Editorial: What is a BMW Supercar?

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It may seem like a silly question – especially to enthusiasts – but there has only been one true BMW supercar in the entire history …

It may seem like a silly question – especially to enthusiasts – but there has only been one true BMW supercar in the entire history of the company. Yes, they’ve produced sports cars and GT cars with the likes of the M Coupe and M6, respectively, but there hasn’t been a true “supercar” BMW since E26 M1 went out of production in 1981 – leaving its place in history as the first fully developed M car. The E26 M1 was the product of a difficult birth which laid the ground work for a very short production run and racing history.

The M1, based on the BMW Turbo concept of the early 70’s, was penned by car design icon Giorgetto Giugiaro and powered by the “big six” M88 3.5L inline-6 churning out 273HP. Construction and some technical points for the M1 were outsourced to Lamborghini, S.p.A. which went into receivership in 1978 and caused BMW to reportedly steal back M1 blueprints to continue production on their own with Baur – the notable German coach and convertible builder.

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While only 456 or so cars were produced the M1 was somewhat mediocre at best in terms of sales – though not a reflection on the car but more the circumstances under which the car was conceived and ultimately produced. While in its time, the M1 didn’t carry a name as revered as it does today but that did not keep it from being an innovative car. The M1 was a mid-engined car, a still relatively new concept as the Lamborghini Miura was the first supercar and first major sports car to introduce the concept and Ferrari had only recently adopted the idea with the Dino 206/246. However, the M1 had its own identity as a supercar of the 1970’s & 80’s bringing its own Teutonic flair to a mid-engine design. It was fast, luxurious and handsome, keeping pace with its Italian rivals to the South. While perhaps the M1 didn’t enjoy the success it now has in the grey market and among enthusiasts, it was still a fantastic piece of engineering and venture into the supercar realm that BMW hasn’t attempted in nearly 30 years.

Throughout the car community and especially among BMW enthusiasts folks have wondered: Why BMW haven’t brought to market a car to battle in this rarefied air? Audi has, quite successfully, built upon the achievement of its subsidiary’s (Lamborghini ironically) Gallardo platform and delivered a more “affordable” supercar vis-a-vis the R8. Mercedes has even more recently rehashed the idea of the defining 300SL Gullwing through the SLS AMG – with BMW being a leader of both engineering and driving prowess – why not something from the Bavarians? BMW has no model to duel with either the R8 or SLS or really any sporting model that sits in the $120,000+ range that deals up an equally delectable dish of performance and finesse.

2008 BMW M1 Homage Concept Rear Angle 1280x960 655x491

The public have certainly seen BMW flirt with the idea of a supercar with the M1 Homage seen two years ago and most recently the Vision EfficientDynamics Concept. While the M1 Homage is more than likely focused only as a styling exercise/tribute to the original M1 – it is a gorgeous car nonetheless and proof BMW can build a compelling design for the supercar segment. Taking avant garde styling further with a blending of cutting edge efficiency technology the Vision EfficientDynamics Concept(VEDC) was unveiled in late 2009 – a car encapsulating the forefront of BMW’s technologies to reduce harmful byproducts of automobiles while equally reducing reliance upon non-replenishable energy sources. However, the slick trick of the VEDC is that it can deliver performance on par with a current M3 while producing virtually no adverse byproducts and simultaneously acting as a rolling sculpture. The VEDC casts an impressive figure against the automotive landscape with an undulating body putting aerodynamic efficiency as first priority and manages to do so with a result of being incredibly handsome.

So we know BMW car design and build supercars – and attractive, efficient ones at that. The question then falls to if they will or not and what form it would take if they do. Market conditions might dictate that BMW would not build one – but is it worth an endeavor such as the supercar for “goodwill” and bolstering of brand image? The Veyron has reestablished the Bugatti name back into the forefront of automotive legend – and reportedly parent Volkswagen losing a small fortune on each model sold due to staggering development costs.


My only hope is that BMW does what they do best – set trends, not follow them and builds a car that the competition has yet to even consider themselves, make it innovative and advanced but with the true character of a BMW. With companies such as Porsche and Ferrari discussing alternative fuel technologies and exploring hybrids – would enthusiasts be much more open to the use of Efficient Dynamics applications in a supercar platform? Odds would favorite it as it seems an inevitable direction of the automotive powertrains.

