New BMW 5 Series orders exceed expectations

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BMW 5er Limousine Images 01 750x500 New BMW 5 Series orders exceed expectations

On Wednesday, BMW CEO Norbert Reithofer delivered a stakeholders report at the 90th Annual General Meeting of BMW AG in Munich. After praising the excellent …

On Wednesday, BMW CEO Norbert Reithofer delivered a stakeholders report at the 90th Annual General Meeting of BMW AG in Munich. After praising the excellent sales of the new BMW X1, the center of discussion moved towards another new model, the F10 BMW 5 Series.

According to Reithofer, BMW 5 series have “considerably” exceeded the carmaker’s own targets. The Munich-based automaker is aiming for a “sound” single-digit increase in sales in 2010 to more than 1.3 million cars, said Reithofer, and the new 5 Series will play an important role.

But in my opinion, the highlight of the year is most definitely the new BMW 5 Series.

The new BMW 5 Series Sedan has received extremely positive feedback from the media. And our customers have obviously been waiting for it. We have received considerably more orders than planned.

The new BMW 5 Series epitomizes our entry into a new dimension. The BMW 5 Series will be a key driver of sales, image and profit for the BMW Group. We always knew that we had to become significantly more efficient with production, starting with this model. So, for the first time, we increased the number of production modules used in the manufacture of the new BMW 5 Series.

BMW 5er Limousine Images 01 655x436 New BMW 5 Series orders exceed expectations

The new 2011 BMW 5 Series sedan went on sale in Germany in March and the key North American market will kick of its sales in early June. While the U.S. sales will only include larger displacement engines, 528i and 535i, the European market sees a larger variety of 5 Series models. One of them that stands out is the BMW 520d which produces 184 horsepower and has a standard fuel consumption of just 5.0 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers, making it interesting for both private fleets and regular customers.  

BMW, which toppled Daimler AG’s Mercedes-Benz as the largest luxury carmaker in 2005, has increased sales 27 percent since 2000. BMW has a medium-term goal to boost earnings before interest and tax from automaking to at least 8 percent of sales by 2012.

“There are still numerous risks that might prolong a complete recovery,” Reithofer said at the company annual meeting. With Greece’s financial problems and the EU’s efforts to stabilize the euro, “we see that the crisis is not over yet,” he said.

[Source: BMW | Autonews ]
  • http://fadfsad Shincai

    GO BMW!

  • http://fadfsad Shincai

    You can say what you want about BMW.
    But the sales numbers will tell you everything.

  • paul

    i am actually a bit surprised considering the jaguar is better in every department – except interior design – but i guess thats just the inicial kick…we will see how well it will be doing in 2 years time compared to the jag, new A6 and merc

    • wazon8

      Better in every department? Are you going to suggest that JAG provide better drivig experience, better engines, gearboxs and better balanced chassis? In my eyes, the only thing about which JAG can be better is exterior design and since it’s matter of taste, the opinion about this aspect change from customer to customer. Personally, I consider the new 5-er as having better exterior design than JAG. And I can guess that orders suggest that there more people sharing this opinion. Threatens from E-class side has to be joke. MB provided this product recently, it’s going to compete against 5-er for at least six years and nothing in E-class could be a reason for its potential future sell increase. Its orders didn’t exceed expectation and most likely this won’t change, if it didn’t take place after premiere. Taking under consideration Audi’s designers impotence of creativeness, new A6 will be similar to whole line and to the previous model. If so, I wouldn’t predict great success for it, since more and more people seem to be bored by their desigh right now.

      • plaxico

        It is always sad when bmw fan is talking about interior quality.Ridicules.
        Plastics on the interior start to peel after only a few short years of use. The parts that are most affected are the oddments tray, the cup holder, the entire center console, the rear ash-tray surround, and the storage compartment in the dash. Front cupholder will be broke.Rear sunshade won’t come down on its own.Front ashtray won’t click closed
        Passenger rear door panel leather starting to peel inward due to summer heat

        I hope BMW has improved their quality of interior plastics.But i doubt it.Afterall its bmw, innit!?!

        PATHETIC!!! extraordinarily pathetic!!!

