Renderings: 2012 BMW 1 Series Hatchback and new information

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Update: A source close to the company mentions that the 1 Series and 3 Series will continue down the path of rear-wheel drive platforms and …

Update: A source close to the company mentions that the 1 Series and 3 Series will continue down the path of rear-wheel drive platforms and at this moment, it is unclear what naming convention will any future front-wheel drive models carry. Any news around a 1 Series FWD are speculative at the moment.

Next year, BMW will unveil their new generation 1 Series. Built under the codename F20, the 2012 BMW 1 Series will first launch in a hatchback variant. The new BMW 1 Series hatchback model will feature a slightly longer wheelbase and wider track than the current model.

It will be available in three and five door variants with both models using the new modular/expendable platform. The backbone of these models was designed especially for this purpose so every model can have a variation backbone, simply be moving suspension points and firewalls to areas that will benefit each vehicle. Corroborated with more parts sharing, this new approach will allow BMW to reduce even more the production costs.

The three and five-door hatch will only be available in Europe, but coupe and convertible variants will make their way onto the U.S. soil.
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Rendering by Automobile Magazine

Starting in 2013, BMW will add two more 1 Series variants to their line-up, and rumors around a front-wheel drive, and even xDrive, continue to surface monthly. To generate enough volume, BMW will link its FWD/AWD newcomers to the third-edition MINI, which happens to debut almost simultaneously.

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Rendering by Automarket

The following year, BMW plants to introduce a Gran Turismo version of the new 1 Series. Dubbed 1 Series GT, the new model will be a 5-door vehicle, a mix between a hatch, wagon and sedan. 1 GT will be 2 inches (5cm) longer than the 3-door and 5-door models, but it will sport an unique front-end. To reflect the Gran Turismo design, the 1 GT will have an elevated driving position, as seen in the 5 Gran Turismo. Inside, the 1 Series GT should provide an alternative between two individual rear seats separated by a central console or the classic rear seats setup.

Its fastback body follows the tone set by the 5-series Gran Turismo and upcoming 3-series GT due in 2013.

Starting in 2013, however, BMW will add two more 1-series variants, this time with a choice of front- or all-wheel drive, thereby following a recipe chosen by Audi for the A3 and by Mercedes for the next A-/B-class. For enhanced synergy effects, even the body styles offered by the two brands are closely related. There’s a , and a fastback BMW that shares its vehicle structure with next Mini Clubman.

But an interesting report comes today from the fellows over at Automobile Magazine. Along with the above renderings, Automobile Magazine launches an hypothesis of even more 1 Series variants. One of them, a high-roof 1-series model, for instance, that relates to the upcoming MiniVan, and it is being referred to as the Compact Activity Tourer (CAT).

“That more pragmatic role will be played by the – relatively – higher-roofed Compact Activity Tourer (CAT). Although CAT is in fact a broad-shouldered low-slung mid-size minivan not unlike the new Opel Meriva, nobody inside BMW calls it that. Instead, SportsCruiser is a possible designation; Family Activity Vehicle (FAV) is another. Like the MiniVan, CAT has four conventionally hinged doors, a flexible seating arrangement, and an extended rear overhang for extra luggage space.”, mentions Automobile Magazine.

Even further, apparently the entire project is still masterminded by BMW, not MINI. The modular matrix is sure to use an independent suspension front and rear, variable-ratio electro-hydraulic steering, a low-friction lightweight version of xDrive (not the Countryman AWD hardware) and a mix of three- and four-cylinder engines.

Our sources indicate that new three and four turbo engines will be used across the 1 Series models, from a 1.3 liter engine with 136 horsepower to a new 1.3-liter turbo powerplant developing 177 horsepower. The gasoline version, dubbed N30, comes in displacements of 1.2 and 1.5 liters with power output of ranging from 70 to 184 horsepower.

At the high-end of the line-up, the 135i will be using the N55 Twin-Scroll engine.

In the diesel segment, a new three-cylinder 1.5 liter N37 engine will have a power output ranging from 110 to 125 horsepower.

The threes-cylinder engines will use about 10 percent less fuel.

A new BMW 1 Series Hatchback Concept is rumored to be unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2011.

2011 BMW 1 Series hatchback

[Renderings by Automobile Magazine and Automarket ]

35 responses to “Renderings: 2012 BMW 1 Series Hatchback and new information”

  1. Ben says:

    If this is the case, why are there rumors about a M1 / 1M coming out next year with the current model? And “Scott26” insists that it is the case? I think “Scott26” is just a person who has a lot of time and likes to pretend to be a BMW insider.