With the many options BMW have available at their disposal for the construction of potential super car – both in technology and potential platforms, what do you think a BMW supercar should be? After all, in today’s climate – there is no guarantee that a 2010+ supercar(ala the M1) would resemble anything like the supercar BMW built so many years ago so what should it look like? How should it drive? What do the fans think should be BMW’s solution to the super car issue?

68 responses to “Editorial: What is a BMW Supercar?”

  1. viper says:

    bmw will never have a supercar like audi r8 or sls amg.
    it will.
    somewhere in the year 2367 when supercars will be like totally off.

    • Doug says:

      totally off what?

    • Stevie says:

      It is because for bmw, they don’t need a “supercar” to compete with other supercar. The current m6 outruns audi r8 v8 already. The new m6 will definitely outrun audi r8 v10.

      Yeah, probably like you said, only when year 2367 will bmw be required to build a supercar

      • Otto says:

        In your dreams only.
        The R8 V8 lapped the Nurburgring 1 sec faster than the M3 E92 and 5 sec faster than the M6.
        The Nissan GT-R kicked everyone’s butt but the 911 GT2 RS and it’s not considered as a supercar.

      • BIMMER1 says:

        Since when does BMW wait until they are “required” to build a car. All they’ve done the past 5 years is build niche products. It drives me crazy, but that’s what they’ve done. There was no requirement to build the X5M, X6M, 5GT, X6 hybrid, and the 7 hydrid. They just built them because they wanted to fill a very small niche gap in the lineup. I’m not saying they made the best decision to build them, but they were hardly pressured or forced to build them based on market demand.

    • Bradley Wint says:

      Im surprised you’re not banned by now… have you ever made one useful comment here over the past few months or years you’ve been here?

  2. Dan S says:

    What an amazing car! Sure, it’s not an M3, but it surely is an enthusiasts automobile.

    Btw, great photos also!

  3. Vaybach Khan says:

    bmw 8 series was considered as a supercar….
    my opinion on future bmw sc,it will be special car like vision dynamics concept for others to follow ,and in a few years i think we will see it…bmw philosophy is to look forward not just copying what others do…
    and yes first mclaren car was kind of bmw…bmw nazca…

    • Doug says:

      I have to disagree with that… the V12 had far too little power to be in that range, it was really more the equivalent of a Jaguar XJ-S — a high end sports coupe. Other V12s at the time from lambo, ferrari, etc had almost twice the power.

      • paul says:

        i have to disagree with you on this. i happen to own an 850CSi. Lambos and ferraris as you mention are built having in mind the factor of speed. The 8 series is a grand tourer. and even then, they have a hard time catching up with the factory value of 550nm of torque.
        I had mine remapped and it runs pretty smooth. the counter exceeded the 300 kms on the clock and taking into consideration the 9 kms “decline”, even then it runs just fine.
        No complaints from the car so far. performs just fine.

    • Andrew says:

      The 8 Series was a GT car – front engined, highly luxurious, fast. If an M8 had been built – it probably would be close but I still think that the purpose behind the E31 8 Series was as a continent crusher – ie travel around the world, quickly, and in high fashion.

      The McLaren F1 was not a BMW supercar – it had an S70 engine but that’s all – for it to be a BMW supercar would require they had more input on the chassis and suspension.

      The Nazca was, like the VEDC and M1 Homage, strictly a concept and not a production model.

      All of these cars point to proof BMW can do it – just a matter of justification and design at this point.

      • Otto says:

        Interesting point.
        Spy shots of a M8 test mule were taken during the 8 Series lifetime. Interesting enough, it showed air scoops in the rear wings.
        Later on, BMW confirmed they were testing a 8 Series with MR engine but it appeared to be far too expensive to release to production.
        BMW realised then that they missed the point with the 8 Series. That explains why the Z8 was different in every way from any other BMW of its time.
        Unfortunately, they did the same mistake with the E64, which was just a 5 Series coupe.
        The upcoming F12 seems also to be just a 5 Series coupe…

        • The M8 was not MR – it was a front-engined, rear drive car with about 550HP. Yes, it was dropped due to being priced far too high in a economic recession. I wouldn’t think that the Z8 had much to do with the 8 Series as the 8 was intended to be a full part of the model line while the Z8 was only built as a one-off model run.

          • Otto says:

            Point taken.
            The rear air intakes were for the brakes, not for the engine. I wasn’t aware of the article from BMW Car magazine about the M8.

