Rendering: A look at what the BMW “i10” Megacity might look like

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BMW Megacity vehicle is less than three years away, but the rendering game has already begun. Courtesy of Autoexpress UK, we have the first rendering …

BMW Megacity vehicle is less than three years away, but the rendering game has already begun. Courtesy of Autoexpress UK, we have the first rendering of what they label as BMW i10. Part of a new BMW sub-brand, the Megacity lineup will be focusing mostly on electric vehicles, including two and three-wheeler models.

The vehicle in the drawing gets its inspiration from the 1-Series, but it could be mistaken for a miniature X6. The i10 is expected to use a powertrain very similar to the ActiveE concept that was show at the Detroit Auto Show back in January. The five-seater will be similar in size to the VW Golf, but the rear-wheel-driven car will be fully electric.

A lot of development on the Megacity vehicles will take place at the recently announced BMW plant in Moses Lake, Washington.

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As part of the marketing plan for the 2012 London Olympics where BMW is an official sponsor, the transportation provider is likely to be some prototype versions of the new i-range.

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[Source: Autoexpress ]

31 responses to “Rendering: A look at what the BMW “i10” Megacity might look like”

  1. Ralph says:

    the side view is’nt bad

  2. johnny says:


    • FreudeKing says:

      This is too much Toyota Yaris like. I don’t think BMW is a brand for city cars like these. Unless they are bringing new technologies like electric cars, they shouldn’t be branding this as a BMW. What about Mini?

      I think a good way to evaluate whether a product is good for the brand is to see if they dare to launch it in the American market. This is because the American market does not take shit and they have very high standards. If they don’t let a car enter the US market, the main reason is becasue of the brand image – look at the 1 Hatch, etc. This means that such product will dilute brand value and it is a pity that the management and board allows such actions for short term profits.

      The last thing you want is for people to think of R8 when Audi is mentioned and think of the megacity car (Toyota level) when BMW is mentioned.

      • X5SoB says:

        This is a perfect opportunity to use the Isetta name as a sub-brand. It wouldn’t dilute the brand, has good recognition and fond memories, and represents small and efficient transportation. MINI is more about performance in a small package, so the development of the MINI Minor to compete with the Fourtwo seems like a better direction for it.

  3. plaxico says:

    side view not that bad

  4. v1p3r says:

    I agree, I quite like that view from the side… :)

  5. wazon8 says:

    Side is ok, but the front end is not in BMW’s design language, actually it remains Lancia Delta.

  6. Giom says:

    Very nice!

  7. michael says:

    it’s interesting to note this tweet from Tino Kuehnel –
    “Do you really think it looks like that? ;-)”

    Nice piece of info from BMW really ;)
    I love how he interacts with BMW fans – it’s quite interesting to see a company use social media effectively & personally :)

  8. M5POWER says:

    I like the side… But the front is just wrong.

  9. dennis says:

    Yeah i agree with everyone the side is pretty good but the front looks like a chinese man with his cheeks full.

    • v1p3r says:

      I lol’d at this ^

      • dennis says:

        WOAH whats up with all the negative thumbs down!? I didnt mean to be rude or racist, i was just trying to make a point.

        I love BMW, heck if they release this design i would be happy with it :)

  10. it a cute little BMW!!!!

  11. sdfaaa says:

    Front lights and the back of the car is soooo ugly I just can’t look at it…

  12. Vaybach Khan says:

    only plaxico can like something like this

  13. kcsnyud says:

    Where’s the hofmeister kink?

  14. bryan says:

    One ugly donkey.

  15. It’s a cute BABY BIMMER!!!!!

  16. viper says:

    great on the sides…..MEGA UGLY on front…what a disappointment.(happens very often with bmw)

  17. Dont get me wrong it like it but it reminds me of POKEMON :)) from the front side:D
    but its still adorable :D

  18. lennardt says:

    the front is just disgusting!

  19. Bryce says:

    If they produce this, I hope it carries the Isetta name. BMW needs to remain focused on performance, Mini focused on fun, and Isetta focused on efficiency.

  20. Tom says:

    Loveeeee the side view.
    HATEEEE the front view. Please no.

  21. tweer says:

    Looks good, certainly edgy enough to offend the journos if ever launched.

  22. XC says:

    Gee, it looks a lot like that MB W203 Sportcoupe of years back:

  23. Jaao says:

    man that thing looks stupid. obviously stretched and worn Z4 picture.

  24. Vaz21123alllroad says:

    I` was draw in 1986 yr. – BMW – Xconcept, and 5, 7 model of BMW. 

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