool.

  13. Plamen says:

    Guys let’s not argue about this ..we all know it’s going to be 1 series M:)

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