2010 “Auto Bild Design Award”: Three European victories for BMW

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With victories in three out of five assessment categories, BMW has assumed a dominating role at the 2010 “Auto Bild Design Awards”. In the Europe-wide …

With victories in three out of five assessment categories, BMW has assumed a dominating role at the 2010 “Auto Bild Design Awards”. In the Europe-wide voting, the new BMW 5 Series Saloon, the BMW X1 and the concept car BMW Vision EfficientDynamics were able to assert themselves in each of their vehicle categories. This once again confirms the fascination and quality of BMW design, which authentically expresses the brand-typical driving pleasure, contributing decisively towards the success of current models in all vehicle segments.

The trade journals “Auto Bild” and its 20 European sister magazines had called on a total of around 40 million readers to nominate the best designed cars of the year. There was a choice of 103 new models being offered on European automobile markets as well as current concept vehicles and studies. The international readers’ voting resulted in success for BMW in three out of five vehicle categories. The BMW 5 Series Saloon, which was launched only just a few weeks ago, was successful in its segment in both the national assessment in Germany as well as the Europe-wide voting. The sixth generation of the successful business saloon is characterised by charismatic presence, stylish elegance and a dynamic silhouette. Its design symbolises the comfort features, the uncompromising premium quality as well as the superior sportiness of the new BMW 5 Series Saloon.

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The BMW X1 was European winner in the assessment class “SUV”, vans and four-wheel drive vehicles. The appearance of the compact BMW X model immediately conveys spontaneous driving pleasure, self-assured elegance and independent characteristics. Its design significantly reflects the enthusing agility, versatile sportiness and state-of-the-art functionality of the BMW X1.

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With its third 2010 “Auto Bild Design Award“, BMW has gained yet another accolade for exceptionally innovative design language. In the category “Studies and Concept Cars” the readers’ vote resulted in clear victory for the concept vehicle BMW Vision EfficientDynamics. The concept car, which was first presented at the Frankfurt International Motor Show in 2009, embodies the future of driving pleasure – both with regard to driving technology as well as the fascination of its design. The four-seater sports car with plug-in hybrid drive and wing doors establishes groundbreaking benchmarks though the innovative realisation of typical BMW design vocabulary, both with regard to its exterior and interior.


Public enthusiasm for the current design of BMW automobiles fired within the framework of the “Auto Bild Design Award” corresponds to a high degree with the judgment made by international experts. At the beginning of July, both the new BMW 5 Series Saloon and the BMW X1 will be presented with the internationally renowned 2010 red dot award for outstanding product design. Moreover, the concept car BMW Vision EfficientDynamics is not a first-time award winner either. Its vanguard design authentically visualising trend-setting drive technology was winner of the Louis Vuitton Classic Award at the beginning of 2010.

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  1. wazon8 says:

    It seems pretty ironically that X1 – called by number of journalist and people interested in motorization as “ugly” – took the first place in SUV class. Of course, it’s only Auto Bild ranking, but taking under consideration number of orders on this car, customers seems to like it. I agree with the verdict since I like X1. It looks a way better in personal contact than on any photo. In such circumstances one can observe the features that are not so vivid in photos: massive front end, the fact that the top of the car is not so high as for SUV (a little bit higher than Wagons), which makes it looking pretty sportive, but still the chassiss is suspended a bit higher above a ground. This SUV seems to me ideal car to the city where one has to climb on higher curb and as some of BMW’s clips show, one can get some fun at not too much demanding off-road.

  2. Plamen says:


  3. BMfan says:

    …And also should be a special gift for all the vipers, cobras and plaxicos of this blog.

  4. retio says:

    @Plamen said it good. Here is an idea, BMW should come out with a X1 Clarkson Edition. Just a thought.

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