BMW 750i – “A near-perfect blend of fun, luxury touches and electronics”

7-series | May 27th, 2010 by 4
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MarketWatch is the last magazine to praise the new 2010 BMW 7 Series and in their latest article, the flow of compliments towards the BMW …

MarketWatch is the last magazine to praise the new 2010 BMW 7 Series and in their latest article, the flow of compliments towards the BMW 750i moves throughout the article.

First, the 2010 BMW 750i receives a flattering headline, “A near-perfect blend of fun, luxury touches and electronics”, and it ends with “The pride of Dingolfing, Germany.”

Despite initial criticism and skepticism, the new 7 Series has established itself as a leader in the high-end luxury sedans market and majority of press reviews have been nothing short of positive.

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“It retains that wonderful feeling of confidence that tells the driver that it is up to any task — whether it is playfully exercising along back country roads with its impeccable handling and power, or almost silently racking up some serious mileage in an all-day assault on an interstate.

You just know it will attack that off ramp or that bumpy, pot-hole-filled back road with quick confidence and, yes, swagger. It is there in every move, through every pedal and every tactile sensation.

It is not unlike the confidence that Yankee fans get from radio announcer John Sterling or Celtics fans got from the late Johnny Most. Just listening, you knew the Yankees or the Celtics would somehow win. More often than not they did.

Yet in the 750i it is a win every day, even when the weather turns rotten, because for the 2010 model year the 7-series is available with xDrive. It is an all-wheel drive setup that sends the power to the wheel that has the best grip. Heading down a straight road the power divide is 40% to the front, the rest to the rear. That can increase to as much as 80% to the rear, if necessary, to ensure your safe passage through a sharp turn or up a snow-filled driveway — which is something you probably don’t want to think about at this time of year. ”

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4 responses to “BMW 750i – “A near-perfect blend of fun, luxury touches and electronics””

  1. Shincai says:

    0-100 km/h in 4.8 sec is very fast
    The S550 is 6 seconds slower.

  2. Nimu says:

    This car is just sex on wheels!!!!!11GOD DAYUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DREAM CAR……………THE END :-)

  3. Steve J says:

    the only way a serious buyer can make head or tail of a review such as this one is if important aspects such as optional packages are listed and priced in an orderly fashion. There is a lack of discipline in this review. He gets so carried away wiyh the car that he forgets to elucidate important points. For instance did the car come with the M Sport package? The photo shown is one of a carbon black BMW 7 Series with the M package but this photo is all over the internet and I wonder whether this was the actual car that was tested.

    Only God is perfect. Why couldn’t the reviewer point out areas that need improving. This would help BMW improve the car in imminent model years. For instance, it is a fact that they have to improve steering feel. A plethora of professional drivers and reviewers have stated the previous hydraulic system for steering was better.

    The cover photograph depicting an M Sport clothed bimmer announces certain questions. How can you have an M Sport package with no option to include paddle shifters? What on earth is going on at BMW? The only useful part of M Sport is the wortwhile inclusion of Dynamic Drive. The rest of M Sport is purely cosmetic. Yet paddle shifters are available in the F10 5 series. Don’t BMW realise that the weight of a 550i is 96% of a 750i. There is no good reason why a 7 should not have paddle shifters as a take or leave option. BMW should thiink deeply on these matters and not deny us of attainable pleasure.

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