Rendering: LeMans Blue F10 BMW M5

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2011 will bring us one of the most exciting BMW M products, the new M5, built on the F10 5 Series platform. BMW M5 test …

2011 will bring us one of the most exciting BMW M products, the new M5, built on the F10 5 Series platform. BMW M5 test mules are currently being tested across Europe and the car is preparing for its early unveiling next year at the Geneva Motor Show. Based on some of these spy photos and the new 5 Series official shots, rendering artists are continuing to produce spectacular computer generated images.

Last one to join the long list of renderings posted by us, is a LeMans Blue model, one of the most popular and exciting exterior colors introduced by BMW. The rendering illustrates the same very M specific design elements seen in previous generations, but also more sculpted lines. Wheel arches are swollen to add some mass on the F10’s athletic body. A side air intake is placed underneath the character line which climaxes at the wheel arch. The side skirts are more sculptured allowing for good aerodynamics. M cars’ tradermark, the M gills, are not forgotten, and they carry over through new models.

As illustrated, the F10 M5 sits lower than the regular 5 Series and due to the wider rear fenders, it sports a more muscular look. To bring it even closer to an M car, the rendering gives us an unique set of M wheels.

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The 2012 BMW M5 is powered by an updated version of the engine found in the twins xDrive Ms, a 4.4-liter V8 twin-scroll powerplant that peaks at 578-horsepower and 530 lb-ft of torque. The M5 will inherit a dual clutch transmission which will be unique to the M5, based upon the 7-Speed transmission currently found in the M3. 8-Speed unit will also be available and will be equipped with a stop-start control.

The 2012 BMW M5 goes on sale in the second half of next year, just months after its March debut in Geneva.

Rendering by 04Alpine325ci of Germancarforum

7 responses to “Rendering: LeMans Blue F10 BMW M5”

  1. bunker says:

    doesn’t look right. the butt looks too big…

  2. sok says:

    It’s looking normal with the side view.
    I don’t like this wheel either.

  3. Josh B says:

    Stunning and i would imagine very close to the real thing!

  4. McKenna Cars says:

    this new 5 series body is beautiful!!!

  5. Sleek Curves says:

    It’s JLo without the proper headlights.

  6. Ираклий Гвилава says:

    please tell me the name of this disc?????????????????

  7. Ираклий Гвилава says:

    tell me model the disc. please

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