    • Tom says:

      Not uncommon for BMW to overlap sales of an older gen M model with sales of new gen, e.g., E46 M3 (2001-2006) and E90 3-series (2006-present).

      • Jason says:

        yeah, but they don’t release the M model the same year the new generation comes out. I do like the hatch, too bad we didn’t get one in the states. It would really carve a niche for itself, since there are no RWD hatches for sale. You need to go AWD with the R32…but I wouldn’t want to own one without a subscription.

  2. Bryce says:

    “The three and five-door hatch will only be available in Europe…” What a shame. I was really hoping the three-door hatch would make it to the U.S.

    • FreudeKing says:

      Like I said before, if they are concerned about the 1 Series salting BMW’s brand image in the US, then they need to rethink whether their product is up to scratch. The first 1 Series (pre-facelift) was known to have some quality issues regarding the materials used in the interior of the car.

      It is not justifiable to allow BMW to be view in a cheaper way in other countries and prevent products that contribute to such impaired image to enter the US market. If this is what they are thinking, then they shouldn’t be producing such cheap products in the first place. If they think the demand will be low in the US, then, what’s in it for them to import up supply the demand – they son’t make the cars in the US anyway, all they do is ship them in.

      BUT if they are worried that the 1 hatch sales will take away sales from the 1 Coupe or 3 Series within the brand (which I assume to be more profitable), then this decision is justified. So the question is: will you buy the 1 Series hatch instead of the Coupe or 3? or would you buy your wife a VW Golf / Audi A3 if the 1 hatch is not on offer???

  3. Babak says:

    A lot of the information in the referenced report don’t add up. Why on earth would BMW put a 70 horsepower engine into a 1er? 70 horsepower?!?!?!?! That would probably get the car to 100 km/h in only 17.5 seconds. The lowest engine in the current 1er lineup (116i) is a 2.0L petrol with 122 hp and 136 lb-ft torque. It gets to 100km/h in 9.8 seconds. I really don’t think BMW is going to take a step back with that. Maybe just a bit for the sake of fuel efficiency, but not to 70 hp.

    And, they aren’t going to have that many variants. 5dr, 3dr, coupe, cabrio, GT, CAT, FAV. I can see 5 variants happening, but not the last two.

  4. jocamryn says:

    My wife wants one. BUt the US coupe and Cabrio isn’t what she likes. So shortsighted not to bring the 3/5 door hatchback to the US. I think it would TROUNCE the Golf, especially if an “M1” is produced. Is there concern over the other variants cutting into Mini sales?

    GT is horrendeous on the 5er, I’m sure it would be even worse on this entry level bimmer.

  5. n8n says:

    Rendering by Automobile Magazine is very cool, but I don’t like the back lights… reminds me of Skoda Fabia… :| there should be long LED stripes inside, and the shape should be much different than this.

  6. T says:

    @ Ben.
    Read more often and you will see the reasons for the M1 , The Coupe will not be replaced till early 2013. The M powered variant is seen as the “grand finale” The car will be a ltd production , but please remember BMW have done this before the previous Z4M Coupe was only in production for under two years.

    So far the 1er Product line up stands as:
    * Green-lit for production
    – Under evaluation and feasibility process.

    Remember the compact segment is the segment which will account for high growth over the next 10 years. That is why BMW have an ambitious compact onslaught made easier by the fact that MINI and the BMW 3er have been brought into the same platform , backbone matrix.

    Sporthatch 5 dr *
    Sporthatch 3dr *
    Gran Turismo 5dr *
    Gran Turismo Shooting Brake –
    Compactive Sport Tourer 5dr –

    Coupe 2dr *
    Cabrio 2dr *
    Z2 Roadster *
    Z2 Coupe *
    Z2 Mile Miglia (MM) (lower windscreen , split passenger cell) –

    X1 Sport Activity Vehicle *
    X2 Sport Activity Coupe –
    Y1 Activity Roadster –

  7. bmwfan says:

    bmw m5 f10 spy video i came across yesterday on you tube i dont know if it has been uploaded yet on this site

  8. viper says:


    a completley new S class coming 2012. more dynamic , elegant (if thats possible?!) than engines from S250 CDI all the way to S63 AMG…one possible two 4cylndier hybrids.
    a new rear wheel drive technique (?!) and a new 9 speed automatic (?!) ( current 7er has 8speed , aka will look like a yesterday car compared to this)
    new S class aka admiral space ship coming 2012.


    new SLS Black series coming 2012 with well over 600hp.

    plus two more sports cars from Mercedes Benz , to compete with coming (or is it) (nevermind) bmw z2, and audi A1 SPIDER (confirmed).

