What the future will bring for the MINI brand – New Models in the pipeline

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Same fearless and knowledgeable BMW insider Scott27 gives us a glance into MINI’s future and how the brand will develop as we move forward. With …

Same fearless and knowledgeable BMW insider Scott27 gives us a glance into MINI’s future and how the brand will develop as we move forward. With the introduction of MINI Countryman and earlier, the “twins” Coupe and Roadster, MINI’s design move into a new direction, a dream project for designers as Soctt27 refers to.

Without any further ado, let’s have a look.

“With the launch cycle of the excellent new addition Countryman, attention moves towards the next MINI and BMW’s move to officially turn MINI into a brand.

The first examples, of course, are the Countryman and the forthcoming Coupe and Roadster. All three models will feature separate design details to distinguish the cars from the forthcoming 3rd generation MINI.

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The MINI Coupe and Roadster are quickly developed off the R56 platform and are being rushed to production as we speak. The next generation Coupe and Roadster become an entirely different model which is a dream project for the designers to enhance the look and turn them into a proper pair of individual Sports cars.

Although the designs are in the process of being commenced, the idea is to utilize a completely different appearance from the next generation hatch and add some interesting details, same as the Countryman is not just a five door MINI.

With the Coupe staying , the Roadster is expected to be replaced by a more raked version that shares nothing with the Cabrio. Conceived as the MINI Spyder, this MINI will be more sporty looking than the Roadster. There are rumors of using the modular platform which BMW will share with MINI to make the future Coupe and Spyder mid-engined, but for now this is simply coffee-shop talk.

The Countryman which is already attracting interest, especially with its exciting concept that appeals to the MINI owner or would-be MINI owner looking for more flexibility and space. Official pre-orders are numerous ahead of the September launch.

Of course the car that previewed the Concept, “The Beachcomber”  is one direction to expand the Countryman range.

There is however, a different opinion that such a Concept placed into production, would not be popular, especially in parts of the world where the sun does not shine (as often). The offer to reshape the Beachcomber in something more accessible is put forward,  a three-door model  using the sloping rear end as demonstrated by the Concept or something more coupe like and with removable roof panels. Conventional doors will have to stay due to side impact protection, but a Targa type t-bar could split the passenger cabin,

This MINI variant would be more urbanic than the Beachcomber, but have more of the spirit of the MOKE, especially in size and idea. It would use a variation on the Countryman theme – a MINI Urban Activity Coupe.

As with each generation MINIs become slightly bigger than before,so now the time has come to invest in qualities of scale with BMW’s Mega City family, and introduce a MINI that is smaller and more tuned like the original.

Unfortunately, some elements of the MINI cannot be interpreted due to the need for safety requirements and other areas of legislation.

The idea is to use the design ideas of MINI on a much smaller concept than the current MINI – a small City Car Project.

The use of combining resources with the MegaCity projects will allow greater use of technology, engines and the latest modular platforms, therefore it will also be cost effective and generate profits.

This MINI could also use technology from BMW’s Motorrad division.

The in house decision on shared modular platforms across MINI and BMW, have forecast significant profit returns, and this is why there is a huge emphasis on the BMW Mega City Project and compact platforms that will spin off many exciting new concepts.

Whether the new MINI will be called either “Minor”, MIN-i or even MINI-missimo, is unknown at this time because the idea is in competition in BMW’s design studios across the world.

MINI City Car Project
MINI 3rd Generation Hatch
MINI 3rd Generation Cabrio

MINI Clubman
MINI SpaceBox (Progressive ACTIVITY MINI)

MINI Countryman
MINI Countryman / MOKE (Beachcomber)

MINI Coupe
MINI Spyder

[Photo Credit: Leo Nilva ]