Final Day of One Lap: Drifting and the Contest Results!

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The 2010 running of the one Lap of America is now over and we can all return to our respective homes. This was the second year …

The 2010 running of the one Lap of America is now over and we can all return to our respective homes. This was the second year I had competed with Mike on the One Lap and it was just as much fun as the first. It really becomes a club, with long competitors welcoming in the rookies and always willing to help each other, as long as it’s not on the track.

This year the BMW marque was strongly represented with 13 entries ranging from a E30 325is to our X6 M and everything in between.

So how did the BMW teams do?  Very well as you can see below.

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•       Anthony Magagnoli and Kevin Kreisa won SSGT2 SB with their E30 325is plus First Rookie and Highest Placed BMW.
•       Dan, Ben, and Nicholas Schaut won Luxury Sedan with their E90 M3
•       Randall Ganz, and Kurt Gibson were third in Luxury Sedan with their E90 M3 Sedan
•       Robin Sparrow and Brian Hair won SSGT1 SB with their E92 335i
•       Neil Simon and Woody Hair were second in SSGT1 SB with their M Coupe
•       Roy Maranhao and Jomo Dillon were seventh in SSGT1 SB with their M3
•       Mike Renner, Thomas Lappin, and Steve Maguire were second in SUV with their X6 M

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•       Gary and Stephen Morris were fifth in SSGT2 SB with their M3
•       Eric Holland and Dennis Maddox were seventh in SSGT2 SB with their M3
•       Scott Bock, Nikolay Kostov, and William Pryor were eighth in SSGT2 SB with their M3
•       Greg Morris and Don Maddox were ninth in SSGT2 SB with their M3
•       Matthew and Pete Zekauskas were eigth in Mid Price Sedan with their 328i
•       David and Amanda Cochran were ninth in Mid Price Sedan with their 325i

In addition to our wonderful awards ceremony put on by the One Lap Folks, we also managed to capture some great pictures and footage of a special, unofficial event called the The Smoke Show. This allowed time for everyone to cool down after an incredible week-long event and go out and lay down some serious rubber on the Tire Rack skid pad. This is a great video for those who love BMW’s but also just enjoy seeing how sideways a car can get!

[youtube][/youtube]Also, during the event we posted a contest for the fan that could come up with the closest mileage in total for the round trip. After arriving back in Spartanburg, Steve confirmed that the total mileage of 5,364 for a week-long trip blasting across the United States and its most notable tracks!

The nearest guess came in at 5,350 submitted by Sahil who is now the proud new owner of an awesome BMW 8GB Key Fob.

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We hope you enjoyed our coverage of the United BMW of Roswell/ BMW Performance Driving School X6 M for the 2010 One Lap of America.

We’d like to take the opportunity to thank Steve Maguire, Tom Lappin and Mike Renner for all of their excellent job on the One Lap and providing the BMW community with a constant flow of information and media.

We here a BMWBLOG look forward to bringing you information on these types of events in the near future!