            About the Z8, it’s exactly what I meant. It was the replacement for the 8 Series, the latter being to close to a 5 Series to compete with anything else than the MB 500/560 SEC. So BMW board decided to go a step further for its replacement and the Z8 was born. Unfortunately they didn’t get it quite right : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BMW_Z8#Criticism

            Worse, its successor went a step back and was again a 5 Series coupe. Nothing to worry Porsche or any exotic car makers about. And well, fitting a Diesel engine in the E64 didn’t really improve its image. Audi drew back its R8 V10 TDI and it’s unlikely MB would ever release a SLS Diesel.

      • Dan in L.A. says:

        I guess you forgot about the Z8. Look at the numbers, it outgunned the Ferrari 360 in more than one magazine.

  4. T says:

    BMW “Z” Spyder Stradale. has joined the Gran Coupe in arising from the wreckage laid forth by the global economy meltdown.

  5. L1ndja says:

    bmw should take advantage of the critical situation supercars will have to face in the coming years.Bmw can make a super car that can match the EU5 regulations and kill of R8,911.SLS,458,Gallardo and all others.
    Extreme leightweight construction with aluminium and carbon fibre.Max weight 1400kg.All efficeint dynamics programs and even the new ones which are being developed like solar roof panel,new A/C,8speed gearbox(and of course the standard manual 6speed gearbox).And the new hybrid system of VEDC….Engines :
    Z8 sdrive 25i or 840i – Twin turbo 4cylinder with 250hp and with hybrid systems all on around 400hp
    Z8 sdrive 35i or 850i – Tuned up N55with 326hp – hybrid on 476hp
    Z8 sdrive 20d or 835d engine from the VEDC with 150hp diesel 3cylinder- allsystems on 300hp (this model is the base model and the more affordable efficient model)
    Finally Z8 M or M8 – Quite tuned up N55 or n54 engine with at least 400hp itself and with all systems on around 550hp-600hp.
    This is my idea of a 2013 bmw supercar.

  6. paul says:

    a supercar should be the maximus showcase for the companys tech and knowhow…engine wise carbon fiber and really move the game forward, much like the original M3 or M5 did…creating a new niche.
    the problem is that bmw is going too late into the supercar game – 4 me at least – R8 already has an electric option almost ready…there is the tesla….etc

    • Andrew says:

      I agree with your point that BMW is late to the game – which is why I noted that if they are going to tackle this arena – it needs to be driven by innovation, not strictly building a performance car that can stand alongside the SLS or the R8.

      • L1ndja says:

        In a matter i agree that bmw is way off to late for the war of supercars but in a way for bmw and the efficient dynamics it is a brilliant time to launch an innovative efficient super car.Bmw has what it takes to build a supercar which is very fast(under 5s 0-100kmh) and have lots of power upwards of 300hp and still emit less than double that of what normal supercars do.So Its now or never for bmw and im sure that they would make a huge profit of this idea if they were to use it and kick some audi,mercedes and porsche (sorry) ASS.

        • X5SoB says:

          Of course, Porsche has the 918 under development, and the E Tron, and the SLS electric and hybrids…

    • Otto says:

      The Mercedes 190E 2.3-16 was released 3 years prior to the E30 M3 and therefore created that niche.

      • katana67 says:

        Having driven both the E30 M3 and the 190E 2.3-16, I can tell you that they are worlds apart. Handling and acceleration were all more impressive in the E30 M3. So, I would say that the E30 M3 created the aforementioned niche more successfully than Benz’s previous attempt. Granted, the W201 chassis are great cars, but the E30 M3 is on a whole different level. This is my opinion of course.

  7. kolbász says:

    The outfit of VEDC (lightweight) with a turbo-charged straight-6… Plus some electric magic to satisfy the EU-regulations.

  8. Kramp says:

    Lets not forget the Z8, which when launched could hold its own against the Ferrari 360 spider(or so they say). I think think the z8 is one of the best retro designs and a true super-car.
    The 850csi and m6 are super-cars… sort of, i’ve read one German magazine which compared the m6 to a Ferrari marranello and it turned out faster… at least in a straight line which is impressive considering it’s costs half as much.

    To answer the questions asked the recipe for a bmw supercar: take the basic shape of the Vision EfficientDynamics Concept, instead of a diesel 3-cyl motor take an N54 based twin-turbo straight six, squeeze out some extra power and torque, keep the hybrid stuff (only if its lightweight), let us choose between a dct and a stick shift then to quote legendary Colin Chapman “add lightness” (also apply this last step to all the other models in the range) and please make sure the steering is perfect as usual with bmws.

