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3D Design was established in 1998. 3D Design was started in Japan at a time when BMW tuning was dominated by well known BMW tuners …

3D Design was established in 1998.

3D Design was started in Japan at a time when BMW tuning was dominated by well known BMW tuners like AC Schnitzer, Hamann, and Hartge. There were many Japanese companies making performance parts, accessories and components for Japanese cars but not BMWs.

BMW has always had a fanatical following in Japan and this was a great opportunity for the owners of 3D Design to take their experiences gathered from domestic racing as well as the street tuning of BMW in Japan.

The first product built by 3D Design was the front lip for the BMW E36 M3. The E36 M3 front lip as a great start as the E36 M3 platform proved to be a great choice for many BMW enthusiasts to mod and take to the tracks.

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Although 3D Design started with one humble front lip for the E36 M3 in 1998, 3D Design has now expanded their product line to include aero components, wheels, suspension, engine tuning and accessories. With new performance components like exhaust being introduce in 2010, 3D Design has truly become a comprehensive tuner and a name to rival the big BMW tuners from Germany.

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Design philosophy

3D Design has always kept simplicity and functionality as the core of their design work. 3D Design made sure to work with the original lines of the BMW while adding both form and function. Only the best material and manufacturing techniques are used when turning sketches into prototypes and then to production pieces. Carbon fiber is widely used throughout the entire collection as the carbon fiber material proved to be the perfect balance of performance and looks, due to its lightweight and strength characteristics.


As cost of manufacturing parts in carbon fiber is high, 3D Design has opted to use polyurethane to produce parts. Although Fiberglass would have been a lower cost option, polyurethane was an obvious choice due to its resistance to resistance to crack, ability to be formed to high details and consistency in quality.
The result is a collection of front lips, rear diffusers, trunk lip spoilers and under splitters for all BMW’s from the smallest 1 series to the 7 series and Z cars. Recently, the MINI front lip spoiler and Diffusers were released to complete the collection for the entire BMW family.





Future Plans for 3D Design
3D Design has been working hard to become a complete BMW tuner. In 2009, they had released a booster chip for the BMW N54 engine, yielding power gains of 33hp and 60ftlbs of torque. 3D Design designed and release many interior components such as high performance pedals. 3D Design had also teamed up with motorsport’s powerhouse in data acquisition to release gauges and gauges pods.



For the 2010 year, 3D Design is continuing to push forward and release new and exciting products for BMW enthusiasts. 3D Design is working with exhaust manufacturer Arqray in building the 3D Design line of performance exhaust systems for BMW and wheel manufacturer Rays Engineering to produce new forged wheels to add to their already stellar Brombacher line. The prototype 4-tip exhaust system was shown on the new E89 Z4 at the recent 2010 Tokyo Auto Salon.


3D Design has certainly come a long way in putting Japan on the BMW tuning map and with the strength of their designs and quality of the products, I am certain that they will win the hearts of many BMW enthusiasts worldwide.

(Written by Julius of WheelSTO/3D Design North America)

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