    • FreudeKing says:

      I can see that you are extremely excited about the coming Merc models. I must say that the S Class has been the traditional favourate for buyers in this market. And when looking at the current 7 Series, which is miles ahead of the current S in terms of techno, design and quality, there is definitely room for the S to improve.

      The 7’s 8 gears will not look like it is from yesteryears just because it has 1 less gear – it seems to me that you are rating the level technological advancements by the number of gears. So if VW comes with a 10 gear VW Golf, will you think it makes the S class look like it’s from yesterday? The aim is whether it is able to get the gearing and transmission right to produce superior performance…. and we will judge this by the efficiency, economy and performance of the car when it comes out. Afterall, this is what transmissions are for. (let me remind you that Merc has not been shining in this section) You can have 20 gears and stil be useless for all I care.

      You (as well as most of the Merc dirver, who are ususally rather aged) tend to misunderstand what a sports car means. The fact that a car has some sporty features does not mean that it is a sports car! This confusion can be seen when you referred the Audi A1 Spider to be a sports car (when it is based on a VW Polo – do you consider a VW polo to be a sports car? I sure hope not.) Another example is the Beatle based design of the TT – also not a sports car at all – aimed for female drivers. A true sports car would be BMW’s M1, Z4, M6, M5, M3, Audi R8.

      But I do agree with you that Merc is an exclusive brand, much higher than the likes of Audi. But at the moment, BMW seems to have the upper hand, especially with interior design and techno advances – leading to greater sales than merc.

      • plaxico says:

        only someone who never drove s class in his life can say something like that….

        btw .that 2nd rendering is so ugly its gonna haunt me in my dreams.

    • Doug says:

      While we’re on matters unrelated to the subject, I’d like to say farewell to Dennis Hopper. Pabst Blue Ribbon!!!

  9. JImmy says:

    So, viper shows his true colors? He says that the M1/1m was a 135iS, and then he talks shit about a BmW Super car, and now he hypes up Mercedes. Sounds like a tell to me

  10. BMfan says:

    Is there no Mercedes Benz blog for the vipers of this world? Honestly am getting sick of viper and his different mutations. What’s the point of hyping up upcoming Merc models on a site meant for BMW fans? I don’t get it.

  11. Jimmy says:

    He’s a troll plain and simple or someone wishing that he owns a BMW or just someone wanting to play the spoiler. Seriously, what does the upcoming S class have to do with the 1 series, a car not even in it’s class?

  12. Joe says:

    Please please bring in the 1 Hatchback but only the 3 door and take back the GT 5r/.

  13. FreudeKing says:


  14. Okeribok says:

    Saab is looking for a partner for the 9-1. Bmw could do worse than go for that and keep their own brand pure rwd/awd.

    • Horatiu B. says:

      I’m confident that BMW can produce a great FWD, but the challenge comes from how they market/label the car

      • FreudeKing says:

        Seeing that BMW have always been against FWD cars and been bashing Audi for being FWD, trying to convince BMW customers and potential customers that RWD is the way to go, here’s an idea:

        “We’ve always believed that RWD was better, but as more and more people flock to buy Audi’s, we thought we might take a chance at offering FWD, afterall, it’s cheaper for us to make. This is our first FWD car in many decades, so we are not sure this is better than Audi, but we stuck a BMW badge on it. So you ought to buy it…. The new BMW 1 Series – Year One of BMW’s FWD to match Audi”

  15. n8n says:

    The red one is pretty :D

  16. Hey Horatiu B. Don’t you idiots know that “Scott26″ is a phony pseudonym for a bunch of losers from the BMW Corporation’s PR and Communications department in Munich ???? Wake up….you are all being fed bits of info to keep you talking about their products. I dont think that’s bad per say – but the problem that I have is that they are doing it anonymously (why ?) and they are doing it on their timetable. What else are they lying about ???!

  17. Vivner says:

    I don’t want to do it, but what choice do I have? My 318ti is the best car I’ve ever had. But it’s 15 years old. I need a new one, and I can’t get a 1 series hatch in the US. I may have to bring a barf bag with me when I go to buy an Audi A3 because I think I will be sick to my stomach.

  18. abdul says:

    One seris looks good I will get one .

  19. Tmatshikiza says:

    Is it possible to buy the 2 door (hatch) 1 series that will only be available in Europe and US? If possible how much will the car cost? Thando

  20. NaBUru38 says:

    The topmost 1er looks amazing. Why are the two generations of the BMW so ugly?

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