  9. Alan says:

    even nissan made a supercar (GT-R) so why BMW doesn’t ?

  10. Stevie says:

    it is not because bmw doesn’t want to build a supercar.
    They don’t see the need Yet.
    Newly upcoming M6 (if people do not catergorize m6 as a supercar) will outrun many supercars already, so what is the point of building a real supercar.
    BMW is await for the moment when a BMW supercar is necessary to be built.

    Come on, people, everytime when a bmw model comes out, it receives praises.

    • Otto says:

      “Come on, people, everytime when a bmw model comes out, it receives praises.”

      Ever heard of the 5 Series GT or the X3??
      As some others mentioned, a supercar is mainly about the maker’s image than making $$$. So yes, BMW needs a supercar in its range and no, they never released such a car.

  11. @ Viper The Audi R8 V-8 that u adore soo much can gets its ass whipped by a BMW M3 Coupe,…lol it cost 100,000= dollers it cant compete with a 54,000 dollar M3=))

    • viper says:

      who cares about ur track performance , its all about the looks and prestige and by the way I think the R8 5.2 is not a car to mess with , u compare ur usual every day M3 car with the supercar R8. get a life u dumb twat

      • When u talk about the R8 V8,..theres the BMW M3 with a v8 engine that cant outrun a bmw M3 half it’s price,.!!!!!

        When u talk about the 5.2L R8 BMW has the M6 Coupe,..take off the speed limiter and it crushes the 5.2L R8 u adore.

        Dont get me wrong but i think of an R8 as an audi TT with an engine in the back,…
        it looks nice,…what the point of an R8 with having the performance specs of ur RS4(Audi) or M3 coupe…It’s a rip off.

        • viper says:

          dude Im sick and tired of these kind of comments about a bmw supercar , You fans always come up with some sort of excuse. Would I chose M6 over R8…HELL NO… would you? HELL YEAH…why? I dont know…maybe because of 330km max speed? I wouldnt drive that car to its limits , 250 is more than enough for me, and only to be driven on a German autobahn on a place where there is no speed limit..for me its important that I have acceleration when overtaking from 80-160kmh..I can cruise at 200 and have a much better looking car than M6..and dont get me wrong the M6 is a wonderful strong piece machinery but to compare it with the R8 , you simply are high or u just dont see things very well..oh well..

    • Otto says:

      Wrong, see above.

  12. EMPOWER says:

    The problem is BMW AG is three brands. they have been starting RR and mini, while increasing volume with BMW. They have kept us sweet with cars like M3 CSL, M6 and now we have the M3 GTS which not many cars twice the price can outrun. But we all know its time that they show the world what the can do with a purpose built mid engined two seater.
    Look at all there race cars they are all based on the e90 platform which finished ahead of ferraris 911.s r8’s atons corvets nissan gtr’s your get the picture at the nurburgring 24 hours, the z4 finished 4th only being beaten by one r8(7 enterd) and one 430. it beat all 30 odd 911’s.
    I think BMW feel they dont need a supercar, there racecars are still very competative, Dont forget the M1 was only built to take on the 911s on the track not sales rooms, the 3.0 csl was getting long in the tooth.
    But i think the marketing men need to talk to the board to get M its own direction so they can build a mid engined supercar to take on the ferraris and lambos and then a front engined gt to take on the astons and sls They could use the front engined platform for a rr gt thats an idea, i should be on the board lol. M POWER

  13. s14b23 says:

    BMW shouldn’t make a super car… not yet…
    and even tho it kills me to admit it, it would make more sense for them to come out with a FF car. history has shown BMW a lot hiccups that could happen when you enter “late” in the high end market wars, 507 & M1 are two examples. 507 meant to compete with the 300SL nearly bankrupt the company, the M1 was built to murder Porsche on the track… but we all know how that went. if BMW builds a super car now it HAS to be innovative because otherwise it would just be risky and the company could lose a lot of money. BMW building an FF car is like a guaranteed profit margin

    besides they have a lot on their plate already: 1-3-5-6-7 series, X 3-5-6, the z car and the prototype projects… i mean just 10 years ago there were only 5 different models. i say just improve the M cars for now. make them so good that building a “super car” would be out of the question. after all the modern definition of BMW comes from the e10 2002Tii: practicality with sports car agility/performance (i would include ‘compact & light’ with the original definition but lets be honest)

    • TheFazz says:

      Much as I would like to see a BMW super car, I agree with s14b23 k for BMW to stick with strengthening its core models – the sedans & coupes – (not increasing) and making them the standard for other manufacturers.