        The only thing thats joke is this silly 5er.It’s the same theme in the E90 series, blown up into an Intermediate.BMW was clearly lazy when designing.
        5-Series always remind me of Dame Edna Everidge’s glasses….or some kid with large nostrils…or …oh well, you know hahaha

        • viper

          I have to agree on this since we are all x bimmers , so know all that shit but we move on to better things in life unlike some fanboys here who stay on the same level.
          bmw is close to misery in interior designs , enžven korean cars look more appealing and more fun and interesting. bmw is a machine and tranny , weight distribution and sharp handling , BUT thats not all that I look for in a car?!
          its only a matter of time before people get smarter and move on to better things.
          why am I still here then?
          because I am a fan , I like cars .

          • plaxico

            right on mate!

        • viper

          did you check out the new SLM?…..thats gonna be R8 crusher , audi has nothing to battle against MB SLS then?!…obviously….SLS is in its own league.
          did you see the new CLS?….man I absolutely adore CLS…Im planning on buying it next year (the current model)…looks the best of all cars , but the new one takes it even further..Im just sick how good that car looks…Jesus.

          • plaxico

            ur absolutely right,i just saw new cls…
            my God…look at that man, look that…
            u gonna love cls from the first time u open that pillarless doors, and dont get me started on that brilliant 7gtronic box. Seats are amazing,s class style. Compared to cls current and new, sex is heavily overrated haha kiddin

            im planing the new one 5 years down the road. Junge sterne package and ur ready to go

          • viper

            right on.
            the car is pure sex. a head turner wherever you go.

      • paul

        Mate…read every review in every car magazine and they all agree on this. they consider the jag better in every department – even the interior i hate won some award for interior design! i have driven the new 530 and though the previous 530 was actually better…the steering had more feel despite not beeing so comfortable. but a friend of mine is picking up his new XF next week and ill give u my verdict

        • wazon8

          And the reviews you refer to concern the comparision of F10 with XF, not E60 with XF? If you talk about comparision of XF with F10, please provide the link, because almost all reviews I’ve read about F10 are really positive about the car and conclude that BMW has a winner in their hands. If your opinion bases on e60 vs XF comparisions, I have only two questions: 1. Do you maintain that interior quality of F10 didn’t improve when compared with the quality of E60?; 2. Is it really suprising for you that that car which was delivered 5 years after 5-er’s production had started will match or will have better quality than its 5 years rival?

          Being better in each departments issue. Engines: why didn’t JAG win any award for best engines and BMW did, if they make better engines, BMW’s award should go to them? Why are they inable to provide the car that would outrun M5e60, because despite of 4 years difference XF-R cannot deal with M5e60 everywhere, expect UK reviews. When you compare performance of e60 and XF in most cases it’s in favour of e60. Similar goes for efficiency. So, actually in which departments XF is better?

          Plaxico, I don’t know what kind of BMW you drive, but I know these cars from my own experience and the infos I gained by interacting with them are pretty different from yours. My brother made above 470.000km in 525d E60 and interior was in good condtion, plastics didn’t peel (sic!), leather didn’t crack and so on. My bimmers make numbers of kilometers mostly in Germany, but from time to time in Middle and Eastern Europe and didn’t demonstrate the features you’re talking about. Eighter me and other BMW owners known to me are really lucky or your experience with BMW is really poor. You can talk carps about peeling plastics to someone who doesn’t own BMW and has only some imaginations about it.

          • viper

            r u high or something, who pays u to defend them so much?

          • plaxico

            waz mate,u trippin…?
            i dont own bmw…
            my dad dont own it…
            but i think waz ur dad drive/drove merc? whats up with that..
            why did u stray?

            go s or cls mate, youll never look back. Starship Enterprise
            Believe you me

            ps.drove bmw e 60 525 on one occasion ,trip to Spain, nice handling ,excellent actually but really really really uncomfortable. My but still hurts. Cheap interior. Back then i drove cls 04 and i know cls is much more expensive but still…..E 60. Cheap interior. Cheap plastic. Not worth it bro. Just not worth it.

          • wazon8

            plaxico, actually my father does drive S-class. I’ve got numbers of opportunities to drive this car, but I don’t know which feature of this car – in your opinion – should make me think that it’s the best product I can get.
            And what is your point about being strayed? My family was never dedicated to one single brand, so I have enough time to compare different brands. Why do I dislike MB? Mainly for boring driving experience, pretty poor handling and unreliability. S-class has its electric problems, which are a way more rare in previous 7-er. We’ve got E-class (W210) with holes in the floor because of rost (sic!). MB explained this by admiting that they had chosen wrong still for chassiss (that was official declaration few years ago that came along with promise that quality of their products will grow up and it concerned almost all line up), but nothing stop them from the same kind of steel to build new ML! Is that premium car maker attitude? Not mentioning about the fact that when we had problems with gearbox and clutch in E-class W211 right after guarantee expired, they explained that it could happen because car was produced in Spain… Who cares about that?! It could be produced even in China and car-maker should assure its high-quality. Even VW was able to make from (unreliable before fusion) Seat a reliable brand which is still produced in Spain.