      Any BMW super car has to be an innovative one and not another loud, fast car in the already noisy super car crowd.

      • BIMMER1 says:

        “…BMW to stick with strengthening its core models”

        Ha, you’re kidding right? All BMW has done lately is diluted their core values and built a bunch of niche market cars that cater more to the likes of Benz/Lexus/Audi types. Give me a break, sticking to core values. I laughed out loud when I read that.

  14. Plamen says:

    I think it’s about time BMW to release the model we all’ve been expecting so long. As per my opinion BMW should move on with the BMW M1 Homage…perfect design….a lot of BMW history and typical BMW features in this car…and one reason for this was the statement of BMW once the z8 went out of the market…that BMW found out an interesting market with the retro Z8 design features.

  15. Roland Renno says:

    Well, it would personally be my ultimate dream if BMW builds such a supercar with an engine which revs up till 9,000rpm or above. But on the other hand, someone must consider the fact that it might be a very bold decision for BMW as a Premium Car Manufacturer to do so because of its very-limited production number and ultra-high price.

  16. Otto says:

    Hilarious, almost hysterical.
    The Ferrari 365 GT4 BB was released in 1973 and had 344 bhp.
    In 1976 it became the BB 512 with 360 bhp.
    So indeed, 273 bhp almost 10 years later doesn’t really make the M1 a supercar, does it?
    Not to mention the BB 512 was never called a supercar, it was just a “plain” Ferrari’s production car.
    And strange enough, BMW never collaborated with Lamborghini any more, neither relased a MR car.
    That makes me think of the McLaren F1 that some people saw as a BMW production, haha.
    You made my day dude.

  17. X5SoB says:

    The semantics of calling something a “supercar” are essentially meaningless. The M cars are “Super” cars, and the the Z8 certainly qualified under the classic definition. I think that people equate mid engined for “supercar”, which doesn’t compute(think Fiat X1/9, Toyota MR2, etc). The Vision ED is a supercar in that it is a technological tour-de-force, and points the way forward for BMW in a way that the M1 Hommage never could. It’s good that BMW is moving forward with this concept, as the Hommage would have been a deadend.
    BTW, the level of commentary in this thread is abyssmal.

  18. viper says:

    close the silly topic. its pointless , bmw has its own -thing- they never were a supercar oriented brand like some others , so its pretty stupid to put it in the same bag with MB and audi. they are quite different from bmw.

  19. I think of the M series as a Super car for civilized(Ordinary people that can afford to buy a great car). Why do we need for BMW to comeout with an actual super car i dont no. The thing i know is the M6 has the same Performance specs as a lamborghini Mucielago (the first Generation) 0-150mph in 19.5 seconds!!! what else more could we ask for???

    When ever i think about the M BMW cars i can proudly say they have the same engineering as skill as a Ferrari(engine wise). and it’s way more cheaper.
    and people like us dont have to fantasize about owning one of one of them!!!!!!

  20. Resin8 says:

    LOL, the tab at the bottom of my screen says “What is a BM”!

  21. kcsnyud says:

    I really think bmw needs to read this blog… let the comments ride the waves, then as horatiu said bmw reads this blog everyday, they’ll no and then build one with watever awesome 600hp engine. They need that.

    BMW, READ OUR BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Horatiu B. says:

      BMW reads our magazine daily…but while they listen to customers’ feedback, there are far more decisions to be made before a new concept or supercar goes into production

  22. Jimmy says:

    Take what Viper has to say with a grain of salt. After all, he was very wrong about the upcoming 1 series M. He kept debying what was clearly a M Division product and calling it a 135iS.

  23. Ray Satina says:

    BMW can! Set up the CS new design(Shanghai design) with the M5 engine, lessen the weight by 800 lbs. and you’ll have a supercar that is viable i the market. DESIGN IT AND IT WILL GROW AND DOMINATE. AGAIN, it is all about DESIGN and FUNCTION.

  24. JImmy says:

    Ray, the current V10 or the TTV8? The CS design is too bloated, not special enough for a hyper/supercar. There was a couple photoshops done a while back of a true M1 successor one was in white and looked damn production that would be the way to go.