            Cheap plastics in BMW????? Did you really say this? I wish you explained me what the difference between BMW and MB’s plastics consists on, maybe I’m not enough sensible to see it. Uncomfortable cruising in e60? You should have set up suspension properly, the it would be more soft.

          • viper

            dont bother mate….I was driven in e60 5er and all I can say is that audi A6 is a flying carpet compared to bmw , check it out Im talking about audi here , not even MB (two classes above bmw anyway, in terms of comfort and luxury).

          • viper

            also waz. if ur car was produced in spain , its noting unusual for those rost issues. its a well known fact that those mercs are produced for: where do you live again?…same problem with Vito , also produced in spain , do you know where MB builds their trucks? Turkey…but Im not aware of any problems with them…
            overall waz I think u had bad experience with Benz , however that doesnt change anything. ur bimmer is still behind in lost of things.

        • wazon8

          Viper, if you diasgree with some/all issues, tell something more. I talk about my experience with the brand and go against such stupidities as plaxico’s statements. After few (how many? 3? 5?) short years (what does “short” actually mean in this context? Low milage?), even european versions of Toyota lack peeling plastics. Some of you sound sometimes like people convinced that BMW’s quality is similar to that of Hyundai! If that was true, BMW would never be so successful in US. At this market, nobody would pay premium-prize for not premium quality products.

          • viper

            waz. bmws creativity just LACKS other German competition . period.
            maybe the quality is not that big of an issue but creativity and design. oh speaking of quality interior and pay attention to details , your gayish Audi is nr.1.

    • Vanko

      hahahaha u have very good sense of humor man,give me this Jag to see what u can do against my M5 …o dear,

  • louis

    when is the all wheel drive version coming out?

  • paul


    i didnt say the car was crap and that the magazines said it was crap…oh and obviously I was comparing the Jag to the F10!!! what i said was that comparing it to the Jag it was always placed in second o the Jag by almost all – if not all – magazines I read reviews…take Evo mag UK. thats one of them. Yes the E60 interior was crap… whoever design that interior should be shot or go back to school and take an ergonomics class. the new 5er is miles away interior wise. but lately there is been a trend – new Z4, new 7 and now this 5 – from bmw to make its car softer and softer to appeal to a more generalized public that only care that the bmw roundel is right there in front of them to show off the neighbours instead of us – customers who apreciate the sportiness of the brand even if that means a sore butt after driving our pride and joy (and what better proof there is that bmw board is trying to move away from sportiness first confort later than the decision to make a FWD 1 series??? And its in that department what I and some magazines agree…the previous generation was actually better to drive than this one. Get it now or any more questions?? and btw the only reason the 5er just won the fleet award instead of the jag is because it farts out a few less grams of CO2 than the jag or else it would have own trust me…always take these news with a grain of salt remember…just like that 1 series pole that was taken by bmw that said 80% didnt know it was RWD…shit like that

  • wazon8

    As I expected, most of reviews favouring XF comes from UK. And the question is: why are other reviews so significantly different and state that F10 is a winner in its class which includes XF? Almost each one non-UK I’ve watched or read gave F10 the first place.

    I have only one opportunity to drive F10, it was 530d and it happended during traffic jam, so I cannot tell how it drives when a speed is higher and car needs to face more demanding coners. But two things suggest me that it’s not so bad as you tell. First of all, 535i F10 outrun 550i e60 at race track (with bigger mass and less power, only great handling can explain it IMO). Secondly, according to some journalist (with which opinions I usually agree when think of my experiences with given car) the car handles better and gives better steering feel than e60, unless you order active drive system.

    No, BMW didn’t receive awards because of lower emission. They got them because their engines combine efficiency with great performance: in general, BMW’s engines take advantages over JAG’s in all aspects: torgue, power, efficiency, ranges of avaialibility max. torgue. And still the question for your thesis remains: why didn’t JAG get award for XJ-R and XF-R engines since they are as efficient as that of BMW and BMW won by M5’s V10 and M3’s V8 few times?

    Do you really consider XF with 3.0 V6 with acceleration to 100km/h in 8,3 sec. as enough against 6,6 sec. of 528i, not mentioning about 535i? You can even get better performance from BMW 520d plus the fact that 520d is cheaper and more efficient. How can then JAG be better engines and transmissions maker? The same story applies to all comparative models in range. 550i F10 is almost as fast as their top XF with 510hp V8 charged engine. I wouldn’t pay my money for car with such performances, if I can get either cheaper bimmer with the same performance or bimmer offering more for the same money. Perhaps, it depends from the expectation toward the cars, but one thing is clear BMW makes better eingines and gearboxes. Otherwise, please explain me, how is it possible to be better in this aspect without providing engines with better performance and efficiency? I think that inability of XF-R to outrun M5 e60 shows where BMW is and where JAG is. They made this car in 2009 in order to compete against M5 constructed in 2005 and still failed. As I said, JAG is the best only according with UK magazines, just as some Italian put Alfa Romeo over all the rest.

    Other inssues are pretty irrelevant for F10 vs. XF, but who the hell did say you that BMW gonna make FWD 1-er? They only made survey as each company and got surprising result, didn’t they? More importantly, they plan only to make FWD city car, which is supposed to allude to Isetta! And did production of Isetta make BMW softer in past? I don’t see it.

  • Ray Satina

    It is all about DESIGN that fascinates the buyer. The ENGINE and HANDLING will eventually rule the emotions and loyalty. BMW got this right. They have to, AUDI is coming fast, they might sweep me off my feet on my next purchase.

  • disillusioned 5 series owner

    I’m sorry…I’ve tried so very very hard to like this…but the F10 is just so very boring. The E60 5 series was like Sean Connery…some found it hard, chiselled and masculine, some found it dominating and even intimidating, and some even found it sexy….But regardless of interpretation, it conjoured up powerful images. As for the F10???? Well, rather than being Sean Connery, it’s more like Gerard Depardieu…sure he’s a great and accomplished actor who’s without peer, but hey, you’re not gonna find his picture hanging on anyone’s wall…..

    In looks, the F10 is the most conservatively boring and disappointing thing I’ve seen come out of the esteemed BMW production think-tank. Forget the gizzmos and technical stuff, if you’re paying > 100 grand, you’ve gotta like aesthetically what you’re getting, and unfortunately for me, the F10 is just rich senior-citizen material…This is not a car that any 30 or 40-something would want to be seen driving, nor any 50 or 60 something person with a bit of youthful exuberance…no…this is a car for boring people who like the perception of luxury over the experience of driving.

    Just look at that 2 litre 4-pot diesel engine in the 520d (BMW’s most anticipated sales in terms of volume), and think of it screaming it’s underpowered guts out as it propells you to the dulcet sounds of a tractor engine from 0-100km/hr in over 8 seconds…how totally underwhelming…

    Try as I may to warm to this pig of a thing, I couldn’t succombe to the boring mediocrity that is the F10…I’ve just traded my beloved 6 year old E60 525i on a 325i E90, and await the new 3 series at the end of 2011.

    And if the F30 doesn’t fill the void, maybe I’ll look at an Audi…..


    • viper

      I wonder what age you are disillusioned? Typically in Europe most 30 somethings will want a 1 series hatch/coupe and if an enthusiast covet a 1M. Most 40 somethings will eye up the 3 series and if an enthusiast covet an M3. You can never be right with a generalization but that’s roughly a trend. The Z range filling in the gaps for the more adventurous and rebellious crowd of all ages.

      5 series has always been in my eye an older man’s car, although some younger drivers do buy into it. I think the fleet car market will very much appreciate this 5er and I just don’t think it’s demographic was aimed at the 30 to 40s.

      I will accept that the US and China markets are very similar to each other in that they do tend to lean towards larger sized cars, even younger drivers. Something not mimicked in the EU.

      • disillusioned

        Viper, I’m early 40’s…Got my E60 when I was 37….Used to look at it in the garage every morning with an admiring smile. Had it not had close to 100000 k’s on it, and in the absence of the rapid depreciation threat that comes with a new model release, I would’ve hung onto it.

        But the E90 325i with the straight six and the m-sport suspension and body kit is a fun little beast, albeit a totally different driving experience.

        I hope the m-sport version of the F10 puts a bit of life into this bland creation.