  25. Jack says:

    I wish i could atleast have one of them……. gr8 post with all gr8 cars…….. they are all supercars……..from super company…..BMW Rocks….

  26. NGuyen Quoc Thinh says:

    anyway , i really want to see bmw supper car, even M6,M3’s great car,

  27. lol says:

    BMW will never have a supercar, they dont need one.

    Releasing a supercar will make the rest of their lineup look weak. If they released just an “M” supercar the rest of the M lineup would not appear as good. From a marketing perspective it doesnt make sense for BMW to try to tinker in the supercar world, when they live in the world just below supercars. BMW M series cars are cars that drive like a supercar for half the price.

    And some guy earlier said the porsche GT2 and nissan GT-R are not supercars.
    Are you serious? I was literally rolling on the floor laughing

    • BIMMER1 says:

      That logic would tell any manufacturer that they shouldn’t ever build a supercar. You have it all wrong, you build a supercar to highlight your brand. It doesn’t make the rest of the brand look bad. The Carrera GT didn’t make the 911 obsolete. A modern day M1 wouldn’t hurt the brand in any way, shape, or form either. Instead it would show people BMW is making a statement, and we can build a car that performs just as well or better than the next guy. You don’t market a supercar either. It sells itself. When was the last time you saw a Bugatti/Ferrari/Lambo commercial on TV?

    • kevin tran says:

      that is true, bmws are AMAZING

  28. I saw the New M1 Concept in Germany and it looks amazing. That car would be a supercar that sell very well. With R8s, SLRs, Carrera GTs, its time BMW shows everyone how amazing their supercar woul be

  29. paul says:

    In North America a sleeper super car would be the best choice , I race around in my blue 335xi sedan and have NEVER recived ticket / citation . A sedan would be the best choice for the ever increasing police state we live in , low profile , quite exhaust , nothing to say hay LOOK AT ME .

  30. tom says:

    To me, a BMW is a “supercar” per se.

    But to answer the editorial question: an innovative futuristically designed supercar with the potential to become a classic within 5-10 years, with all state-of-the-art and even more soon-to-come technology, would be what I want. Performance will be off the charts and thus hard to measure. Fairly affordable. That’s about it; I realize it’s quite an open definition, but BMW will prove once again that they exceed expectations, so that’s why I don’t want to include specific requirements.

  31. paul says:

    A Bugatti Veryon challanger ? A Ford GT challanger ? No a classic sleeper is my choice because of the worlds opinon of the fuel guzzling machines , it needs to be like lots of other BMW ‘s no badges , no look at me B.S. , yet ready to seriously challange the Veryon and GT’s from Ford and Porsche . Add the Ferrari series and its a done deal . I do not know about the lower 48 but here in Anchorage you can never tell from a persons clothes [etc] as to there wealth , a man in a Ford 350 diesel paid the local CAT dealership cash as in CASH MONEY for a new CAT , a 7 figure machine . While well dressed yahoo’s groble for mickey mouse office jobs . The point is low profile . I have a 335xi and do hard labour , hard labour pays very well and is plientiful here . The Arctic oil fields , gold mining , construction , fishing , I love ot here .

  32. bmwtechnician says:

    Sure VW and Nissan have supercars, but the rest of their models are total piles of sh*t. BMW is putting their resources into cars people will actually drive and it shows; not just in quality but in the fact that they’re one of the most consistently profitable car companies in the world.

    • BIMMER1 says:

      Hate to say it, but all those profits you’re talking about are coming from cost and quality cuts. Don’t be fooled. Today’s cars (no matter who builds them) are meant to be consumed and will be useless junk within 10 years of being built. The types of failures we see these days are just ridiculous and usually are a direct result of cost cuts. Cars are not meant to last anymore, they are meant to be recycled. I’m waiting for the days when you won’t even be able to buy a car, they will all be leased and destroyed after 3-5 years of use. Get ready, it’s not that far down the road. Especially if our GOV. has anything to say about it, and you know they will.

  33. paul says:

    They just have to run un-till December 21st 2012 . BMW did send me a nice pen though for my 2nd anniversary of ownership .

  34. kevin tran says:

    the pic of the future bmw, the white one, got me thinking… suppercars are supposed to be high performance, which means every single piece of the car has to be useful and effective. these days, the supercars are ok, the sure are faster than the old ones, but the put random trash in it. is it really useful for racing? no.

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